Product Overview

teddy tankTeddy Tank is a children’s fish tank that is actually draped inside of a stuffed animal.

What the Product Claims to Do

Teddy Tank’s claim is that it is the perfect companion for young children as it is both a plush and cuddly toy – and a fish tank, teaching kids how to care for a living, breathing thing.


There’s no doubt that the Teddy Tank is a unique item combing a couple of things that you’d never expect to be together. You have a cute stuffed animal (there’s a whole load to choose from: Charming Penguin, Magical Unicorn, Cute Doggie, Playful Monkey, Fun Frog, Pretty Pig, Chocolate Brown Bear, Awesome Elephant, Pearl White Teddy Bear, Honey Brown Teddy Bear, Joyful Giraffe and the Precious Panda)… and a fish tank that is actually placed inside of the animal’s belly.

The beauty is here is that the tank does not require a filter as the beautifully colorful Beta fish (aka Siamese Fighting Fish) are intended to be placed in the water. A fun piece of interaction for children using this is that they can place fish food thru the mouth opening of the stuffed animal as it falls into the water, feeding your fish.

Final Review

This product definitely earns an A grade in the departments of uniqueness and ingenuity. It’s not only a fun product, good looking and well designed, but it also makes learning a heck of a lot of fun as kids learn how to take care of a real living, breathing thing.

buy teddy tankwait, there really is more… Another interesting use for the Teddy Tank is that you just don’t have to keep fish in it. Inside the fishbowl you can store small toys, candy, marbles and a number of decorative things.

We like the Teddy Tank a lot and we’ve also heard that consumers seem to concur as this is a hot item selling at big-box retailers and large national pet chains.

Lastly, this really is a great value at the low price point that it’s sold at. Great for kid’s rooms and classrooms, Teddy Tank is a winner.