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(15 customer reviews)


  • New and improved model
  • One-touch operation cuts your paint time in half
  • Advanced spray technology delivers one-coat coverage
  • Just point, spray, and paint
  • Ultra light and portable
  • Industrial-strength, commercial motor
  • Reach tight corners and angles with 3-way direct-dial sprayhead
  • No-drip application for easy cleanup


Get your Paint Zoom™ today for only 3 easy payments of $33.33 plus $19.95 S&P. You will be billled 2 monthly installments of just $33.33 each OR you may make just 1 easy payment of $99.99 + $19.95 S&P.

paint zoom paint sprayerPaint Zoom Paint Sprayer is the Ultimate Professional Painting Machine

The Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer is an As Seen on TV Canada product that has been widely featured across the United States and Canada and has become a popular since it’s so easy to use, powerful and works quickly in getting your painting jobs done. Forget painting using traditional methods such as paint rollers, brushes and paint-trays and use the Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer to do all the hard work for you as you just have to pull the trigger and get the job done like a professional with no drips and no errors. It works perfect for paint, stain and varnish whether you’re working inside or outside.

  • New and improved model
  • One-touch operation cuts your paint time in half
  • Advanced spray technology delivers one-coat coverage
  • Eliminates the need for rollers, brushes and paint trays
  • Ultra light and portable
  • Industrial-strength, commercial motor
  • Reach tight corners and angles with 3-way direct-dial sprayhead
  • No-drip application for easy cleanup
  • We pay the last payment for you — (3 instead of 4 payments of $33), Plus you’ll get over $25 in bonuses!

With Paint Zoom you can paint different surfaces such as stucco, concrete, ceilings, paneling, brick, wood and so much more. This paint sprayer works efficiently using half the amount of paint to get the job done while saving you money.

Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer is  made from ultra-durable and super-light material that will last you for years. It is powered by a 650-watt industrial strength motor inside the portable pack that delivers the power you need to get the job done. Using Paint Zoom is as easy as just pulling the trigger and the Paint Zoom delivers the right amount of paint to the desired surface.

Easy to use: Just fill the container with paint, turn on Paint Zoom® and press the trigger to apply an even coat of paint. It’s that simple. Paint Zoom® is also easy to clean. Just rinse the container with water after use.

Paint Zoom includes: 1 plastic hose, 1 plastic nozzle, 1 plastic paint container, 650 watts, 1 nylon strap, instructions for Paint Zoom Download the manual

The Paint Zoom™ Difference!

With your Paint Zoom™ power sprayer – all you do is just pull the trigger and paint. Now you can paint, stain, or varnish just like a pro. The Paint Zoom™ power sprayer does the hard work for you – painting in just minutes instead of the hours it takes with a brush and roller. Imagine no drips or errors!

Paint on any surface you want, both Indoors and Outdoors!

With the Paint Zoom™ power sprayer, you can paint flat walls, stucco, brick, paneling, ceilings, concrete, wood, and so much more. And always get the professional finish you want and use 50% less paint, saving you valuable time AND money.

Transform any room into a magnificent space.

Get Professional Results in Just Minutes!

The Paint Zoom™ power sprayer is made of ultra-light, ultra-durable material that lasts for years. Inside the portable power pack is an industrial-strength 650 watt motor that delivers the power you need, when you need it. Simply pull the trigger and the Paint Zoom™ power sprayer delivers a perfect amount of paint to any surface.

You can use a variety of different paints and stains with Paint Zoom which include:

  • Fence and Deck Stains
  • Sealers
  • Latex
  • Wood Preservatives
  • Water-Based Paints
  • Automotive paints

DO NOT use textured paints with Paint Zoom as this will void the warranty because it will cause premature wear. If the paint is recommended to be used by Paint Brush only then it should not be sprayed through the Paint Zoom.

Benefits of the Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer:

Simple one-touch operation cuts your time and paint cost in half

Advanced spray technology delivers superior, one-coat coverage

Eliminates the need for rollers, brushes and paint trays

Ultra light and portable

Industrial strength, commercial grade motor

Reach tight corners and angles with 3-way direct dial sprayhead

No Drip application for easy cleanup

We pay the last payment for you (3 payments instead of 4 payments of $33), plus you’ll get over $25 in bonuses

Covered by a full 30-day money back guarantee (less S&P)

I found setting up Paint Zoom to be very easy. I just followed the directions that came with Paint Zoom.

After opening the Paint Zoom package, uncoil the air hose that come in the Paint Zoom kit and attach one end of the Paint Zoom air hose to the back of the spray gun and hook the other end up to the Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer and give it a good twist to make sure it’s securely fastened. Be sure that it is tightened properly because you don’t want any air loss making sure the Paint Zoom motor is giving it’s best to spray paint evenly. Feel free to position the host in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

Make sure the paint you are using with your paint zoom is the right viscosity level. Viscosity is a technical term used to indicate if a liquid is thin or thick. Having the correct viscosity of paint is important to ensure the paint atomizes correctly and sprays well giving you a good quality finish. If your material is thin like water then the viscosity is said to be low, while if thick like latex interior paint, then viscosity is said to be high.

