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Pet Rider Pet Seat Cover


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Pet Rider is the revolutionary pet seat cover made of a hair and stain resistant material that’s easy to clean. It installs in seconds in any car or truck or van. It works on bench seats, bucket seats and even fits perfectly in the back of large SUVs.

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Pet Rider – Waterproof Seat Cover Protects Car Seats

PetRider will protect your vehicles interior from mud, fur, claws & Odors. All Pet owners know how their dogs love a good car ride. Most dogs love to stick their head otu the window and enjoy the cool breeze, however you probably know about the mess that usually comes with the car ride. Pets will usually leave behind fur, stains and may also leave scratches and damage the upholstery in your vehicle.

PetRider Features:

  • Waterproof – In case your pet has an accident
  • Customizes to the shape of your backseat
  • Even use it to keep your pet in the backseat
  • Installs easily with adjustable straps and locks securely in place
  • Wipes clean in seconds!

PetRider Seat Cover is great for:

  • Your Car
  • Your Boat
  • Your Living Room Couch
  • Caravan
  • The Beach
  • Upholstery
  • Carpets
  • Floor Tiles
  • Hardwood Floors

Pet Rider is very easy to install since it is made from hair and stain resistant material. You simply have to lay it across your back seat, fasten it in place and your pet will can have a fun car ride without any mess. Since Pet Rider is super durable and very easy to clean you won’t have to think twice before taking your pet for a ride. Pet Rider features cinching belts that adjust easily that can adjust to fit bucket seats or bench seats. You can also fit the PetRider to fit into cargo spaces of large SUV’s if you prefer to have them ride in the back. It does not hold in any odors, so nobody will have to know what your dogs have been up to. Not only can PetRider be used in vehicles but it can also be use for couches and beds to protect your furniture and comforters from collecing any dirt, hair or daner. When you want to clean your PetRider just spray it down and its ready to be used again.

The Pet Rider is the perfect solution that can have your pet enjoy the car ride without having to do any cleanup afterwards. This revolutionary pet product will accommodate any size car seat whether as large as n SUV or a small economy car. PetRider is stain and fur/ hair resistant and made from material that is super easy to clean. Currently Pet Rider is not available in stores so you’ll want to take advantage of this special internet offer Today!

1 review for Pet Rider Pet Seat Cover

  1. Rahna

    I just put the Pet Rider in my Trail Blazer. Our Golden Retriever Marley always sheds in our SUV when we take him out for car rides and he leaves hair everywhere he goes. This has been such an annoyance for me as I feel like I’m always cleaning up after him. I was given a Pet Rider as a gift from a friend at work who had used the Pet Rider herself and found it to be the perfect solution to keeping your vehicle clean from scratches and pet fur. I was so happy with this pet product I had to write my own Pet Rider review. I no longer have to vacuum our vehicles after taking Marley out for car rides, I don’t have to worry about having to brush him beforehand to minimize the shedding I would have otherwise gotten before I had the Pet Rider seat cover. The pet rider seat cover is currently available at walgreens, walmart, CVS and other retailers. I purchased my Pet Rider at the Official pet rider website. The Pet Rider was also very easy to install.

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