The XHOSE is a cleverly designed water hose that is incredibly small and lightweight when it is empty, but inflates to three times its size when water is pumped through it. This hose is convenient to store, easy to use, and makes watering plants, washing your car or any other task much easier when you don’t have to haul a heavy hose around the garden -How And When To Water Your Garden Article  -. What’s more, it’s kink resistant, so you don’t need to worry about the water supply cutting off halfway through use.

The product comes in 25, 50 and 75 foot regular models, to suit a variety of requirements. As well as a regular hose, there is also an XHOSE Pro; the deluxe edition. But if the XHOSE is just a garden hose, what advantages could a deluxe edition possibly deliver? Well, as it turns out, you would probably be surprised.

Shortfalls of the XHOSE

While the regular XHOSE is an effective product that can make garden work and cleaning substantially easier, there are still areas for improvement, as with any product. The regular XHOSE has plastic fittings that attach to the faucet, and some customers have noted that these fittings are sometimes the source of a small leak after many uses. Although the leak can easily be fixed, it is an issue that customers have expressed. Here, one customer speaks about the XHOSE leaking at the faucet fitting:

“The concept is perfect but the flaw is in the connection between the hose and the end connection to the faucet. It was hard to get the connection to the faucet as I did not want to strip the plastic connector. Water leaked from this area, reducing the water pressure produced by the hose. The connecting piece looks like plastic and I am not sure how this is going to hold up – I ignore the spraying water.”

As you can see, this customer can still use their hose, but did experience some issues with the area that the XHOSE connects to the tap.

Also, the regular hose has, on occasion, experienced tears or rips that have led to the development of small leaks. While these can easily be patched up so that they don’t affect the function of the hose, it is still one small area where this water hose has experienced problems and something that a few customers have noted in their reviews of the XHOSE, including this one here:

“I just finished sewing the stitching on the outer nylon sheath for the second time. The product is quite fragile and must be treated with care and caution – do not drag over concrete etc. The nylon sheath could, and should, be a non-stitched tube braid to eliminate this problem.”

This customer states that the product is quite fragile, and must be cared for appropriately. They suggest that durability is an area of this product that could definitely be improved.

So, has the XHOSE Pro been able to address the issues that customers experienced with the regular product? Let’s take a look.

New Features of the XHOSE Pro

The deluxe edition of this product does address the concerns raised regarding the regular product. One of the key differences between the regular product and the XHOSE Pro is the connections that attach the hose to the faucet. As mentioned, the regular product uses plastic connections, which have on occasion split and caused the hose to leak.

In the deluxe edition, this problem has been completely remedied with the use of solid brass fittings. This ensures that the hose connects tightly and effectively to the faucet, and will prevent the chance of any leaks. Here, you can see how one reviewer appreciates the use of these fittings and how they improve the quality of this product:

“I inspected the hose right out of the bag. I yanked on both ends, twisted on both ends and the hose remained intact. The brass fittings are really durable and the one side has a ball valve. I then went outside and hooked to faucet. NO LEAKS! The hose covering is definitely a higher quality over the plastic fittings version.”

This customer is clearly familiar with the issues of the regular product and states that the pro edition overcomes these problems and performs well, without leaking.

Another noted problem with the XHOSE is the fact that it can sometimes rip and tear if it is dragged across cement. According to the manufacturer, the XHOSE Pro is composed of super strong, durable webbing, but is still incredibly light, weighing in at less than two pounds. This means that it is easy to use and move around your garden, but more durable than the regular version. Here, one reviewer comments that the deluxe edition of this product is indeed more durable and long lasting:

“I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It really does seem they improved a lot on the regular Xhose. The brass fittings are very sturdy & the hose itself you can tell is tougher than the regular Xhose. Getting great flow. Honestly I think they should have scrapped the regular Xhose and only sold this.”

This customer states that the  Pro Version appears significantly tougher and more durable than the regular product, and is once again satisfied with the product. Based on the customer reviews above, it appears that the changes made in the deluxe version of this product (the brass fittings, the increased durability, and the increase in diameter) have created a more efficient and effective product.

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Cost Comparison

As one would expect, the XHOSE Pro is more expensive than the regular product. Like the regular version, the deluxe edition is available in 25, 50 and 75 foot lengths. While the regular hose costs $19.95 and $7.95 postage for a 25 foot model, the deluxe model comes in at $29.95 and $8.95 postage for the same size. The price difference is similar for other model lengths. As with the regular XHOSE, the XHOSE Pro comes with a buy one get one free offer, which is useful if you are considering purchasing multiple hoses.

The Verdict

Overall, the XHOSE Pro definitely comes with some advantages over the regular product. If you are looking for a better quality hose and are prepared to pay a few extra dollars for it, the Pro model is definitely worth upgrading to.