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Claim your free Joint Support Formula™ and dramatically accelerate your pain relief! Joint Support Formula™ is a unique, all-natural blend of ingredients that soothes and relieves pain and discomfort in the joints of your feet, legs, hips and back… and restores the flexibility and mobility in those joints so you can enjoy a more active and youthful

walkfit orthoticsRelieve your foot pain TODAY with WalkFit®

  • Aligns your body for balance and relief of back pain.
  • Realigns your spine and pelvic area to reduce knee, hip and lower back pain.
  • Adjusts position of foot to relieve foot pain and provide stability and balance.

Claim your free gift …and accelerate pain relief.

Claim your free Joint Support Formula™ and dramatically accelerate your pain relief! Joint Support Formula™ is a unique, all-natural blend of ingredients that soothes and relieves pain and discomfort in the joints of your feet, legs, hips and back… and restores the flexibility and mobility in those joints so you can enjoy a more active and youthful

New research reveals hidden cause of joint pain

Researchers have now discovered that years of wear and tear from body misalignment causes damage to the delicate bones and tissues in your joints. But by addressing the cause from the inside, you can reduce inflammation and pain and even support the growth of healthy cartilage to give you more flexibility and mobility.

Joint Support Formula™ addresses hidden causes of pain from the inside and out:

WalkFit Orthotic Insoles

WalkFit orthotic insoles help to reduce pain in feet, knees, hips and back. Each pair of WalkFit insoles comes with 3 customizable arch inserts, low, medium, and high. WalkFit insoles are perfect for installing in all of your shoes, or great as a gift to a friend or family member. They’re available in men’s sizes 6-14 and women’s sizes 5-12.

You can greatly enhance the comfort and shock absorbing properties of your insoles with the WalkFit cushions. Use them while running, walking, or even standing, and you’ll feel like you are walking on air! They easily fit right over your WalkFit insoles.

WalkFit Orthotics will improve your comfort when standing, walking or running. However, before you wear them for the first time, it is important to read the following instructions.

Remove Extra Padding From Shoes

Some shoes and sneakers come with built-in arch supports and extra padding. WalkFit Orthotics replace these built-in arch supports. To receive the proper result from WalkFit Orthotics, remove the built-in supports and all extra padding. Leaving in arch supports and padding may cause significant discomfort when wearing those shoes.

Customizable Inserts

WalkFit Orthotics come with three inserts: LOW, MED, and HIGH. The height of the inserts are written on the back of each. The LOW inserts are already inserted for you. To switch to another pair of inserts, simply bend back the top ofyour Orthotics and lift out the inserts. Place the new inserts in position and press down all over to ensure that they are securely in place. Try out each level of inserts to see which one feels most comfortable initially. If MED or HIGH seems most comfortable, choose MED or HIGH.

Wear Them Only One Hour at First

Orthotics work by changing the position of your feet. It may take some time before you are comfortable wearing them all day. To begin, wear the Orthotics 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the second and so on, until you can wear them comfortably all day long. If you feel discomfort, remove them from your shoes. Begin wearing them the next day without increasing the time they are worn. Then continue to increase usage until they are comfortable. If you feel pain when wearing WalkFit Orthotics, discontinue use and consult with your physician.

What can Orthotics do for you?

The foot is made up of 28 bones with joints in between them and muscles, ligaments and tendons connecting them. When everything is functioning properly in the foot, it adapts to different types of surfaces that you are walking or running on. At the same time, the foot must be capable of changing into a rigid structure to stabilize and move the body forward.

When excess strain, injury, or poorly constructed shoes affect the feet, this system of bones, joints, tendons and ligaments gets off balance. This can cause pain, as well as being the source of problems in the knees, hips, and back. Abnormal foot functioning can throw your whole body off.

Orthotics are designed to restore your natural foot function. Many biomechanical complaints from walking, such as heel pain, knee pain, and lower back pain are caused by improper foot movement. Orthotics re-align the foot and ankle bones to their natural position, thereby restoring proper foot movement. In turn, this helps alleviate problems in other parts of the body. In addition, foot care orthotics, such as WalkFit® , cause weight to be more evenly distributed over the foot, taking pressure off, of sore spots by providing shock absorption, which minimizes the effects of walking, running and standing.

