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Scentos Markers are a new As Seen on TV markers that come in all sorts of crazy shapes that not only allow your children to color their world but also add a scent to it too! If you’re kids love to draw or color then they’ll love using these pens and highlighters that come in different brilliant colors.

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If you’re kids love to draw or color then they’ll love using these pens and highlighters that come in different brilliant colors.

Aside from the vibrant colors, Scentos Markers come in different scents such as the yellow gel pen which smells like luscious pie, the violet pen which smells like gonzo grape, the green marker which smells like sourpuss apple and the pink marker which smells of wacky watermelon. Included with the Scentos Markers are highlighters with chiseled tips and scents such as blueberry and orange.

Scentos Markers are perfect for arts and crafts, drawing or coloring to help your children express their creativity and imagination whether their at home or taking them to school for their art class. These As Seen on TV markers will give your children a new experience of working with beautiful colors while adding a dose of beautiful fragrance to their art.

Now your kids can enjoy an endless way to be creative with Scentos Markers. When you order Scentos Markers your order will include 3 Scentos Markers, 4 Scentos Clickable Pens, BONUS 2 Scentos Glitter Glue Tubes, BONUS Crazy Stationery and BONUS Giant Floor Poster. All Scentos markers, highlighters and pens and vibrant colors and unique mega-juicy scents. You get 75 pieces total which is a great value for the price.

You’ll Get All This:

  • 4 Scentos® Original Markers
  • 4 Scentos® Clickable Pens
  • 4 Scentos® Neon Highlighters
  • BONUS 2 Scentos® Glitter Glue Tubes
  • BONUS Crazy Stationery(4 Notecards, 4 Letter Sheets, 4 Envelopes and 48 Stickers)
  • BONUS Giant Floor Poster

Features & Benefits:

  • Crazy shaped markers, pens and highlighters
  • Unique mega-juicy scents and vibrant colors in each

This offer is covered by our 30- Day Money Back Guarantee less S&H.Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA and TX.


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  1. Jeromina

    I bought the Scentos Markers for my son James. I really liked how they were quite large and had goofy faces on them. You don’t have to worry about losing the caps since you can just attach it to the top of the marker. Each of these as seen on tv markers has a specific scent that is a lot juicier than the scented markers when I was a kid. I like how they’re non-toxic and safe for my son. My son really enjoys using his Scentos Markers and that’s what made these markers worth buying.

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