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Stream Clean


Just point and stream, and your carpet gets clean. Stream Clean penetrates stains and odors so that pets don’t re-mark and re-spray, going deep with enzyme action to eliminate all traces of the mess. Don’t let nasty stains ruin the look of your carpet.


Just point and stream and your carpet gets clean! Stream Clean is safe to use around children and pets unlike other stain removers that may contain harmful chemicals and it leaves no sticky residue behind.

Not only does it remove pet stains but effectively works on all other types of mishaps such as wine stains, food stains, drink stains, dirt stains, ink stains and more! Whether the stain is new, old or set-in you can rely on Stream Clean to blast away any stains and odors. Stream Clean also works on surfaces such as floors, carpets, furniture and more!

Just point and stream and this As Seen on TV stain remover will blast away any pet stains or odors without having to bend down or scrub away. What makes Stream Clean with Code Yellow so effective is the enzyme action which deep cleans and removes any traces of odors and helps make sure your pets won’t come back and remark the same area.

Stream Clean is now being offered as an exclusive Buy 1 Get 1 FREE web offer for only $10 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. When you order Stream Clean you’ll get the second bottle absolutely free when you pay separate $7.95 shipping and handling. Orders also include a bonus mini-black light which helps you easily spot stains that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Order includes a 30 day money-back guarantee less shipping and handling.

Features And Benefits

  • No bending and no scrubbing!
  • Just point and Stream Clean™ does all the work!
  • Enzyme action cleans deep to eliminate stains and odors.
  • Save hundreds on cleaning, and thousands on replacement costs!
  • Stream Clean also works on other types of stains too! It’s not just for pet stains! Use Stream Clean to clean a red wine stain, or other mishaps! New, old, or set-in, your stains are gone!
  • Stream Clean Seen On TV  is safe to use and non-toxic it’s safe around your pets and you, and there’s no sticky residue left behind.
  • Right Now if you purchase Stream Clean you can get the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)
  • Free bonus – Mini Blacklight with your order



2 reviews for Stream Clean

  1. Brianne

    With two kids and a dog my home sees it’s fair share of accidents on a weekly basis and being prepared to find stains that are set in is never fun. A friend of mine recommended stream clean which she ordered off the television commercial which she claimed worked really well for getting rid of tough stains so I took her advice and place an order online myself. I couldn’t believe how amazing it worked in comparison to other store bought stain removers I’ve purchased in the past. It’s non-stick, colorless and and odorless and easily works to get rid of any mishaps in just seconds. Since I have children i’m very happy using a non-toxic product. I’ve tried Stream Clean on many different types of stains and it seems that there is no stain too tough for Stream Clean. This is a miracle product.

  2. Amanda

    Without a doubt Stream Clean with Code Yellow is the best cleaning product I’ve ever used. I’ve tried other similar products such as Kaboom, OxiCleaan, S2o, Awesome and none of them were as effective as this product which I ended up ordering off the infomercial. My dog occasionally does his business on the carpet and getting the stains out is one of the things I hate cleaning. I searched online for different Stream Clean reviews to see what other customers had to say about it and was impressed with how popular this product had become among moms and pet owners. Stream Clean is very easy to apply since you just point and shoot it at the stain and it works its magic. We have very light carpets in our living room and my yorkie has the tendency to leaving little gifts for me to clean once in a while and sometimes the stain really settles in and in the past would have take a lot of spraying and scrubbing to get rid of the stain but this as seen on tv product has completely simplified the cleaning process. The first time I used it I was completely shocked how how well it worked and I’ve since used it on other stains around the house such as coffee stains, mud stains and wine stains. The mini black light that is included with the order of Stream Clean is a really cool gadget and it’s fun to use it to find those hidden stains and lastly I love not having to bend down on my hands and knees to scrub stains away when Stream Clean with Code Yellow just requires a quick spray and wipe.

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