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Tac Camera vs Cop Cam

Tac Camera and Cop Cam are great security cameras that help you keep an eye on potential thieves, nannies, teenagers, or neighbors. These tools are diverse and they offer you a stealth view on what

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Rotorazer Saw Review – Pros and Cons

When dealing with any home improvement project, a circular saw is an important tool. Compact circular saws are of great help when you want to perform tasks like carpentry and wood cutting. One of the

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Pocket Hose Silver Bullet Review

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet is a ¾ inch hose that contracts and expands automatically when the water is turned on and off. This makes it easy to store and transport. Not only does it have

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Tac Visor Reviewed

Tac Visor is inspired by military designs and it helps to block the glare from the oncoming vehicle's headlights as well as blinding glare from the sun. This doesn’t block your view like ordinary visors

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MicroTouch Solo Review

Many men prefer using the classic safety razor as they don’t like the idea of an electric shaver. The MicroTouch Solo is handcrafted for quality and it is made of solid brass with chrome playing. This

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Cop Cam Review

Cop Cam is a security camera about a square inch and it can be hidden anywhere to record anything at anytime. It will allow you to keep an eye on babysitters, neighbors, teenagers, or potential

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Cuddly Cuddle Uppets to Cuddle With

CuddleUppets are a hot As Seen On TV product for kids. It is a blanket that is also a puppet. In one of the “corners” they have attached an adorable animal puppet head so kids can slide

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Cook the Perfect Breakfast with this As Seen on TV Product

OrGREENiC is a line of As Seen On TV products that aren’t simply green in color, but they are also green as in good for the environment. Made of a special ceramic coating, these pans claim to

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Enjoy Taco Night with Perfect Tortilla

Perfect Tortilla If you have a hankering for taco bowls, then the Perfect Tortilla will be one As Seen On TV product you’ll want to pick up! But is it easy AND effective?

Enjoy 7-11 Slushies with Slushy Magic

Out of the package, Slushy Magic comes with the cup and lid, a spoon/straw, and three proprietary ice cube looking freezer cubes. Thawed out, they look like nylon, water-filled ice cube beanbags. Frozen, they look like ice

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