Orthotics can be of great assistance to the casual walker or the professional athlete. Some parts of WalkFit® orthotics are specifically designed to act as a cushion as the foot strikes the ground, while parts are used to support the arches. Our special heel cup prevents you from twisting your ankles.

Foot care orthotics benefit people with foot pain or discomfort due to imbalances in weight distribution and improper movement. Imbalances while walking and running can alter the bony structure of your feet and lower legs. Since our WalkFit® orthotics are designed by physicians, they strengthen the feet and ankles, evenly distribute weight, relieving imbalances, and reduce foot

Over 1.4 million customers have found that WalkFit® orthotics help reduce foot pain, as well as making it easier to exercise! That’s right – as you walk, run, or play sports with our foot orthotics, your feet, arches, and ankles are supported, reducing pain and impact in your feet, knees, and back as well.

In sports, your feet can experience up to 300 – 400% more pressure than in walking or normal activities. This alone can cause foot pain. WalkFit® orthotics are designed by doctors to support the ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles in your feet, thereby a reducing foot pain.

WalkFit® , by Phase 4 Orthotics, provide extra metatarsal and longitudinal support and cushioning for your feet. Our WalkFit Orthotics are ideal for complete foot support, comfort, correct posture and mechanics. Our doctor-designed orthotics are a unique foot support system intended to help relieve over-pronation, while preventing foot strain and injury. Designed with a full-length, a arch support, our foot Orthotics reduce foot pain. Wearing WalkFit® orthotics prevent feet rolling inward (over-pronation), which can pull the entire lower body out of alignment.

WalkFit® Orthotics:

• Come in 11 sizes for both men and women.
• Are completely washable and odor-free.
• Come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty – simply send your WalkFit® insoles in for a new pair, no questions asked!
• When you order our WalkFit® , by Phase 4 orthotics today, you’ll also receive:
• Our joint support formula supplement, with glucosamine and condroitin
• Sandal adapters, so you can use your WalkFit® orthotics wherever you go.
• Our refreshing peppermint Foot Massage Lotion, to soothe away pain and stiffness from your feet

3 reviews for WalkFit Platinum Orthotics

  1. Michael

    The foot pain i’ve suffered over the years has shot up right to my back and i’ve dealt with some uncomfortable pain. I’ve spend hundreds of dollars on orthotics in the past and people can spend thousands to help ail foot problems. When I saw the price of the Walkfit Orthotics I decided to give it a try to hopefully help become pain free of all the foot problems that have accumulated in the past. I’m a big skeptic when it comes to trying anything that’s labelled as seen on tv but this product proved me wrong. I couldn’t believe that spending just 20 dollars was going to provide me the relief that I finally have with walkfit orthotics. These orthotics do take some getting used to so don’t be discouraged right away when you first try them on. I actually felt a little discomfort when I first tried them on but eventually I got used to them so be sure to break them in. Once I adapted to wearing them I wasn’t limping while wearing them and now I don’t even feel as though I’m wearing them. Years of pain has now gone away thanks to wearing the walkfit orthotics and this product is worth a try for anyone suffering from any foot probles such as heel spurs or plantar fasciitis. I can now stand for hours and now feel any sort of pain in my feet or my back.

  2. Dres

    I purchased my first pair of wakfit orthotics years ago and just ordered a new set of replacements. Since I have flat feet my feet take a lot of abuse especially since i’m 260 pounds. Walkfit orthotics gives me the proper support my feet need and distribute the pressure on my heels the way they need to be. If you find that you have sore feet at the end of the day or spend a lot of time on your feet then you’ll want to get a pair of Walkfit Orthitics. You’ll definitely see a difference over time and they are reasonably priced.

  3. Mark

    I’ve had to deal with Mortons Neuroma for a long time on both of my feet and for years I’ve spent a lot of money on expensive orthotic inserts to give me proper arch support and alleviate the weight off the balls of my feet which wasn’t a completely successful solution however a very expensive one. Every 5 months or so the orthotic cushioning would wear down. A friend of mine recommended trying the walkfit platinum orthotics which worked better than any orthotics i’ve tried in the past. The walkfit inserts have totally helped the constant pain i was suffering from in the balls of my feet. These inserts do take some getting used to but once you get over it they are great to wear in any of of yo