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Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra


(9 customer reviews)

When you order today, you will receive 3 Ahh Bras – 1 Black, 1 White and 1 Nude Ahh Bra – for just $59.99 plus $9.99 S&H!

*State tax will be added to orders for: CA and FL. 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (minus S&H).

Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra – The Bra without Wires, Hooks or Adjusting Straps.

The Ahh Bra has been widely featured on infomercials across the United States and Canada. Unlike traditional bras the Ahh Bra is designed without hooks, clasps, adjusting straps or annoying underwires. This bra provides both comfort and support and comes at a very affordable price. It does away with back bulge or bra lines while still looking fashionable.

Ahh Bra Features:

  • Seamless microfiber pullover
  • V neck, wide shoulder straps
  • Soft, full-coverage cups
  • Center ruching for bust shaping
  • Ribbed band for comfort and support
  • 96% nylon, 4% spandex
  • Machine washable, tumble dry
  • Close-fitted: Follows your curves

Discover Comfort, Discover Great Looks.

The Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra is made from enhanced quality material. It’s comprised of 96% premium nylon and 4% spandex. The Ahh Bra is made using quality materials to ensure maximum quality using a special 4-wray fabric instead of wire construction. This bra is machine washable, won’t shrink in the wash and does not require any special wash instructions like most traditional bras.

It’s designed with ultra wide comfort straps to enhance your look without sacrificing comfort. It compliments your curves as it conforms to your body even if you gain or lose weight. You don’t have to worry about lines under your clothing since it smooth look. Now you can do away with bras without digging straps, clasps, hooks, underarm bulges, piling or fading and other flaws typically found in most bras. It is designed with a knit-in center triangle which prevents the infamous “uni-boob”.

In order to select the correct Ahh Bra size you just select the size that corresponds to your shirt size. You’ll be able to finally enjoy ultimate comfort and support thanks to Ahh Bra’s body-form technology. It can be worn as a camisole, wear it as a sports bra, a top and comfortable enough that it can be worn to bed.

The active woman in you can now breathe a sigh of relief with the Ahh Bra by Rhonda Shear. Make no mistake… they are as comfortable as they appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which size should I choose ?

As they say in the Ahh Bra infomercial – “just shop your top!”. This means that you select the size according to your shirt size and not your cup size. However if you’re looking for a more snug fit to provide extra support it is recommended to go 1 size smaller.

Does Ahh Bra really work ?

Women all over the world have found the Ahh Bra to work which is why this As Seen on TV Bra has become so popular selling more 5 million around the world. Enjoy the comfort and breathe a sigh of relief with the Ahh Bra instead of traditional bras that poke, pinch and prod.

Does the Ahh Bra have any special wash instructions ?

No. This bra is machine washable and can even be put in the dryer. It will not bleed, fade or lose its shape after multiple washes.

Who is the Ahh Bra sold to ?

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes have enjoyed this popular As Seen on TV bra. It’s breakthrough design conforms to all shapes and sizes and it offer endless style options.

What makes the Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra so comfortable ?

It’s made of a blend of Spandex and Nylon 4-way stretch material which allows it to breathe, stretch and conform to all shapes. It is made from the finest yarns on a hosiery machine which give it a seamless, tagless design.

Is it difficult to put on ?

The Ahh Bra is as easy to put on and take off as a t-shirt. Since it’s made from a stretchy fabric you don’t have to worry about it losing it’s shape or popping seams since there are none.

How supportive is the Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra ?

The Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra provides women with comfort since it’s the ultimate leisure bra. It provides comfortable support for women of all shapes and sizes. For a little more support without the bulk of a traditional bra you can layer them.

9 reviews for Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra

  1. Stephani

    I’m extremely pleased with this purchase – great fit and very comfortable. I wasn’t sure it would do what the infomercial said but the support is great.

  2. Joanne

    I would recommend this bra, specially for smaller women. It is comfortable and makes me look bigger than I am.

