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Triple your socket space and clear up those cords in your home, garage and office with Side Socket. It’s the world’s only 90 degree swiveling surge protector that’s ideal for using behind hard to reach places.

side socket canadaSide Socket Surge Protector Turns A Jumbled Mess To An Organized Success!

The Side Socket Surge Protector is a revolutionary new multi-plug that helps you organize your cords and your home a lot easier. This innovative solution is designed with 6 outlets with 3 on each side that can swivel 90 degrees moving the power cords to the side allowing you to push furniture up against the wall so bulky wires don’t push them out allowing to save three times more space than a regular outlet.

  • Triple your socket space. Turns 2 outlets into 6!
  • 90 degree swivel head
  • Clears up cords
  • Perfect for living rooms, kitchens, garages, bedrooms and more!
  • Swivel head makes it easy to reach cords
  • Furniture can now be pushed flushed against the wall
  • Allows easy access to plugs in hard to reach places

The patented design is the only surge protector that swivels 90 degrees allowing to angle cords to the sides and allow easy access when you want to plug in your electronics into hard to reach areas. Since cables are redirected to the sides you can easily push back desks, chairs, racks, couches and other furniture. Side Socket is also create for creating more space on kitchen counter-tops allowing to plug in multiple kitchen appliances like microwaves, toasters, grills etc into the same outlet and against the wall. Unlike other surge protectors which lay on the floor, the Side Socket turns any regular outlet from two to six without any clutter on the ground which makes cleaning a lot easier too. Just as advertised the Side Socket turns any jumped mess into an organized success!

Not only is Side Socket perfect for clearing space but it also provides anti-surge protection which protects your expensive electronics from a sudden surge of electricity which can cause damage to TV’s, laptops, computers and other expensive equipment. Side socket is also durable and can handle any strike whether it’s from furniture ore even a hammer.

Side Socket is perfect for any room in your home such as the garage, living room, kitchen or office.

How Does Side Socket Work ?

Side Socket can easily be installed into any electrical outlet. Designed to swivel 90 degrees so that cords can be plugged into it with ease and durable enough to last a very long time. Side Socket has four outlets so you can easily turn your two outlets into six. The optional anti-surge protection keeps yoru electronics safe from any jolt of electricity that can fry your expensive appliances and electronics. It’s never been easier to plug in, pivot and power up six different electrical components.

Where to install Side Socket ?

Side Socket is light and portable and can be installed almost anywhere in your home such as your living room, kitchen, berooms, garages, workshops, basements or virtually anywhere you have an electrical outlet. Easily allow multiple devices to be plugged into the same electrical source with this revolutionary 90 degree swivel outlet. Perfect for creating more space behind kitchen appliances instantly creating more space on your counter-top It creates more space since you can push back furniture without any cords or wires sticking out. Just as advertised you can turn any tangled disaster into a space saving master.

Where to Buy Side Socket ?

Side Side can be easily purchased by filling out an online form at the Official Side Socket website. You can take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer for $10.99 which has been advertised on the infomercial and the best deal on the internet. If you have any issues ordering side socket you can call customer service between Monday-Friday from 8am – 10pm. It takes 2 days to process an order so your order might not show up on the system after 48 hours of making a purchase. It normally takes up to 6 weeks for Side Socket to be delivered.

Why Purchase Side Socket ?

Side Socket is perfect for any household. Easily install any electronics in tight spaces and allows you to move cords and furniture right up against the wall instantly creating more space. Now you can push back desks, chairs, couches, tables and more without bulky cords pushing them out. Side Socket is great for kitchen counter tops so appliances can be pushed flush against the wall making more room to do your food preparation. Use it behind nightstands in the bedroom, in a workshop, or behind your entertainment system or stereos to safely reroute power conveniently and easily. Forget using bulky power bars which can also be expensive and create clutter with cables and use Side Socket to make your home more organized

Benefits of Side Socket Include:

The 90 degree swivel head makes it easy to reach cords
Triple your socket space and clear up tangled cords in your home, office, living room or garaage
Push furniture flush against the wall
Turns any outlet into six outlets
Perfect for bedrooms, living room, kitchen counters, workshops and more!
Affordable and a fraction of what Power Bars cost
Ideal to use behind hard to reach places
Includes optional surge-protection to keep expensive electronics safe from jolts of electricity
Creates more living and working space
Built to last with LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Side Socket vs Other Outlets/Power Bars

In comparison to other power bars or portable outlets, Side Socket has proven to be much more convenient and durable. It keeps all the cords organized and out of sight and is saves more space than traditional power bars. Some power bars can cost upwards of $100 however Side Socket only costs a fracton of the price at just $10.99 plus additional shipping and handling. Since it lifts the cords off the floor it creates extra space which is great for offices so your feet aren’t hitting cables by accident.