• You should always test the viscosity (or thickness) of paint before spraying to see if thinning is
required. The correct viscosity is not too high or not too low and it is important to ensure the paint
atomizes correctly and sprays evenly.

Before spraying, the material being used may need to be thinned with the proper solvent as
specified by the material manufacturer. Follow the instructions below.

1. Stir the paint or other spraying material thoroughly before measuring the viscosity.
2. Dip the viscosity cup completely into the spraying material.
3. Hold the cup up and measure (in seconds) the time it takes to empty the liquid out of the cup. This
time is referred to below as RUN OUT TIME.

Make sure that you stir the paint thouroughly and properly before testing the viscosity level.

15 reviews for Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

  1. Sarah

    Now that we finally got great weather, my husband and I started with work projects. Our latest project was to re-paint our home. We finished our living room which seem to take a lot of energy and time until our neighbor suggested using the Paint Zoom paint sprayer since it would easily save us time and effort and actually makes painting fun. Since using it to paint our home we found that this paint sprayer was an absolute pleasure to use. If you’re using it properly then there is no reason not to love the Paint Zoom. I you’re looking to do large painting jobs then this is the tool for the job. Be sure to test out the viscosity or you’ll have the problem I had which was shooting thicker paint at the wall. If you’ve tested it out then it works like a charm. My husband and I were able to paint the interior of our house in a fraction of the time in comparison to if we used just paint rollers and brushes to do the job.

  2. Glenn B.

    I’ve used other paint sprayers in the past and none work as well as the Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer. I’m glad I still ordered it despite some negative comments I’ve read on the internet. I’ve used it to paint our cottage and some furniture and it worked perfectly for both jobs. Forget hiring a professional and get yourself a paint zoom since not only does it get the job done quickly but I also found it fun and easy to use. From using the paint zoom paint sprayer we’ve found it can handle any job, corner or crevice and best of all it saved us money.

  3. Mark

    I wanted to buy the Paint Zoom but had a bad experience in the past purchasing from toll free numbers. I couldn’t find Paint Zoom in any stores but was glad to find it here. So if you’r Canadian and want to buy Paint Zoom in Canada then I highly suggest As Seen on TV Canada since I was able to get the same offer advertised in the commercial and also get it delivered within a week. I’ve tried other paint sprayers in the past like the wagner paint sprayer and black and decker which i’ve borrowed from friends. The Paint Zoom was only a fraction of the price and an infomercial product which made me question it’s quality but after ordering it I can stand behind it and say that it works amazing! Whether You live in the US or Canada I would suggest buy it either from As Seen on TV Canada or the official website. I had friends who tried ordering it from Amazon and found the delivery to take a long time. We used it to paint our 2 bedroom cottage. Using this as seen on tv paint sprayer we were able to get the job done in a fraction of the time with less mess and strain. You do need to thin the pain yourself which isn’t a big deal if you’re using a latex water based paint but you might have to play around with the viscosity but there is a tester that’s included when you order it. Whether you’re looking into small or big jobs this is the tool you’ll want to use and makes painting a breeze. I love my paint zoom!

  4. Marshall

    Me and my husband had to paint quite a few rooms in our home and when we came across the Paint Zoom we thought we’d give it a try. Ordering from As Seen on TV Canada was easy and delivery time was very fast. We both became fans of this paint sprayer after painting one room. It literally helped us get what was going to be a big task in just a fraction of the time and done very professionally. You do have to test the viscosity so the paint is not too thick. You have to thin out the pain which is the only drawback because you have to apply a few coats. I suggest properly taping before you start your painting but this is advice regardless of what you’re using to pain. Using Paint Zoom makes painting a lot cleaner since you don’t have to deal with paint brushes, roller or paint trays. If you’re someone facing a big paint job then Paint Zoom is the perfect tool for painting.

  5. Anthony

    The paint zoom according to the infomercial is the newest paint spray machine which makes it so easy for anyone to do a professional job in painting their walls. I used to use paint rollers and found that i would drip paint all over the place and have to constantly bend down each time to soak my paint roller with more paint. Using paint zoom you’ll use a lot less paint as well as the paint zoom power sprayer is more efficient when used for painting. This is truely a genius invention. I was so happy with the Paint Zoom Sprayer that I had to write my own Paint Zoom Review. This product is the latest spray machine to paint your walls easily. I’ve read plenty paint zoom reviews and found that generally most people were happy with their paint zoom across the board, hence all the positive paint zoom reviews.

