Tac Visor is inspired by military designs and it helps to block the glare from the oncoming vehicle’s headlights as well as blinding glare from the sun. This doesn’t block your view like ordinary visors thanks to its amazing light-filtering technology and innovative design. This unit helps to enhance colors, giving you an eagle sharp vision so you can see clearly both during the day and at night. It is easy to install, so it won’t distract you while driving.


Tac Visor sells for $19.99. There is a double offer where you can pay an additional $7.9. It comes with free shipping and can be found in a “As Seen on Tv store”.


Easy Installation

Installing the Tac Visor is quite easy as it will only take some seconds. Slide to adjust it and ensure you fix it properly.

Light Filtering Technology

The principle behind this unit differs greatly from the standard visors available at your local store. The light filtering technology helps it to serve its purpose effectively by enhancing colors and creating a distinct contrast between the objects on the road.

Military inspired

The shields worn by fighter pilots around the world inspired the Tac Visor. It is also very useful in a civilian environment.


The Tac Visor can be applied in a range of scenarios. It can be used during the day in bright sunlight and at night to increase visibility. The clarity the Tac Visor will give you while driving will surely impress you. For any responsible driver, this is an excellent accessory.

How it Works

The Tac Visor has a light filtering technology that allows it block light and sunlight from street lamps and oncoming vehicle’s headlights. The military shields commonly worn by fighter pilots inspired it. This device will protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Generally, the Tac Visor can be likened to a gigantic sunglass that keeps you safe while driving by helping you see clearly under the bright sunlight.

How is it Different from the Competition?

Many sun visors on the market tend to block one’s view, making driving in busy roads challenging. They only protect you against the sunlight during the day while Tac Visor protects against a wide range of glare. Also, there is no guarantee that ordinary visor can fit your vehicle, whereas this device can be used in any vehicle by anyone. Many of the conventional visors don’t provide enhanced colors but this allows you to see clearly regardless of the circumstance. It is also better than most sun visor clip-on that gets in the ways and looks unsightly.



Although the Tac Visor is extremely lightweight, it can withstand accidental damage. If you drop it by accident, this device will flex rather than break or crack into pieces thanks to the innovative engineering principles used to manufacture it. So be rest assured that this visit will last for many years to come.

Reduces Strain on the Eyes

With enhanced contrast, clarity, and colors, there is no need to strain the eyes when looking at the road. The Tac Visor reduces tiredness while driving and improve the overall health of the eyes. You won’t have to suffer from headaches and sleepiness since you don’t have to strain your eyes.

Enhanced Safety

The Tac Visor was designed specifically to reduce the level of risk while driving. Not only does it allow you to see other vehicles on the road but you can also clearly see crossing barriers, traffic signs, and pedestrians. It also helps to increase safety as it reduces the risk of an accident. This innovative visor makes the streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and even stray dogs and cats who may try to cross the road at an unexpected time.

Great for Long Trips

The Tac Visor is especially great for long journeys. This is because it allows you to instantly spot other vehicles easily. Whether it is the darkest night, a foggy morning, or a sunny day, the Tac Visor will sharpen your vision by enhancing contrast and colors as well as cut out the glare of the headlights of oncoming vehicles. It can also help to prevent the buildup of anxiety especially when driving on busy roads. The Tac Visor will make your long journeys a pleasant experience as it helps to reduce the stress of driving for a long time.

Lifetime Guarantee

This visor comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it within 30 days.

Save Time

When it is sunny during the day or you are finding it difficult to see at night, you might have to drive slowly than usual and take longer to get to your destination. With the Tac Visor installed, you will be able to drive very quickly as it will enable you to see with increased clarity all the time. This helps you to avoid lateness or spending unnecessary minutes on the road.


It is not available in stores, so you might have to order it from the manufacturer’s website if you want to get this.


HD Vision Visor

The HD Vision Visor provides HD clarity and reduces glare while driving. This device helps to reduce the difficulties caused by blinding sunlight thanks to the sophisticated principles applied in making it. The HD Vision Visor will not cut your vision in half unlike the inbuilt visor in the vehicle. It is easy to use, lightweight, durable, and fits most vehicles. Blinding glare will be a thing of the past with HD Vision Visor.

Night View Visor

The Night View Visor is another vehicle visor that helps to cut off nighttime glare from the oncoming vehicle’s headlights and lampposts. When the view ahead seems blurry and dull, this device can help to enhance clarity. Even under bad weather, the Night View Visor will enable you to drive safely in the dark. It can also help to reduce the strain on the eyes experienced especially at night.