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More than 30 years ago, a survival knife, made an unforgettable appearance in the Rambo movie, First Blood. For the next few years, as similar movies followed, owning a Rambo knife, became the be all and end all of everything.

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 Back to Rambo!

More than 30 years ago, a survival knife, made an unforgettable appearance in the Rambo movie, First Blood. For the next few years, as similar movies followed, owning a Rambo knife, became the be all and end all of everything.

Well outdoor fans the Rambo knife is back, this time in the form of the Rocky Mountain Knife.

 The only tool you will need when out in the wilderness.

For thousands of years, human beings have depended on some sort of cutting tool to survive. At first it was fashioned from stone and much later from iron. These sharpened implements were used for hunting and for weapons.

The Rocky Mountain Knife provides all these qualities, and more.

 Some great features of the Rocky Mountain Survival Knife.

  • A durable, super-sharp blade with a serrated spine and a can opener hook.
  • Contains an emergency kit which is stored in the handle.
  • The emergency preparedness kit consists of fishing tackle, whistle, sharpener and a True Spark flint to easily make a fire.
  • Embedded in the handle of the knife is a removable compass which will help you navigate your way should it become necessary.
  • It useful to cut cord or branches, can be tied to a sick to create a saw or a spear.
  • If you are lucky enough to catch a fish, you can gut it using the serrated edge.
  • A Paracord Survival Bracelet, that unwinds into a strong rope which you can integrate into your survival gear, is included as a bonus with your purchase.

Will this survival knife really be of use to me?

Anyone who is a wilderness or outdoor enthusiast will love owning this knife. Only with the Rocky Mountain Knife are you able to defend yourself in case of attack, catch, clean, build a cooking fire, and use as a utensil to eat what you have, whether out of a can or prepared over a fire.

This knife will have a special appeal to the younger generation who were not even born when the Rambo movies were made. This is the generation who missed out on all the hype and excitement of owning a Rambo knife. However, going out into the woods or the wilderness for adventure experiences, has lost none of its attraction to old or young. You will be able to put this survival knife to good use when out there hiking or exploring.

What is the idea behind the creation of the Rocky Mountain Knife?

This innovative, immensely popular knife was created for everyone who loves spending time in the outdoors. And of course, for those who want to a take an all-in-one survival tool along with them when they go on exploration trips. The more features something has, the more fascinating it becomes for those who just cannot wait to try out the advertised features.

The Rocky Mountain Survival Knife is also in demand as a collector’s item and is perfect for this purpose. Many dedicated collectors have a designated area in their homes where collected items are displayed. The Rocky Mountain Knife can hold up its head with pride in any collector’s display!

Because the so-called Rambo knife was such a popular item during the 80’s, the close recreation of the Rambo knife, in the guise of the Rocky Mountain Knife, has also led to it becoming a somewhat nostalgic piece.

Fathers and grandfathers, with fond memories of the Rambo glory days, have taken to telling stories of bygone times to children and grandchildren, while demonstrating the uses of this modern day item.

This is in spite of the fact that it is more than likely going to cost parents or grandparents some money when imaginations are piqued!

Just a reminder of what is included in the Rocky Mountain Knife purchase.

  • A really sharp knife blade with a serrated edge.
  • A strong nylon sheath.
  • Removable bubble compass.
  • Emergency preparedness kit.
  • Paracord Survival Bracelet.

A great deal!

The Rocky Mountain Knife is a great deal, especially for its use in the field. Remember that if you do not have a Rocky Mountain Knife, it cannot help you in any situation, emergency or not!

Get your very own survival knife if you want to have some fun and adventure out in the wilds.

So make a plan guys, and go for it!

When you order today, we will send send you the Rocky Mountain Knife with the durable nylon sheath today for just $14.99 plus $7.50 processing and handling. Plus, when you order now, we will include our survival bracelet for FREE just pay the separate processing and handling of $7.50.

This offer is covered by our 60 day money back guarantee, less S&H. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA and NJ.


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