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Georges “RUSH” St-Pierre is known for his explosive style and elite fitness and conditioning. Eight short weeks of this conditioning program will give you the results you want — FAST. It’s intense, efficient, and effective — regardless of your ability, age or fitness level.

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The George St Pierre RUSHFIT Helps Build Muscle, Cut Weight and Get in Shape!

George St. Pierre (nickname RUSH) has become a reknowned fighter in the UFC with his fitness, conditioning, composure and fighting style. Now he introduces the GSP RUSHFIT Training System which is his own fitness program you can follow in the privacy of your own home called RUSHFIT. GSP brings the MMA training camp popularly seen on TV in an intense and effective eight week program that that focuses on core stability, endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and agility. Once you’ve gone through this workout DVD you’ll be ready for the fight of your life!

What makes the RUSHFIT Training System so effective is that it provides the necessary tools to focus on on high intensity training which lasts for 8 weeks along with information on diet and nutrition to get you that fighters body.

The George St. Pierre Rushfit Training System is beneficial for anyone. It’s 8 week training course which guides you through a beginner level all the way to an advanced fitness workout alongside a nutrition regime that is recommended so you can get optimal results. The RUSHFIT System will focus on fitness from all angles including plyometrics, metabolic conditioning, power lifting, core workouts and proper diet. Your body will experience a workout like it’s never seen through this Fight Conditioning Workout. It is important to learn the form as you go through the various levels of intensity.

Each workout is divided into 5 minute rounds in 5 separate workouts which mimic an actual mixed martial arts fight. Depending on the workout each round lasts approximately 30-60 seconds.

You’ll probably need a large area to perform this workout DVD in comparison to other workout DVD’s since there is a lot of pivoting, ground work and forward lunges and jumps which may have you moving all over the workout area. You can adapt to any workout space as you move through the RUSHFIT Workout.

You’ll need a set of dumbells along with the RUSHFIT System which can range in weight depending on your fitness level. It is recommended that you don’t go too heavy to make sure you’re emphasizing on proper form then the quantity of weight as you want to build more functional muscle and take your body to muscular fatigue.

Georges “RUSH” St-Pierre is known for his explosive style and elite fitness and conditioning. Eight short weeks of this conditioning program will give you the results you want — FAST. It’s intense, efficient, and effective — regardless of your ability, age or fitness level.

Get Ready for the Fight of Your Life!

Georges St-Pierre 8 Week Training Camp has everything you need to take control of your life: 7 high intensity workouts on 6 DVD’s complete with two training guides to help you manage your nutrition and complete the GSP RUSHFIT training system

Everything you need to get in the best shape of your life! The complete 8 week training camp for 3 easy payments of $29.99, a $350 value!

About Erik Owings

Erik Owings has an extensive background in martial arts starting from when he was a child. Has spent time in Brazil and trained with the famous Gracie Camp and achieved a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which was awarded to him by John Danaher and Renzo Gracie. He also has completed training in Muai Thai with the Fairtex Muai Thai training camp to work on his standing fighting skills. He has also fought in the International Fight League and continues to teach at his own gym in NYC called Mushin. He has been sparring and training with George St-Pierre since UFC 58. He and GSP eventually collaborated into created the RUSHFIT program which is an MMA-Style strength and conditioning program.

This MMA Fitness program provides the following focuses:

  • Strength
  • Core Stability
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Agility and Balance
  • Flexibility

The RUSHFIT Program comes with 6 DVD’s that are broken down as follows:

Strength & Endurance Workout – In this DVD George St-Pierre introduces you to this MMA-Style circuit training which provides easy to follow exercises that are highly efficient and powerful. This intense workout is has little rest in between exercises and will help you build better endurance so you can last 5 rounds in the octagon against GSP. You’ll burn calories and stimulate the same intensity that George St-Pierre faces when he’s in a fight. You’ll be on your way to getting your best physique as you gain strength, lean out and build endurance. His conditioning strategy is known to have made him one of the fittest athletes in the world. You’ll have access to GSP’s secrets and in just 45 minutes a day you’ll feel better and look better than ever.

Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning – GSP’s core training method is broken down into 5 intense circuits designed to give your body better balance and total body control. With a stronger core you’ll have better abs and is the key to having better movement. Your explosive power originates from the core and provide you with total core control and better balance whether you’re fighting or just playing with your children. His MMA strength and conditioning strategy has made him amongst the fittest athletes in the worl and you can experience his secrets first hand through the RUSHFIT program.

