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Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System


The Shark® Sonic Duo™ Cleaning System featured As See on TV is the FIRST EVER dual solution for cleaning both carpets and hard floors with Sonic Trap & Remove™ Technology.

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The Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System is the FIRST EVER dual solution for cleaning both carpets  and hard floors with Sonic Trap & Remove™ Technology

System Includes:

Sonic Duo A Starter Kit

  • Sonic Duo™ Unit for Carpets & Hard Floors
  • 8oz Low Moisture -No Rinse- Carpet Cleaner
  • 16oz Wood & Hard Floor Polish
  • 10oz Activating Pretreater Carpet Stain
    & Odor Remover
  • Reusable Carpet/Rug Cleaning Pad
  • Reusable Carpet Scrub ‘N Stain™ Removal Pad
  • Reusable Hard Floor Polishing Pad
  • 2 Reusable Bottles


TRULY cleaning your carpets and area rugs means not only lifting the visible dirt on the surface, but also cleaning the stuck-on dirt that is down in the fibers. By spraying the Low Moisture -No Rinse- Carpet Cleaner and then activating the solution with the Sonic Duo™ Carpet/Rug Cleaning Pad you remove the surface dirt on your carpet. Then the Sonic Trap and Remove™ Technology penetrates deep into the carpet fibers and attaches to the stuck-on dirt. As the formulation dries, it dehydrates that stuck-on dirt —unlocking it from the fibers so it can easily be vacuumed away later. Now it’s easier than ever to have carpets and area rugs that are CLEANER and more BEAUTIFUL, with less odors all year round.


Shark® Sonic Cleaning Technology scrubs your floors and carpets 1,000 times per minute. The Dual Scrubbing Action combined with the powerful yet gentle Wood & Hard Floor Cleaning Solution removes the stuck-on dirt on your floors. Plus it’s so easy to use thanks to AIRGLIDE MANEUVERABILITY that requires almost zero effort on your part! Now its easier than ever to TRULY clean all your sealed hard floors including hardwood, tile, stone, and vinyl.


The Shark® Sonic Duo™ Cleaning System is a dream on hardwood floors. It glides across hardwood floors effortlessly thanks to its AIRGLIDE MANEUVERABILITY. The Dual Scrubbing Action and specially formulated Wood & Hard Floor Cleaner breaks down even the toughest messes and removes the dirt and stains while still being gentle on your hardwood floors. This non-streak solution will leave your hardwood floors looking and feeling cleaner with no sticky residue left behind. Now it’s easy to clean and protect all of your hardwood floors!

* Offer does not apply outside the contiguous U.S. Orders to be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or to territories outside of the contiguous 48 states or to an international address are subject to a surcharge.
** Assumes user uses solution to clean an average of between 450-500 square feet/week.


1 review for Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System

  1. Leora

    I have gone through MANY floor cleaners in the past five years. If I recall correctly, I’ve had seven different vacuums, three carpet cleaners, a steam mop, a regular Swiffer, an extra-large Swiffer, a regular mop, and a “spray and go” mop. I have a bit of a neurosis about the floors being clean!
    Today, I used the Sonic Duo to clean my kitchen and living room floors (no hardwood floors, it is vinyl and laminate flooring) and I have a small tiled bathroom and tile around the fireplace. It took me about 35 minutes and I don’t have a large area downstairs. I felt that it did do a better job on the hard floors than it did the carpet.
    I Love this product and as I am now aging it is light weight and easy to use and handle.

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