Ordering Side Socket

Currently not available in any stores, Side Socket is currently offering a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer for only $10.99 plus shipping and handling. A second Side Socket is included for FREE for an additional $7.95 shipping and handling. Orders from Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, Haweaii, the U.S Virgin Islands and Alaska must pay an additional $10 for shipping and handling. Sales Taxes may apply.

Side Socket Guarantee

When you order Side Socket a 30 Day moneyback guarantee is included (minus processing and handling). If for any reason you are not satisfied iwth the order you can return it for a full refund. If for any reason the Side Socket does not work after the 30 day period you may return it for a full refund of the order price or ship out a brand new Side Socket immediately.


Side Socket is a handy product for the home and will help clean up any cords in your home, office and garage. As the worlds only 90 degree swiveling surge protector it’s ideal for hard to reach spaces such as behind furniture or appliances. Keep your home more organized as this space saving master lets you get rid of the clutter on the floor from using power bars which also makes cleaning more safe and easy so you don’t have to bump into cords or lift them as you vacuum. Designed to be light, portable and durable enough to last a long time. Reroute your cables safely and with ease behind stereos, entertainment systems, appliances and furniture. Order Side Socket Today!

Bulky power strips can cost as much as $100 and they don’t even swivel chords to the side. Order Side Stocket today for just $10.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. For an additional $7.95 shipping and handling you’ll get another Side Socket FREE. Order also includes a LIFE TIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (minus s&h).

12 reviews for Side Socket

  1. Katie

    I wanted to give my own Side Socket review because I find honest ones are hard to come by online. I recently bought the Side Socket from calling the toll free number at As Seen on TV Canada and it was surprisingly delivered to my home in less than a week which I was pretty happy with. I’m extremely happy with how great of a design it has and wondering why nobody had thought of it sooner. It gets rid of the usual mess I got from using my old power bars and keeps all the cords elevated so it’s easier to clean. I wasn’t sure about ordering an infomercial product because I was afraid of getting scammed but this is one product that is worth getting.

  2. Michael S

    As soon as I saw this product I had to get one. Side Socket is the best product I have seen as it makes so much sense. I have so many wires sticking out from behind my power bar behind my TV and there was no way to organize them. The Side Socket allows me to keep them organized and not tangled and the design is perfect. I ordered it and received another one for free which was great because I had the same problem with my computer in my home office. The Side Socket would make a great gift as it can be used anywhere – work or home.
    I have heard of similar products but was told they didn’t work so I am happy the finally designed one that did.

  3. Dave A

    Side Socket is a great deal! This turned out to be a neat invention. It’s such a simple device i’m surprised nobody has thought of it before. I hate having to get to wires behind my entertainment system but since the Side Socket redirects them out to the sides I can easily get to them. More importantly it’s a surge protector which protects my electronics from any sudden surges from a thunderstorm. I’ve fried the power supply on my computer once which ended up costing me $65 at a tech shop to fix but thankfully my TV was unplugged at the time. I was going to get a power bar surge protector but came across the Side Socket online and ordered it instead. Not only is it convenient in many ways such as organizing wires and space saving but Side Socket gives me peace of mind that my electronics are safe from electrical surges.

  4. Mike

    The Side Socket is something that any household would find to be extremely useful especially for the home office and living room since both of those rooms carry the most electronics that need to be plugged in. I was shopping for a power bar online since my PC’s battery got fried during an electrical surge during a storm. Thankfully that’s the only thing that got ruined from the jolt but still cost me $70 to fix at my local computer repair shop. Since Side Socket offered a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE deal I replaced my other power bar as well with the extra Side Socket. Cleaning is easier since I don’t have to worry about hitting or moving the power bar since the Side Socket keeps all the cable raised and better organized. It also allows me to push my furniture right up against the walls easily get to the plugs when I need to since I only keep certain electronics plugged in all the time. Having the Side Socket has provided me with many benefits and it’s a neat invention that keeps my home cleaner and more organized. Since it has surge protection I don’t have to worry about sudden electrical jolts harming my devices and electronics.

