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Perfect Polly Parakeet


Today only, you get Perfect Polly Pet for $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. Additionally, we’d like to offer you a special offer second Perfect Polly Pet for a separate fee of $6.99.

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Perfect Polly is Amazingly Lifelike Parakeet Moves & Sings

Polly Pet is the charming new motion-activated parakeet that comes to life whenever you walk in the room! His head and tail feathers move from side to side as he sings. This life-sized Polly Pet features details so realistic, only you will know it’s not real! Use with the included perch or let him perch right on your finger! Batteries included.

Features & Benefits:

  • Motion activated
  • Charming parakeet sounds
  • Head & tail feathers move realistically
  • Life-sized and very realistic
  • Never needs feeding
  • Perches like a real bird
  • No more messy bird cage


1 review for Perfect Polly Parakeet

  1. Sarah

    I bought the perfect polly gift for my mother as part of her birthday gift and she honestly loves it. I can’t see how anyone would consider this as an alternative to a real parakeet but I thought it was cute. It’s pretty much on the same level as the old Travis the singing trout I bought my dad a long time ago although it’s not creepy and tacky. It drives her cat crazy as if it’s a real bird which is pretty funny to watch as the cat just eyes it hoping to get at it like Sylvester on Tweety. I wouldn’t suggest parents buy it as an alternative to buying your kid a parakeet or a real pet because i’m pretty sure they’ll figure out it’s fake. But for the price it’s a nice gift to give someone.

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