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The As Seen on TV Zoomies are the world’s first compact, light-weight and hands-free set of binoculars which are designed like glasses or goggles but still allow the benefits of long distance magnification.

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As Seen On TV Zoomies – The Compact, High Power Binoculars You Wear Like Sunglasses

Binoculars are a great way to zoom in on something such as nature, concerts, sporting events or while bird watching. However holding a pair of traditional binoculars can get tiring since you’re holding them to your head and they can sometimes be quite heavy. The As Seen on TV Zoomies are the world’s first compact, light-weight and hands-free set of binoculars which are designed like glasses or goggles but still allow the benefits of long distance magnification.

Now you can enjoy 300% magnification without the use of heavy or bulky binoculars that provide the same magnification as expensive high-end binoculars but come in a convenient, light-weight and condensed size. The Zoomies infomercial claims that these glasses are so light that you won’t even know you’re wearing them. Magnification can be easily adjusted by using a built-in dial and also includes a built-in sunshade that eliminates the possibility of glare from bright light. Once finished using them they can easily fold up for storage.

Zoomies Binoculars are simply the binoculars of the future. No more straining your eyes while trying to zoom in on objects in the distance or while watching a game or viewing nature. Forget using bulky binoculars which cause you to hold them to your eyes which can be straining to your arms and shoulders especially if you’re using them for long periods. Zoomies can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Not only are they great for viewing objects in the distance but Zoomies also make great reading glasses and can be used for more enjoyable television viewing or while working on crafts.

The revolutionary Zoomies Binoculars are eye-wear that will not only improve long distance vision like a pair of expensive binoculars but are designed more conveniently and best of all are inexpensive. Buy them today and take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Offer here at As Seen on TV Canada for only $10 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. The second pair of Zoomies Binoculars are included with an additional $7.95 shipping and handling charge. Order includes 2 Pairs of Zoomies, 2 carrying cases and 2 lanyards.

Features & Benefits:

  • Instant 300% magnification
  • Binocular technology in micro vision lenses
  • Adjust easily with a turn of the focus dial
  • Lightweight and hands free
  • Built-in sunshade cuts glare

State tax applies to orders from NY & CA.

**An additional $10 p&h is added for items sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

7 reviews for Zoomies Binoculars

  1. Mike

    The Zoomies Binoculars are great to have if you’re at a sports game. I went to go watch a baseball game with my friends and unfortunately our seats weren’t the greatest. My friends thought that my pair of Zoomies looked dorky but in all honesty they wish they had them once the game started because I was able to see the game perfectly. A good pair of binoculars can be very expensive and I’ve spent hundreds on a pair once which I ended up losing and they had great magnification but also weighed like 5 pounds and I could only stand using them for a few minutes at a time. I also like how they eliminate sunlight without the need for sunglasses. For the price Zoomies is steel since it only costs $10 and provides much more convenience than a regular set of binoculars.

  2. Greg

    Zoomies are a very clever invention. I got these wearable binoculars as a gift from a friend of mine and decided to bring them to a live sporting even. Let me just say that they work awesome! While my friends had to strain their eyes to watch the game I enjoyed the whole match like I actually had good seats. If you have cheap tickets to a live even then wear a pair of Zoomies Binoculars and you’ll really enjoy yourself.

  3. Chris

    If you’re looking for a decent pair of binoculars then you shouldn’t look past zoomies hands-free binoculars. Normally binoculars are huge and you have to wear them around your neck and can be quite heavy and not to mention cost a pretty penny. Zoomies hands-free binoculars are a great investment and you’ll always find a time to use them. I like how it’s designed to eliminate glare so if you’re using them outdoors you it filters the sun. The adjustable dial allows to easily zoom in and zoom out. It has brownish colored lenses or the colorless lenses which you can select based on preference. I find them comfortable and convenient and comparable to an expensive pair of binoculars which I own. If you’re watching a live sports game you can keep them on while watching the game and still be able to snack on your food or hold your posters at the same time. Zoomies hands-free binoculars are a must have!

  4. Carl

    I used to hate going to watch sports games where the seats were way up in the bleachers and I’d have to spend most of the time staring at the giant monitor the whole time and wondering why I didn’t just save my ticket money and spending money on expensive drinks when I could have just watched the game at home or went to a bar especially since ticket prices can be eye-gouching sometimes and you have to deal with long line ups to get snacks and drinks. Unless you’re one of those people who has a lot of money to afford the best seats. I saw the zoomies binoculars infomercial on tv and thought it was an interesting concept even though they aren’t the most stylish things to put on your head. I ordered them online and got them delivered in a couple weeks just in time to watch a live baseball game with my friend. These binoculars completely made the event so much better since I didn’t have to rely on the big screens as much and I could see the players perfectly on the pitch. Zoomies Binoculars can make your bad seats into good seats with its superb magnification. Forget getting heavy and big binoculars if you’re considering them and get yourself a pair of these hands-free binocular glasses and you won’t regret it. I really wish I had ordered these a long time ago.

  5. Ysabeau Terazawa

    I need to know the amount of shipping and handling costs for the offer (1 pair, 1 free plus s/h) currently being advertised re Zoomies on US and Canadian television stations. What are the TOTAL charges related to Zoomies shipped to Canada. If the cost is exorbitant, for example, for this item to be shipped into Canada I’ll have to ask a friend for permission to use her mailing address in the US. Please provide concise information.

    Thank you.

  6. Jerry K

    I bought this product from As Seen on TV Canada and was very impressed with the speedy delivery. As for the Zoomies Binoculars, it’s a great concept and although they’re not exactly stylish it beats holding up your arm to hold regular binoculars when you’re trying to watch a live sports game. These are essentially binoculars that are worn like sunglasses that work very well. I wouldn’t say that Zoomies binoculars are comparable to an expensive pair of binoculars or at least the ones that I have for hunting but for going to a sporting event or concert they are perfect. I like how they are small and I can fit them in my pocket.

  7. Jarett

    My 14 year old grandson purchased a pair of zoomies binoculars for me for me as a gift for my birthday. I didn’t think I needed a pair of binoculars but they really did come in handy. I bring them with me when I go on nature walks and I can view nature almost as if i’m up close without scaring birds or other animals away. My wife uses the zoomies for her crafts since they allow her to easily focus in on detail without straining her eyes. I’m really grateful my grandson bought them for me and I really like them.

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