  5. Alfonso

    The Side Socket is definitely worth every penny since it not only adds additional electrical sources to any outlet but is a surge protector which is you’re to purchase surge protectors or power strips can cost almost four times as much as the cost of the Side Socket which makes this such a great deal. I tried finding it at Walmart’s as seen on tv section as well as bed bath and beyond and found knock-offs on amazon but it seemed that there were few places that sold the official Side Socket. I got mine at As Seen on TV Canada and was able to get the same deal I saw promoted on television which is the best deal i’ve found. It works exactly ad shown in the commercial such as reaching electrical cords easier to get to, creating more space, surge protection and creating more sources to plug in devices. I encourage anyone that’s looking for a power strip, multi plug or surge protector to buy the Side Socket since it’s smaller, durable and more affordable than competing products.

  6. Renee

    I needed a power/bar surge protector for my entertainment system and almost bought one at Best Buy for $60 but came across the side socket swivel surge protector while looking for solutions cheaper options online. I decided to purchase it and it totally exceeded my expectations since it’s so well designed. The swivel sockets come in handy since I don’t my entertainment stand can go flush against the wall and cables are easy to get to. Since I got a second one I use it in my kitchen. This is really an amazing invention that has become very beneficial to me. I don’t think I’ll ever go for power strips anymore even if they had the same price point as the Side Socket.

  7. Tim C

    Just wondering if I’m the only one who caught this, the TV add says “anti surge protect;ion That;s a huge mistake surge protection is a good thing, lol anti surge protection is a bad thing

  8. Daryll

    Side Socket is such a fantastic product! It really works exactly as advertised in helping save space. I like how I can plug in my kitchen appliances such as my blender, waffle maker, microwave etc. I’ve also used it behind my entertainment system stand and was able to have the cables come off the sides of the outlet through the Side Socket instead of pouring out of the outlet or using a thick power bar that pushes the stand forward. This is much better than depending on a power bar in my opinion and would suggest it to anyone.

  9. Taylor

    I placed an order for four Side Socket outlets. I gave one to my daughter who moved to the city and her condo had a tiny kitchen which only had two outlets. This really came in handy by allowing her to plug more than just two appliances. I used the second one behind my big screen TV and connected all my other electronics to it such as our DVD player, my songs XBox and speakers. I had an issue with my TV and when the repair man game he was really impressed by it as well. I’ve also used it in our office and behind our couch. It’s so nice to be able to plug things in without having to move furniture. This is really a neat invention and would suggest it over a power bar.

  10. Jean

    I knew I had to buy one after watching the infomercial. Side socket is so unique and useful that I’m sure anyone can appreciate it. This is probably the best device anyone can use for hooking up electronics in their living room since it keeps all the cables elevated off the ground and you don’t have a power strip taking up space on the floor. It’s affordable and I the design of it is just brilliant. The swivel heads are perfect because in our kitchen we have them facing straight and in our living room they are off to the sides behind the TV stand. It’s very flexible like like that and works just as shown in the Side Socket infomercial.

  11. Toni

    I originally purchased three sets of Side Socket. I used two of them in my office and kitchen and another one I took up to my cottage. I love how durable they are and come with a great customer satisfaction guarantee. It takes up little space and functions much better than a power bar or mutli plug outlet. It’s probably perfect any room and easily turns 2 outlets into 6 and the pivot feature is probably the best part of this invention since I can easily plug things in behind furniture and eliminates the “bulge”. I can’t comment on the surge protection but that’s definitely an added bonus since i’ve fried my tv before because I directly plugged it into an outlet. I’ve since ordered another set since Side Socket has been so convenient.

  12. Tara

    I originally purchased three sets of Side Socket. I used two of them in my office and kitchen and another one I took up to my cottage. I love how durable they are and come with a great customer satisfaction guarantee. It takes up little space and functions much better than a power bar or mutli plug outlet. It’s probably perfect any room and easily turns 2 outlets into 6 and the pivot feature is probably the best part of this invention since I can easily plug things in behind furniture and eliminates the “bulge”. I can’t comment on the surge protection but that’s definitely an added bonus since i’ve fried my tv before because I directly plugged it into an outlet. I’ve since ordered another set since Side Socket has been so convenient.

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