Shamwow Face Mask

You may have seen Vince Offer from the many As Seen on TV infomercials such as the Shamwow Chamois, SlapChop Food Chopper and the Schticky.

Given the Covid-19 pandemic and the necessity to wear face masks in certain places, the company has now introduced an antibacterial zinc fabric mask called the ShamWow Zinc Face Mask.

In March, trying to find a face mask was almost impossible and the scarcity even caused people to start stealing them from hospitals, make their own or even use underwear in creative ways to cover their faces.

Thankfully, you can find face masks almost anywhere. Gas stations, department stores, convenience stores, heck you can even get them branded any way you’d like. Face masks are slowly becoming a fashion accessory.

However, when purchasing a face mask it should be about the quality and it’s ability to protect you from particles that may penetrate.

In this article we’re going to review the ShamWow Zinc face mask and see if it is the right mask for you.

Watch the ShamWow Face Mask Infomercial


From the ShamWow Mask website

According to the ShamWow website, the Shamwow mask is designed with a protective fabric that is made with zine fibers that are know to protect you from particles that are more likely to penetrate cheap face masks. The zinc fibers are known to contain anti-microbial fibers that provide a chemical layer of protection. Since the mask is designed in such a way that the material is non-woven, it creates fewer gaps for any particles to get inside the face mask.

The cotton lining is soft and won’t irritate the skin. Furthermore, the cotton material used for the lining of the Shamwow mask provides breathability so that you can feel comfortable wearing it while indoor or outdoors.

The Shamwow face mask also has straps that are made with an elastic material that makes it easy to put it on or take it off. It’s able to adjust to any shape or size face.

The masks are reusable and machine washable so you can put it straight into the washer once you’re done wearing it.

Why the ShamWow mask stands out from other masks?

Studies have found that the antimicrobial fibres can reduce the chances of infection. This benefit can provide users of the ShamWow mask more confidence when going out in public.

If you’ve experienced wearing a face mask in hot climates then you know how annoying it can be to wear a face mask or can cause issues breathing. Luckily, this mask is made with a breathable material.

Other face masks on the market may not offer the same level as protection as the ShamWow mask. Due to its clever design with zinc fibers and offering an additioanl layer of proection you are likely to be safer wearing this mask then some cheap dollar bin masks.


Where to Buy ShamWow Masks?

The ShamWow masks are manufactured in the United States. During the pandemic we recommend supporting local business and when buying this mask, you are supporting American jobs.

It’s important to note that this mask is not CDC verified as a medical mask despite being compared to medical grade masks. For this reason, medical workers should stick to their usual masks.

If you’re looking to buy the ShamWow Mask, you can easily purchase it online from select websites or find it right here on our As Seen on TV website for $29.99. We are an affiliate with the official ShamWow website.


The ShamWow® Mask with Zinc has a cotton inner layer for comfort. For only $19.95 you’ll receive a ShamWow Mask and Free Shipping. Plus for ordering today, we’ll send you a second ShamWow® Mask just pay separate $9.95 fee and your order will ship for free.

Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA and FL.

A $9.95 shipping surcharge will be applied to orders from AK, HI & PR.


Benefits of the ShamWow Face Mask

  • Extra Protection Thermally bonded Non-Woven
  • Contains Zinc anti-bacterial fighting fibers
  • Machine-Washable, reusable
  • Light, Breathable
  • Cotton inner-layer for comfort
  • German material, Crafted in USA. Not Made in China
  • Constructed following CDC Guidelines