  6. Derek

    Paint Zoom has been advertised a lot in Canada, so If you’re looking for Paint Zoom in Canada then I suggest going to and purchase it there like I did. I ordered the Paint Zoom myself and found this paint sprayer to work quite effectively. I saw the infomercial while I was at my cottage in northern Canada and since we were thinking about painting our house I decided to order the Paint Zoom. Since I like to do things myself as I’m a hands on type of person I decided to paint the inside of my home myself instead of hiring a professional painter. I have an older home in hamilton, ontario, canada and it badly needed to be painted. I own a few homes across canada yet the one that I reside in regularly is the one in Hamilton, Canada as it’s an older victorian style home. Anyways, I was really impressed with the motor in the paint zoom as it sprays very evenly. I found that by using the paint zoom it worked much better than the usual way of painting with paint brushes and paint rollers as it required less effort, cut painting time in half and did an overall better job. If you’re on the market for the Paint Zoom in Canada I suggest you get one of these amazing paint sprayers. If you’re wondering “where can I get a paint zoom in canada” then you can just visit As Seen on TV Canada to order your paint zoom in Canada. I did a lot of research before buying my paint zoom and read quite a bit of paint zoom reviews prior to buying my paint zoom and found that most of the paint zoom reviews were quite positive.

  7. Irfan

    The only thing I can say I didn’t like about this product is, that the paint must be thinned to use, it does work, came with all that was advertised, no real complaint here. I am a professional faux finisher. I paint a lot of furniture and cabinets usually by hand because I hate getting out my big sprayer that you have to prime and a pain to clean. Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer has saved me so many hours. I tested the sprayer with the way I would normally thin latex paint and in this case I was using a leading primer and paint. It worked perfect. Sprayed a smooth finish and didn’t drip.

  8. Tom

    Paint Zoom is a must buy for people planning on remodeling your home. If your worried about getting paint on your floor or about your budget then Paint Zoom is the perfect solution. Paint zoom is so easy to use that it allows pretty much anyone to be able to paint their homes. I saw the Paint Zoom infomercial multiple times and finally decided i was going to give it a try for my new project of painting our living room. After reading plenty of paint zoom reviews aside from researching the paint zoom paint sprayer itself to see if it was credible i found that it was tested in laboratories and a completely proven and effective product to accomplishing all painting jobs. The way you use paint zoom is you just fill the container with paint and hit the button to start painting. Very simple, very easy to use.

  9. Lawrence

    I’ve had a lot of friends asking me about my experience with the paint zoom and I thought i’d share my own personal experience with the paint zoom to the world as well so I decided to write a review online. If you’re looking for the paint zoom in canada you can definately find it at As Seen on TV Canada. This product is the #1 selling electric paint sprayer and after using it I can see why that is. I scoured the net to find the best deal on the paint zoom paint sprayer in canada and this website seemed to be one of the few that offered the same deal that I saw on television. It gets kind of tricky for Canadian customers when trying to order the paint zoom in canada so be sure to select the link that you want to order in canada when ordering from the official paint zoom website. Ordering it was really easy and it was delivered to my door step in two short weeks. I found this paint sprayer very easy to use and made painting the interior of my house a lot less stressful and fun. I recently purchased a used home in Toronto, Canada and painting the interior was one of the first projects my husband and I decided to tackle since the walls were a horrid color. I’ve had a bad experience with a paint sprayer i purchased at canadian tire a long time ago but the paint zoom worked a million times better since it was so accurate, light and easy to use. I’m now looking forward to painting the fence that was just put up around my house. If you’re looking to buy a paint sprayer in canada you’ll want to buy the paint zoom because it’s truely a superior product and very durable. If you’re not happy with the paint zoom paint sprayer there is a money back guarantee which made me fell comfortable buying it in the first place.

  10. Fred

    I find painting to be one of the most taxing chores however at the same time can be one of the most exciting activities as the results can always be a positive change to your home as the colors of paint bring life to your rooms. I’m a newbie to home reno and i decided to take on painting my new home since i didn’t really have the budget to hire professional p-ainters. I came across the paint zoom online which was a paint sprayer that would make painting your walls, doors, furniture, cupboards etc with ease. I have also seen the paint zoom paint sprayer infomercial on television and eventually decided to purchase it. Paint Zoom does take away being at the mercy of using paint brushes and paint rollers and makes painting a less messy procedure. You can attain professional
    q-uality painting with the paint zoom and not have to worry about dripping paint all over the place. Paint Zoom is also very easy to use as you just fill the container with your desired color and spray. You can render a quality and professional paint job without having to hire professional p-ainters. I give Paint Zoom 5 stars all the way.