The Fight Conditioning Workout – In this MMA-Style circuit you’ll work on improving your muscle memory and coordination that will help you resist fatigue. The size of your muscles don’t matter as much as their functionality and how they are used. Learn from GSP and Erik on how to improve your functional strength with real fighting techniques and also get one of the best cardio workouts in your life. Learn take downs, grappling, ground work and defensive techniques from GSP in this DVD and go through a workout that is intense and get you fit for the cage.

Explosive Power Training – One of the aspects that has made GSP such a successful fighter is his explosiveness as explosive muscles are powerful muscles. Based on plyometric exercises that are broken down into 5 high intensity circuits which are carefully designed to increase your strength and endurance. It is these intense bursts which provide maximum power and working your fast twitch muscle fibers. When you snap your body in quick plyometric sequences you’ll get amazing results.

Full Body Strength and Conditioning – This set of 5 high intensity circuits will work to increase your peak performance. Whether you’d like to improve your ground work or standup game this will help you build more stamina and conditioning and workout through fatigue. This advanced circuit is used by top mixed martial arts trainers used to increase strength and endurance and sharpen your ability to focus during physical conditioning and make huge improvements in your overall body strength.

Bonus Workouts – Two Bonus GSP RUSHFIT Workouts – The first workout on this DVD is focused on flexibility and stretching which increases your body’s range of motion which helps to prevent injury and increase your functional strength and accelerate muscle recovery. The second part of this workout focuses on balance and agility in a mixed martial arts way to train and engage your core to control power through balance and coordination. This will increase dexterity and muscle control by correcting imbalances in your body. This final chapter to the 8 week series will help you develop a more powerful, agile, balanced and functional body you’ve ever had.

Experience this intense full-body workout and work towards that lean and ripped body you’ve always wanted. You can own the RUSHFIT Training Program for only 3 easy payments of $29.99. Shipping is FREE within Canada and the US. This program is valued at over $350.


2 reviews for RUSHFIT Workout Program

  1. Jake

    I watched videos of different workout programs and read reviews. I haven’t worked out in over 3 years and I didn’t want to injure myself nor did I want a workout where I became discouraged. I am 50 and the trainers at the gym train you like your 18 years old. This Rushfit Workout Program was the perfect home workout for me. The first day I barely got through the warm up. The next day I got through the warm up and half of the first workout. The third day I started over and made that day Number 1. 60 Days later I lost almost all my gut, lost 10 pounds, look strong, but not like a body builder. I Feel GREAT!! The workouts are tough. I was never able to match the trainers, but even if I did 25 minutes out of 30 minutes that was a major accomplishment.

  2. Charles

    I’ve been using Rushfit for three weeks now and wanted to post an early review on what I thought of it so far. I’ve done p90x in the past which gave me great results and found it pretty intense but was looking to try something new and friend recommended i give Rushfit by george st-pierre a try. So far it’s been very challenging and i’m already in pretty good shape to begin with. Rushfit is a very well thought out program as it focuses on building functional muscle, balance, agility, stretching, nutrition and more. This is a really unique workout dvd because i haven’t seen a fitness dvd revolve around fighting since billy blanks tae bo workout. I find the isolation excercises to be quite challenging but i know that when you find something challenging that’s a sign that you need to work on those targeted muscles. This is really different than most workout dvd’s that tend to have some annoying techno or pump up music in the background. Erik Owing and George do such a great job breaking down how you benefit from the different exercises and which muscles are being targeted. If you’re looking fora challeging workout dvd then based on my short experience so far I can already tell you that it’s worth it and is even fun. I find my entire body is sore after a workout which i consider a good thing and know that i’ve had a very productive workout. If you want to challenge yourself even more then you can always up the weights you’re using. If you’re already taking mma or somebody trying to lose weight or somebody like me who just wants to stay in shape then rushfit is a great workout dvd. In my eyes this is a great investment because it will improve the way you feel and function in your day to day activities. There is a different between looking fit and feeling fit and rushfit is a workout dvd that delivers both. From start to finish I’m really enjoying my workouts to george st-pierre and erik owings.

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