quicklawn grass seed | As seen on tvPerhaps you missed my review of the Canada Green Grass or maybe you just decided that it wasn’t for you at the particular time. Whatever the case I am here today to discuss with you a new green grass product that is sure to knock your socks off! The quick lawn grass seed product is specially designed to ensure that you have green grass in all four seasons of the year. What does that mean for homeowners in the north east and other regions of the country where snow runs rampant? You will have a great lawn regardless of the snow fall, and when its done snowing while your neighbors lawns are brown after having been killed off by the snow yours will be green as ever.

The motto for quick lawn is sow it, grow it, and mow it before you know it. Its pretty catchy I know and perhaps thats the reason that so many people have purchased it in the past. Regardless of the reasoning the fact of the matter is that a variety of people have decided that this was the product for them and they are reaping the rewards as we speak. The gardeners choice quick lawn seed is built to withstand heavy traffic, shad spots, insects and diseases’. Most grass seeds you buy for cheap and while they may work for a portion of the year good luck getting them to last throughout the full calendar year. With the quick lawn however you are able to plant it and let it work its magic all year round.

A two pound bag of the quick lawn seed will cover up to 1,000 square feet. For most folks that is sufficient but theirs nothing wrong with having a little extra is there? For the non procrastinators out there I have a special offer for you today. You guessed it, buy one bag of quick lawn for $19.95 and get the second bag free (just pay the additional shipping and handling charges). Thats two pounds of year round grass seed for just $19.95 plus S&H. Hurry though this offer won’t last forever so its up to you to take full advantage while supplies last. Click here!

Once you have purchased and begun using the product we encourage you to send us pictures of your lawn so that the rest of the members may see just how beautiful the product really is and what it can do for your home.