WonderFile is available in your choice of red, black, or plaid. When you order one WonderFile, you’ll receive a second WonderFile free (just pay additional shipping and handling).


wonder-fileWonderFile is the ingenious file organizer that turns any space into a neatly organized workplace.

The clear four-corner filing system makes it easy to organize important documents where you can see and find them with ease. The large center pocket stores your files, pads and folders…even a laptop computer fits right in. The Wonder File’s smooth writing surface lets you get work done neatly and quickly. The zippered pocket can hide and protect all your important documents.

The WonderFile is perfect solution for:

  • Teachers to organize projects
  • Students to organize assignments
  • Moms to organize coupons, cards and gift-wrap
  • A fold-out activities center for the kids
  • Hobbyists, Collectors & Crafters; clear and store your work easily

From a cluttered mess to a clean desk! Let Wonder File Work For You! Available in red, black or fashionable plaid. Order Now to receive bonus clamp-on reading lights absolutely Free!

Use the Wonder File Portable Workstation to organize:

• Bills
• Documents
• Student papers
• Homework
• Coupons
• and much more



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