Turbo Pump


For a limited time only, we’ll send you 1 Turbo Pump™ for just $19.99 with Free Shipping! Plus, we’ll DOUBLE the offer, just pay a separate $8.99 fee. Runs on 2 AA Batteries (not included)

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turbo pumpAs Seen On TV Turbo Pump – Fast, Easy, Battery Powered Liquid Transfer Pump

The automatic cordless battery-powered liquid transfer pump. Easily transfer water, gas, oil and more. Features a convenient sensor mechanism that stops the pumping and beeps when it detects a full tank. Turbo Pump takes care of wiper and radiator fluids easily and fast – it can drain over a gallon of liquid in less than 20 seconds! Forget the hassle of filling and spilling!


The secret is Turbo Pump™’s automatic turbo-syphon technology that pumps almost any liquid right down to the last drop! The automatic, cordless, battery powered, liquid-transfer pump prevents spilling and let’s you empty or fill any tank lightning fast!



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