Tac Camera and Cop Cam are great security cameras that help you keep an eye on potential thieves, nannies, teenagers, or neighbors. These tools are diverse and they offer you a stealth view on what is going on in your business, home, and even schools when they are not present. These cameras are also great for those situations when you need a hidden recorder to capture secretive evidence or just for recreational purposes. In this guide, we will look at the differences and similarities between these two security cameras.

Tac Camera

Tac Camera is a mini body Camera with a design inspired by the body cam worn by law enforcement officers. It can be clipped securely to any piece of clothing and promises to stay put even when you are engaged in intense physical activity. This means you can use this camera almost anywhere. Tac Camera can record up to 8GB of high- definition video and audio. You can connect this camera to your computer using the USB cable if you want to watch or listen to the recordings.

With this camera, you won’t have to worry about losing recording time because it will automatically loop once the SD card runs out of storage space. Tac Camera features 6 built-in infrared LEDs that provide night vision functionality. It comes in a shockproof casing that helps to protect all the internal electronics. This camera is useful in a wide range of scenarios from catching criminals and watching sporting events to skiing and mountain biking.

Cop Cam

Cop Cam is a wireless security camera that is about a square inch in size, making it perfect to hide almost anywhere and record footage whenever it detects motion. It can also record footage in high-definition resolution and it records audio with a powerful built-in microphone. Additionally, Cop Cam can capture up to a 140 degrees field of vision. It also has night vision capabilities and comes with an 8GB micro SD card. Once the SD card runs out of storage space, recordings will automatically loop.

Tac Camera vs Cop Cam

Pricing Options

Tac Camera costs $39.98 and you can get a second one by paying an additional $7.95. It comes with free shipping, a lifetime guarantee, and an 8GB SD card.

Cop Cam also cost $39.98 and you can order for a second camera by paying an additional $19.99. It comes with an 8GB micro SD card and a swivel clip that lets you turn it into a dash cam or attach it to your clothing.


Bell + Howell manufacture Tac Camera. They have been in operation since 1907 but only recently entered the As Seen on TV market. The Tac lineup also includes Tactical Lighter, Tactical Lantern, and Tac Light. Bell + Howell is based in Durham, North Carolina and holds an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Cop Cam is a product of Atomic Beam. For over 35 years, it has been in business and it is the As Seen on TV industry largest company. They have several popular products, including Ped Egg Power, Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, Red Copper Pan, and Atomic Beam USA Flashlight. Based on over 35 customer reviews and almost 300 closed complaints, Atomic Beam holds a B+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Feature Comparison

Design & Usability

Although both Tac Camera and Cop Cam are mini cameras designed for security purposes, they can also be used in different ways. Not only can you use them as a mini camera to catch lawbreakers or potential thieves, but you can also use them as a body camera, dash camera, or action camera. They can also function as a night cam providing night vision both indoors and outdoors.

Video and Image Quality

The Cop Cam has a wider area of coverage. Tac Camera can only provide you with 70° of videos while Cop Cam can provide up to 140° of footage coverage. So people and things don’t have to be directly positioned in front of the camera to be recorded by it. The video of both cameras record on a loop, so the camera records any audio or video footage it detects nearby once it senses any movement.


The Tac Camera is not waterproof or weather resistant. So you need to be careful with this camera if it is snowing or raining hard. You can keep it in a plastic bag or case or tuck it in the inner pocket of your clothing. Otherwise, the snow or rain may interfere permanently or temporarily with the performance of the camera. Also, the Cop Cam is not waterproof and nowhere is it stated that is weather resistant. Consequently, you may need to move it or bring it indoors if it snows or rain.

Shock-Proof Casing

Tac Camera is contained within a shock-proof casing. So the camera can survive drops to the ground from a few feet. Also, if you accidentally stop on the camera, the impact would be minimal and may not cause severe damage.

On the other hands, the casing on the Cop Cam is not as strong and it is less effective at protecting the camera from damage when it drops.

Which is Better?

The debate between the better security camera between Tac Camera and Cop Cam still runs strong. They share a lot of similarities in terms of size, SD card storage space, as well as functions and features. However, Tac Camera has a stronger shock-proof casing which provides a more effective experience while Cop Cam provides a wider area of coverage.