Once in a while a homeowner deals with some leaky problems in the house and has to decide whether to call a professional or just buy a solution to do the job himself. If you are also currently contemplating on doing the latter, then this article is intended to help you make an informed decision regarding silicone sprays for those leaks around your house. Read on to learn more about silicone sprays, how they are used, their benefits, and the best option available.

What Is A Silicone Spray?

A silicone spray is a powerful sealant or adhesive that can be used in many different applications. It is known for its toughness and flexibility even after it has fully cured or dried. Silicone sprays are available in a variety of forms – some are liquid, foam, or clear mastic but all create a robust and flexible rubber that can endure for years. Silicone sealants can withstand very high temperatures making them ideal for surfaces which are amply exposed to heat. Sprays create a firm waterproof coating that adheres to the surface. Apart from their durability, they are resistant to corrosion, rust, freezing, or crack. They are also used for sealing out water around roofs, gutters, vents, glasses, sinks, and tubs among many other surfaces.

How To Use A Silicone Spray

Regardless of the brand you are using, it is highly recommended to read instructions before you start with your sealing task. Refer to the safety precautions and follow manufacturer’s advice to make sure you are doing the job properly and to achieve your desired result. Basic preparations will include wearing gloves on, cleaning the surrounding area to remove dirt, debris, or any details that cover the leaks, and ensuring that the room is well-ventilated during application.

Before using it, shake the canister well and spray an even sweeping motion from a distance of at least 15 inches or depending on the instruction. Dry time is usually quick but will also depend on the temperature, humidity, and thickness of the coating you applied.

Benefits of Silicone Spray

Easy to use. As with any other type of sealants, you will have to clean the area you need to seal before using the silicone spray. However, silicone sprays are a lot easier to use. You usually just shake the bottle or can prior to spraying the surface.

Faster results. Because it is easy to do, your job also gets relatively faster. Its fast-drying nature saves you time as it dries out as soon as you spray it in the air.
Better results. Once the spray layer has dried, the substance becomes clear and preserves the original color of the surface sealed. Your work is neater and more importantly, long lasting.

flex sealWhat Is The Best Option?

While silicone sprays are known to be powerful and long-lasting sealants, all brands are not created equal. So if you are considering one, it is best to do your research first and ensure you are investing in something that will actually solve your creaky or leaky surfaces at home for good.

That said, you may want to look into Flex Seal. This sealant is known to seep into cracks and holes, and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating that seals firmly and lasts for years.

The product is used for roofs, gutters, pipes, window trims, cement driveways, and more. It adheres to most surfaces including but not limited to metal, concrete, wood, tile, masonry, glass, fabric, plastic, aluminum, porcelain, cement, vinyl, dry wall, and rubber. The product can actually be used on wet surfaces although it may take longer to dry if it is wet or cold.

Flex Seal lasts for years without cracking or losing its strength. It will not dry out and will remain flexible and pliable.