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Smart Swab Ear Cleaner


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Order a Smart Swab™ Kit (16 Tips and one handle) today for just $19.99 + FREE SHIPPING and as a SPECIAL OFFER you can get a second discounted Smart Swab™ Kit for just $9.99!

An Additional $10 shipping surcharge is added for items sent outside of the Contiguous United States NJ and CA residents, sales tax applies.

Are you tired of all that earwax in your ear that hurts when you use a typical cotton swab to remove it? Smart Swab’s spiral head is designed to go the perfect distance in your ear, and simply twists to safely extract earwax without injury. Smart Swab has touch-free disposal replacement tips that comfortably and safely cleans your ear, without going too far or causing pain like typical cotton swabs.


  • Simply place in your ear, twist, and remove your earwax – it’s that easy
  • Soft spiral head is designed to go the perfect distance into the ear
  • Just twist and safely extract earwax without injuring your ear
  • Touch-free disposal replacement tips

What is Smart Swab?

Smart Swab is a soft spiral ear cleaner that promises to replace conventional Q-tips and other ear cleaners.

Priced at $20 for one SmartSwab with 16 disposable tips, the product promises to extract your ear wax “without risk of damage”.

Do you have too much wax or water in your ear? Do you have trouble removing that buildup with conventional ear cleaning tools? SmartSwab promises to be the device you need.

How Does SmartSwab Work?

SmartSwab promises to be “the best way to clean your ear comfortably and safely.” All you do is place the device in your ear, twist, and remove ear wax.

When used correctly, you won’t be able to stick the SmartSwab too deep into your ear. Have you ever stuck a Q-tip just a little too far into your ear? SmartSwab promises to help you avoid that awkward sensation.

The secret behind SmartSwab’s effectiveness is its soft grooved head featuring spirals. That head is designed to go the perfect distance into your ear. Then, with a twist motion on the spiral, the device grabs ear wax from the sides of your ear canal and twists its safely out of your head.


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