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Perricone Cold Plasma Sub-D

Cold Plasma Sub-D is a scientifically formulated treatment to rejuvenate the neck area, tighten up a sagging chin and jaw line, and restore facial harmony.

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What is Cold Plasma Sub-D?

Cold Plasma Sub-D is a scientifically formulated treatment to rejuvenate the neck area, tighten up a sagging chin and jaw line, and restore facial harmony.

The first of its kind, designed by world-renowned US dermatologist, Dr Nicholas Perricone, this product visibly reduces the appearance of a double chin and drooping jaw line. Wrinkles in the neck and upper chest line, are also simultaneously tightened, giving noticeable, refreshing results to an area which is often cosmetically neglected.

Cold Plasma Sub-D, an anti-aging, topical skincare product advertised on national TV and promoted by Dr Perricone himself, has received many favourable reviews from satisfied clients.

 How Sub-D is formulated.

A host of natural ingredients are used in the preparation of this innovative formula, which work in tandem with each other to create Cold Plasma Sub-D.

Natural compounds such as DMAE, which helps prevent and correct loss of skin elasticity, alpha lipoic acid which brightens and nourishes the skin, and caffeine which reduces redness and puffiness, are all part and parcel of the amazing formula.

Other natural ingredients include extracts of rosehip seed oil, cranberry seed oil, palm oil and zinc gluconate, to name but a few. All of these ingredients enhance and improve skin health.

  Ingredients which are NOT included in the Sub-D formula.

  •  Parabens.  A chemical compound of hydroxybenzoic acid widely used by cosmetic manufacturers as a preservative.
  • Sulfates.  A chemical foaming compound which is known to strip the skin of moisture.
  • Phthalates.  A chemical agent used to add colour to cosmetics, lotions and hair care products.

None of the above products are used in the compilation of the all-natural Cold Plasma Sub-D formula, because of the possible harmful side effects they may have on sensitive skin.

How to use Sub-D.

It is recommended that Sub-D be applied twice daily, morning and evening for best results. Apply along the contours of the jaw line, chin, behind the ears, the neck and the upper chest line. Regular, consistent use should present visible improvement within 14 to 16 days.

Results you can expect to see.

These results are based on user reports and perception studies after 45 days of application.

  • 82% felt that the appearance of their chin and jaw line was more tight, well-toned and firmer.
  • 82% noticed a decrease in the appearance of a double chin or sagging under the jaw line.
  • 85% saw a reduction in the appearance of fat under the skin.
  • 79% noticed that their chin and jaw line seemed more refined.

These clinical, researched results bode well for the future of Cold Plasma Sub-D, the revolutionary treatment formulated to improve the signs of an aging chin, neck and jaw line.

Side effects.

There are no actual documented side effects or contra-indications resulting from the use of Sub-D. However, some clients have directly reported some minor negative reactions, which cleared up immediately after they stopped using the product.

  • Because Sub-D penetrates the intra-cellular structure, one client reported irritation of the throat and nasal passages. This allergic-type reaction disappeared about 2 days after she ceased using the Sub-D.
  • There have also been reports of a mild rash on the neck.
  • Another client reported that her skin had been unduly dried out.

These minimal, so-called side effects are very isolated, and have absolutely not impacted on the safety and effectiveness of Cold plasma Sub-D usage. If the instructions that come with the package are followed, the product delivers all it is purported to!

The smell issue.

There have been many comments about the peculiar smell emanating from the Sub-D cream. These comments have ranged from awful to not so bad, fishy to pungent, to sort of lemon-like.

However, it has been noted that the smell does actually dissipate quite rapidly, and most clients grow accustomed to it. Those who cannot tolerate the smell, might very well consider asking for a refund.


Sub-D presents an effective non-invasive treatment, with very few side effects, specially developed to help support and improve the loss of elasticity, as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin in the neck and jaw line area.

Proven results have shown tighter, fresher looking skin around the chin and neck, as well as a significantly more defined appearance of the jaw line.

Cold Plasma Sub-D can certainly help you turn back the clock without the need for a surgical facelift!



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