Welcome to the magical world of Pawggles, cute cuddly friends with a secret surprise. They pop open and flip into slippers! Pawggles are adorable, fun, furry friends that like magic, can fit on your feet! From cute little kitty, to adorable slipper. From lucky little unicorn, to magical slipper. A funny furry dinosaur that fits on your feet. They’re Pawggles… Paws & Giggles, Giggles & Paws…that’s Pawggles!

There’s kitties, puppies, unicorns, teddy bears, and dinosaurs. Pick your favorite or collect them all!

Pawggles is a new As Seen on TV plush toy for kids that are the fun, furry pet for kids that fit on your feet! It’s a stuffed pet and slippers all in one!Your kids will jump right into the magical world of Pawggles, they will love their cute cuddly new friends, especially their secret surprise. That’s right, every Pawggle pops open and flips into slippers! These adorable, furry friends transform to fit on your feet, like magic. Choose your favorite from cute little kitties, puppies, teddy bears, dinosaurs, even unicorns. Collect them all.

Pawggles Features & Benefits:

  • Soft & Comfy
  • Double Stitched
  • Machine Washable
  • Non-Slip Soles
  • Available in childrens sizes

There’s currently 6 different Pawggles you can choose from:

  • Fun Furry Dinosaurs
  • Lucky Puppies
  • Cute Little Pink Kitties
  • Cute Little Orange Kitties
  • Magical Unicorns
  • Adorable Bears

Like Pillow Pets, Pawggles appeal to kids because they are cute, cuddly and collectable. There are 6 different Pawggles to choose from and there is something every child will like, and parents will love the safety of the non-slip soles. Most fuzzy slippers are flimsy and don’t work well on tile or wood floors. Not Pawggles!