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The new Shark Rocket is the world’s first never lose suction, never lose power, which cleans as well as a full size upright without being the size or weight of one, vacuum cleaning system!

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The new Shark Rocket is the world’s first never lose suction, never lose power, which cleans as well as a full size upright without being the size or weight of one, vacuum cleaning system! The Shark Rocket cleans bare floors and deep cleans even the plushest of carpets to provide the best cleaning available. Advanced electronics and micro transmission technology allow this vacuum to be lightweight yet still clean deep. This machine will definitely change the way you clean your entire house!

The long action wand will allow you to reach high above your head or into those hard to reach narrow spaces while the slim design makes it perfect for cleaning under furniture. You can even use the Shark Rocket in its hand vacuum state to clean stairs! Better yet, its small design makes it easy to store, and will take the place of several machines – perfect for retirement, apartment, or dorm living! There are even built-in storage hooks to mount your Shark Rocket to the wall to make the most out of any closet.

The designers at Shark re-engineered a full size vacuum into this high-performance lightweight vacuum that works just as well as much heavier options. The ergonomic handle with rubberized grip gives you the control you need when cleaning tight corners and in your car. The two speed brush roll has settings for both your carpets and bare floors. It will even work on those expensive area rugs! This machine is like a 2-in-1 with the upright vacuum and the portable, lightweight, carry along.

Simple to work, the dust cup is released from the bottom so your hands never have to get messy! Simply press a button and it’s gone.  The high quality filters can be washed, need minimal maintenance, and never require replacing or fixing. The deep cleaning and simple cleanup capabilities make this a great machine for someone who has small children or who has a pet that sheds all over the house.

For only four easy payments of $44.95, you will get the Shark Rocket as well as some great accessories to maximize your Shark Rocket experience! You will receive the Shark Rocket Ultralight Vacuum, a dusting brush, perfect for those extra dusty areas, a 12” crevice tool, perfect for cleaning cars or between cushions, a wide upholstery tool to clean sofas, chairs, and other furniture, the wall mount for east storage, and a 32” cord so you can clean your entire house! You will also receive the chance to order a specialized package that will give you even more attachments that make cleaning under refrigerators, dusting wood floors, and getting embedded pet hair out of your carpets even easier!

As a bonus gift, you will receive one Dust-Away tool for free! This tool uses a microfiber cloth and the fantastic suction power of the Shark Rocket to gently clean and make your wood floors shine. Act today and you will also receive a 5-year repair or replacement warranty that guaranties the Shark Rocket for five years of successful cleaning and stellar results.


Ultra-lightweight Vacuum with Upright Cleaning Power

  • Shark® Rocket Ultralight Vacuum
  • Dusting Brush
  • 12″ Crevice Tool
  • Wide Upholstery Tool
  • Wall Mount
  • 32′ Cord


Rocket Technology 

Shark® re-engineered the full-size vacuum, focusing on the high-performance essentials and trimming away every unnecessary ounce to give you the ultimate in vacuuming versatility without sacrificing performance.

Cleaning Power Without Compromise!

  • Leaner and lighter
  • Full power
  • Deep cleans carpets and rugs
  • Cleans bare floors
  • Extra long 32′ cord
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Swivel steering
  • No loss of power or suction

Gret for pet owners

The Shark® Rocket vacuum with its exclusive attachments is a serious cleaning tool that can stand up to the heavy use and high frequency of pet-mess clean-ups, plus the wear and tear pet hair puts on a vacuum motor.


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