  11. Will

    You’re probably debating why buy the Paint Zoom, and as a satisfied customer i’ll give you my reasons. If spray painting is easy, picking the best paint sprayer isn’t! When you start researching paint sprayers, you will find they range in price from really cheap sprays guns (around $40) to extremely pricey machines (up to $800 and more). Unless you are a mechanic or an engineer, you well might find yourself confused by all the different jargon used when describing spray painters: LVLP, HVLP, airless, twin stroke piston pump, gravity feed, and quadroflow, just to get started. If you are like us, you are probably thinking, “I don’t want to get a degree in rocket science, I just want some help painting!” and that is one reason I like Paint Zoom. It was designed for consumers, not for building contractors. There is an excellent video on the website that shows you exactly how to use it step-by-step. The user manual is clear, concise, and in easy to understand, non-technical English. Paint Zoom is great for walls, but where it really shines is painting the hard stuff. Some things that come to mind include louvered doors, crown molding, cement block basement walls, stucco, lattice, fences, railings, and furniture. Anything with an irregular surface is something spray painters were designed to do better than brush or roller. Most users find they use approximately 50% less paint than they do using brushes and rollers. This is a fact that most amateur painters don’t know. Obviously, this can add up to big savings. Paint Zoom is very lightweight and has a shoulder strap for easy portability and usability. There are no long, heavy hoses to drag around. Unlike some consumer paint sprayers, Paint Zoom seems to be built for the long haul. It has an industrial strength 650 watt motor. This translates to just under 1 horsepower. To buy a paint sprayer with a motor this powerful, you should expect to pay in the range of $350. When I order the paint zoom paint sprayer it included the sprayer unit, carrying strap, instruction manual, and all the accessories you need to use and clean your unit. You also receive a “Perfect Painting Kit” – two drop cloths and painter’s tape – free.

  12. Rick

    I bought the Paint Zoom paint sprayer a month ago and i have to say i was impressed by how fast the shipping took and assembling the paint zoom was super easy. I especially liked the way the paint zoom handles painting crack-s and corners but for painting ceilings i have to be honest you’re better off using a paint roller. Paint Zoom does come with a comprehensive -manual which I recommend you follow which also contains safety information. When I ordered my paint zoom it came with the spray gun, paint container, hose, motor base and viscosity cup. It’s so easy to assemble you’ll be able to use it in no time. Paint Zoom does slash the amount of time it would normally take you to do a paint job. I don’t normally buy as seen on tv products however after seeing the paint zoom
    infomercial and reading all the paint zoom reviews i decided to give it a go since i had some painting projects that needed to be done around my house and my wife was getting on my case to finish them.

  13. Steven

    I decided to write my own official paint zoom review as i do a lot of painting and was intrigued when i came across the paint zoom infomercial and saw all the buzz from other paint zoom reviews i had to see if the paint zoom really worked. Normally my crew usually work in commercial buildings and offices. I’ve been in business for about 10 years and have always relied on standard painting equipment like paint buckets, rollers, and paint brushes and we found that this was not only tiring but also consumed more paint and was messy. We finally decided to get the paint zoom paint sprayer and wanted to see it’s effectiveness and if it proved to work as it claimed in the paint zoom infomercial then we were going to invest money on getting more for our paint crew. Unlike other paint guns we’ve tried the paint zoom was very compact, easy to use and didn’t have to rely on plugging into to an outlet like other paint sprayers on the market. My employees loved the paint zoom when i brought it to work one day to try out and loved how it evenly sprayed the walls and wasn’t too heavy. The results came out great in the office we painted that day and that’s when i decided i was going to invest in getting paint zooms for all my employees. We’re able to finish paint jobs a lot quickly and my employees are a lot happier. I highly recommend using the paint zoom as it works very well.

  14. Elisa

    Before we decided to put our house up for sale we decided to fix it up and one of the biggest things needed was a new paint job since our home was over 20 years old. My husband and I didn’t want to spend countless hours painting the rooms and wanted the job done as quickly as possible so we decided to buy the as seen on tv paint sprayer called the paint zoom. I read some of the paint zoom reviews online and some of the people weren’t too fond of it while others thought it was a lifesaver. Needless to say we bought it anyways and if it wasn’t going to work as expected it was going straight back for a refund. The paint zoom paint sprayer definitely saved us a lot of time and energy than if we were to do the rooms using roller and brush. Paint Zoom will make your life easier just try it and see for yourself.

  15. Marc

    Paint Zoom does all the work for you as all you really have to do is merely press the trigger and the paint zoom will spray paint on your walls giving color to your walls or furniture effectively. Paint Zoom is definitely a ground breaking technology in my opinion as it basically allows you to bid farewell to spills and messes and those archaic ways of painting using brushes and paint rollers and having to keep buying new supplies for painting – more paint brushes, more paint trays, more paint rollers etc. Take the stress out of painting and go get yourself a paint zoom like i did. It really is an effective way to get great results from painting your home. With Paint Zoom you can stain, varnish or paint using this new paint spraying device, not to mention paint zoom gives you quality and precision.

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