  3. Jenna

    It was hard for me to find a bra that fits me well, and after seeing the Ahh Bra infomercial enough times I absolutely had to try it. I think the Ahh Bra met my expectations as it was comfortable and fit me just right. It’s definitely not to be considered a support bra, but exactly as they mention in the infomercial it’s a COMFORT BRA. I love wearing mine around the house.

  4. Vanessa

    I thought the ahh bra was OK at best. After wearing my ahh bra a few times they were too stretched out. I’m a 36DD. They do offer good back support which is hard to find with other bras i’ve tried in the past. I think they are very soft and trendy but I find my breasts pop out too much so there is no chance of me wearing them like a top or bathing suit. To be honest i’I’ve found that other sports bras I’ve worn to be a lot better than the ahh bra. I think if you’re a woman who isn’t so heavy chested then you’ll probably like the ahh bra but for someone like me who has a big bust the rhonda shear ahh bra probably isn’t for you.

  5. Trinh

    After wearing traditional bras all my life it was a real blessing to wear the ahh bra. As a women with a large bust it was very difficult for me to find any bra that fit me well. The ahh bra for me worked exactly as advertised. I should have been one of the women in the infomercial as i’ve had to deal with all the issues described from using common bras including the digging wires, the buldge, back fat and the developing dents in my shoulders from years of pressure from digging bra straps. I love the ahh bra because i’m able to breathe in it while it offers me enough support and comfort that it feels like i’m not even wearing a bra. I can wear it with almost any top and it even works as a shirt or camisole. You can easily put it on and take it off and i’ve already collected every bra color that is available so I can mix and match it with whatever i’m wearing. If you’re a women who’s looking for a bra that will give you comfort and support all day long then you’ll want to pick up a set of ahh bras.

  6. Rita

    I loved all the available colors of the ahh bra. I bought a medium so that it fit snug and gave me extra support and it was still comfortable. I purchased another set for my mother and she preferred having her sized a little larger. When I first got them I didn’t think i was going to love them as much as I do when I first got them but unlike any other bra that I own I can wear these all day without any discomfort. It’s all about choosing the right size and you’ll really enjoy these bras. I didn’t think i would ever wear a bra that advertised as an as seen on TV bra but it was definitely a good choice. The delivery was fast after ordering online. The ahh bra is the bra that gives me both support and comfort I always hoped to find in a bra.

  7. Sandy

    After watching the infomercials for the Ahh Bra i finally decided to purchase it. As a woman with a large bust I can honestly say that this bra offered no support whatsoever for me. I was skeptical about buying the ahh bra since I normally wouldn’t buy clothing off of an infomercial. I found the straps didn’t lay flat as it claimed but instead they curled up. Although the delivery the product was very quick I sent them right back. I would not recommend buying the ahh bra at all.

  8. Clara

    I’ve been looking for a comfortable bra myself for a long time. Most of the ahh bra review’s I’ve read that were negative weren’t towards the bra itself but women buying the wrong size so I’d recommend making sure you’re ordering the right size before you buy it. If you’re a C-cup or small then you’ll find them very supportive but if you have a larger bra size you might not find them to offer the best support. I like how the straps on the ahh bra don’t fall off and don’t dig into my shoulders. The overall design is great and it does offer the comfort that’s shown in the commercial and you can even sleep in them. I really love my ahh bra.

  9. Crista

    After seeing the infomercial a thousand times I decided to read the ahh bra reviews that were online and found that for the most part people were happy with this comfort bra. I went to check out the As Seen on TV store but they didn’t have as good a deal at As Seen on TV Canada had which is why I purchased off this site. I have a 38C and I love how comfortable and supportive the Ahh Bra is. I found that it works great as a leisure bra and not so much as a sports bra. I do plan on ordering more of them. If you’re looking for a bra that provides overall comfort and support then you really can’t go wrong with this bra especially considering the price.

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