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Although Wuggle Pets are stuffed animals, it is beyond ordinary. Wuggle Pets are literally stuffed animals that must be brought to life by a child. The child actually “builds” the Wuggle Pet! The Fun Fill Factory is where it’s at.



The Wuggle Pets Starter Kit Comes Complete With:

  • Cuddly Puppy And Magical Unicorn Pets With Clip Attached
  • 1 Fun Filled Factory
  • 2 Bags of Fluffy Stuffing
  • 12 Personality Charms Pet Pet
  • 2 Bags of Magic Dust

Although Wuggle Pets are stuffed animals, it is beyond ordinary. Wuggle Pets are literally stuffed animals that must be brought to life by a child. The child actually “builds” the Wuggle Pet! The Fun Fill Factory is where it’s at. It is here that children build their own pet by adding the stuffing and magic dust. Kids get to crank the factory themselves until their own Wuggle Pet is huggable! Once the pet has been brought to life, a personality charm is placed inside the new pet. Then to finish the pet, and make sure the fluff doesn’t fall out, the crafty zipper tool is used. What’s so fun about the personality charms is that there are 12 to choose from. This means that your kids can build a pet that is smart, funny, courageous, or just plain cool. But, like I said, there are up to 12 different personalities to choose from. But, don’t forget the Birth Certificate! That’s right; there’s more to this fun-filled kit. Once the Wuggle Pet is completely built, the child names their pet and then fills out the pet’s birth certificate. Wuggle Pets are authenticated by a tiny “birthmark” on their ear. The high quality Wuggle Pet collection includes the Cuddly Puppy, Magical Unicorn, Funny Monkey, Clever Raccoon, Bashful Bear, and Playful Pony. The starter kit is the way to go at first, but don’t forget that there are individual kits that can be bought separately. Includes: 12 piece Starter Kit comes complete with a Wuggle Fun Fill Factory, a Magical Unicorn and a Cuddly Puppy, 2 bags of fluffy fill, 2 bags of magic dust, 2 sheets of personality charms, 2 birth certificates, and a zipper lock”.

Kids Love to Build, Collect & Trade Wuggle Pets

Each Pet comes with its own Birth Certificate ~ you name it yourself  Wuggle Pets need lots of attention, so take them with you wherever you go! The Party Pack is great for birthdays, holidays, family activities, and special events   Collect them all ~ look for the authentic Wuggle Pets birthmark You can make them talk with the optional voice box!

Offer Details: Wuggle Pets are the fun-filled animals that kids love to create, collect and trade. Wuggle Pets are available in a Starter Pack, which contains the Cuddly Puppy and the Magical Unicorn for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. The Party Pack is our best value. It features all 8 Wuggle Pets for $49.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. The Party Pack is our most popular collection because kids love to collect them all and parents love that they save $30! Kids will have everything they need to create and personalize their Wuggle Pets. Each pet comes with a birth certificate, magic dust, personality charms, the zipper tool and fluffy softness. And to complete the pack, each order includes one fun filled factory to bring your Wuggle Pets to life. Children under 18 must have their parents’ permission.  Canadian orders will have an additional $3.00 shipping and handling added. NJ/CA will have applicable tax.  This offer is covered by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee less S&H.

3 reviews for Wuggle Pets

  1. Vula

    I purchased the Wuggle Pet for my 6 year old daughter and she is so in love this toy. I’m going to be purchasing more for her since she’s been begging me non stop. It came just in time for her birthday about a week after I had ordered it online from the official wuggle pets website. This is such a terrific gift for any child. She takes her wuggle pet with her everywhere including in her back pack when she goes to school. When I first purchased the wuggle pet I thought it was just going to be like every other toy I’ve purchased for her in the past where she would enjoy it for a week or two and then it would be forgotten. The fact that it was somewhat created by her I think she has more of an attachment to her wuggle pet. I even had fun making this toy with her since it put such a smile on her face and she giggled through the whole process of stuffing it with the fun filled factory and adding the magic dust and charms to bring it to life. Excellent price and will be ordering more.

  2. Lora

    My 7 year old son saw the wuggle pets commercial and begged me to buy it for him. I was a little hesitant about buying this toy since I normally would look for it in stores but had no luck finding it so I just decided to place an order online. I love the concept that kids get to make their own toys. I think they become more attached to the toys because they created them and have a sense of pride after it’s they’ve had fun creating them and stuffing them and bringing them to life. After two months my son still loves his wuggle pet as much as the first day he created it. I’m buying a second set for my niece who’s birthday is coming up. She loves stuffed animals and is also a very creative child so I can’t wait to see her face when she gets it. My order came very quick and I have no complaints at all from the whole process of ordering the wuggle pets online.

  3. Parisha

    I purchased a set of wuggle pets for my daughters 7th birthday and after she stuffed her wuggle pet and went through the process to bring it to life with the birth certificate it only lasted about 2 weeks and then she was bored of her toy. She never really spent any time playing with her new creation but she pinned it to her knapsack and that was the end of that. My neice who’s 5 seems love wuggle pets a lot more. If you’ve ever though about buying a buld-a-bear then the wuggle pets might be a better option. This might be a better toy for girls that are under the age of 6. These plush toys are pretty small and can be stuffed very easily, in fact in only minutes you can create a new pet. I had a good experience ordering it unlike a few wuggle pets reviews i’ve read online where people were overcharged. It doesn’t come in a nice box like i expected it came in just a plain brown box like most other things you order online. It’s more of a novelty item then a toy that kids will ever play with.

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