Product Overview

WIN Cleaner is a software that cleans and eliminates unwanted files, downloads and viruses from your pc.

Win Cleaner by BulbHead - the Best Computer Repair Software, PC Cleaner in a Single USB Drive by Business Logic CorporationWhat the Product Claims to Do

WIN Cleaner claims that it will clean your pc, speeding up your startups, internet, gaming and your better your experience.


Perfect… I have one slightly older Dell system at home that is slower than a turtle in quicksand and I lose my mind every time I try to use it.

Enter: WIN Cleaner.

Well, the first thing the manufacturer claims is how ridiculously easy it is to use, and the good news is that we thoroughly agree. The software is contained on a small USB device and all you do is load it into your port and all by itself, it goes to work.

WIN Cleaner basically sorts thru all the files on your hard drive, finds old and useless, programs, cookies, and an array of unwanted junk – and then eliminates them.

One good thing to know is that the product has received some great ratings and reviews from very trusted sources. CNET gave it a 5 Star Rating and said, “This top-notch program effectively scans and cleans your computer.” And PC Answers said, “The easiest way to clean your pc.”

Final Review

It’s so nice when a product is highly touted and works as promised, and in our opinion, WIN Cleaner fits the bill!

First off it is so crazy easy to use that a ten year old could run it. While you just sit and let it go to work (approximately ten minutes time), it shows you the junk files and how much it is actually cleaning and eliminating. But the best part is that it really does speed up your computer in every way. My Dell system has a lot of old files that I still want and need, so I didn’t want to ditch the computer… and now, it has new life and runs the way it is supposed to. Others in my office ran it on their systems and the consensus is that it works as promised!