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The revolutionary XHOSE by DAP features an all-new exclusive design and is like no garden hose you’ve ever seen! This amazing hose automatically expands up to 3 times its length, then easily contracts for convenient storage. The XHOSE by DAP is everything your typical garden hose isn’t – it’s lightweight, compact, expandable with a powerful spray kink-free design.

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Watering hoses are one of the most popularly purchased gardening equipments hover they can kind, bend and twist easily. They can be heavy to move around with and difficult to store. However one has has been recently released which solves all the issues with traditional water hoses which makes gardening and cleaning so much easier and best of all it’s not expensive.

Xhose is a revolutionary small and compact expandable water hose that has been widely sold across Canada and the US. Unlike ordinary water hoses, the Xhose automatically expands to 3 times its length by simply turning on the water expanding it’s diameter and providing a high flowing spray that is perfect for cleaning, gardening, washing cars, RV’s, watering lawns and more.

To use the Xhose simply turn on the water and watch it grow. When the water is turned off it retracts back to it’s original size which can fit in the palms of your hand.

Contracted Xhose Lengths
Item            Length
25′ Hose  – Approximately 9 feet
50′ Hose  – Approximately 18.5 feet
75′ Hose  – Approximately 28 feet
100′ Hose – Aproximately 37 feet

XHose is designed with two layers and unlike any other garden hose on the market. The first layer is made from super strong nylon webbing on the exterior and a second layer which is an expandable inner hose. Both of these layers expand together when the water is turned on. It weighs less than a pound and has a kink-free design and durable enough to last a very long time and withstand weather conditions.

Make your house and yard work easier with the Xhose and you’ll be amazed at how easy and effective it works.

Benefits of Using the XHose:

  • Expands up to 3 times its length
  • Automatically contracts when water is turned off
  • Super strong and lightweight
  • Never tangles or kinks

The revolutionary XHOSE by DAP features an all-new exclusive design and is like no garden hose you’ve ever seen! This amazing hose automatically expands up to 3 times its length,The XHOSE by DAP is everything your typical garden hose isn’t – it’s lightweight, compact, expandable with a powerful spray kink-free design.


7 reviews for XHOSE Expandable Hose

  1. Michael

    I bought the Xhose online and was very happy with how quickly it was delivered. XHose is by far the best hose i’ve ever used and I’m now going to order another one for my backyard. I love how it scrunches back up using it’s accordion design when the water is shut off. It’s so light that makes carrying it around the yard. I’ve been using it for a month for washing my car, watering my lawn and watering my garden. When it goes back to it’s original size you can fit this hose in a glove compartment. This is an absolutely fantastic product that is so much better than any ordinary watering hose.

  2. Martin

    I’m really pleased with my purchase of the XHOSE Expandable Hose. I saw the infomercial for the XHose, Pocket Hose and Flex-Able Hose on infomercials in Canada and thought that they all looked exactly the same and decided to place my order with the XHose since it had more positive reviews online. I use this expandable hose to water my lawn and wash my car and it works so much better than my old garden hose. It’s not heavy or bulky. Storing the Xhose is easy since it’s so small. I have now replaced all hoses with XHoses since it’s so convenient. It’s very light and doesn’t kink. I have already placed an order for my parents who are elderly and don’t have to drag their heavy hose around their yard anymore when they water their yard or garden. Xhose is great!

  3. Craig

    I picked up an xhose since I needed a new garden hose up at our family cottage and I can honestly vouch that it’s made gardening and watering the lawn a heck of a lot easier. I read so many positive xhose reviews that it didn’t seem like it was an infomercial gimmick. It was also covered by many reputable new sources like FOX News which gave this as seen on tv product a lot more credibility. I like how it provides constant and continual pressure and doesn’t kink. I bought the deal here off As Seen on TV Canada which was the same deal I saw advertised in the xhose infomercial. The xhose garden hose is everything you want in a garden hose since it eliminates all the common frustrations from using ordinary garden hoses.

  4. Belinda Holder

    I own a business cleaning yachts and have for the past few years lugged around 5-6 hoses up to 100 ft and when i saw the x-hose advertised on tv i went the first chance and bought 6, 50ft hoses. I as well as my staff of 4-6, absolutely loved them! So light, give me far more space in my vehicle and worj amazing. I have been using them for about 3 weeks now and just this week i had one that had come apart at the tap end. I am curious to know if they are making any that would be of use for commercial businesses? I work out of 3 marinas and many customers in them have bought the x-hose just asking us myself and the staff how we like them. I plan to purchase more but am now wondering the longevity in a commercial enviornment. Love them overall! If someone could please reply i have a few questions? Thank you Bea’s Custom Boat Care

  5. Bill Fitzpatrick

    The Xhose was working well until the end pulled off. I have had it for about 2 months. Not impressed!!!!

  6. Tom

    I bought 2 of the 50 foot hoses at Home Depot in May. I returned 1 of them today because it burst a hohe on Aug 9/2013. I sure hope the other one does not do the same as HD only warranties for 90 days. Most of the reviews are not a lot different than I have experienced. Not sure if I would recommend to a friend.

  7. Tina

    I’m pretty impressed so far. After 3-weeks of use (Washing two cars and daily watering of potted plants and shrubs) I have had nothing but success. This XHOSE Expandable hose is super-light and has provided consistent flow, zero kinks, and zero leaks in my short period of ownership and operation. Having the valve on the end is also a big plus as you can control the flow without the need of an attachment.
    I’ll follow-up in a few weeks as the weather warms up.

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