One thing that constantly annoys women is being unable to find that perfect brabuy as seen on tv. Whether the need arises for comfort whilst working out at the gym or a more sedate experience at work, we know it can be hard to find a bra for all occasions that fits you well no matter what the activity. The choice of bras available to women is staggering, but so is the inadequacy of the current options on the market.

Thankfully Rhonda Shears has just implemented a new bra into her line of intimate wear and all reviews so far point to the Ahh Bra being a revolution in design, fabric and fit. They are several problems that face modern women using traditional bras, let’s take a look at how the Ahh Bra solves them.

Ill-fitting cups are a constant bugbear to women and the sizes can be deceptive. If you get this choice wrong then a lopsided appearance will often be your punishment. You find a gorgeous delicate bra, but find that the sizes simply don’t match your body and this can become even worse should you gain or lose weight. These problems are the last thing you need especially if you’re going to a social event and want to look the part.

Breasts can and do change shape and size when you lose or gain weight and this is because breasts are made of fatty tissue. The Ahh Bra counters this issue by adapting to your new shape across and around the bust line, so making the bra fit your new form perfectly. This will prevent you forcing them into bad cup sizes.

ahh bra as seen on tv canadaUnwanted bulges are another concern for women everywhere, this is where the design of the bra is too severe and inflexible and so allows breast tissue to spill out of the bra around the underarms or the straps cut into the back leaving unsightly bulges or rolls around the strap. The Ahh Bra design allows the bra to fit to your form more accurately than conventional models and so avoid this issue.

We hope that this takes away any feeling of guilt on your part about the fit of your bra. It’s not your fault that the bad design causes these unsightly bulges. Bras which restrict and fail to adapt to a woman’s changing body shape are the issue here, not your body.

A third issue that the Ahh Bra helps to resolve is the problem of slipping straps. Bra straps are designed in principle to stay put, no matter how you move and so provide firm support, but unfortunately the vast majority of bras fail in this regard and fail you. Bra straps which hang loose of droop to the side can look unattractive and the fiddly readjustments that you have to perform can be irritating.

The Ahh Bra utilizes thicker straps which offer more support and stay put on the shoulder without restricting movement or cutting into the skin. This extra level of support has been designed to adapt to your body movements and keep everything where it should be. The elastication of the strapping allows a flexible stretching and contracting of the bra, which should maintain your comfort all day long.