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Order today and you’ll receive the Owl Alert™ for just $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling! And as our way of saying thanks you can DOUBLE THE OFFER and get a second Owl Alert™ & Pocket Hose® Bullet™ for just a separate fee of $19.99 for the 25 ft hose, $27.99 for the 50 ft hose, and $35.99 for the 75 foot hose. Best of all, you’ll pay NO additional S&H!

An additional $10 shipping surcharge is added for items sent outside of the Contiguous United States
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*Hose style may vary based on availability.

owl alert

As Seen On TV Owl Alert – The All-Natural Way To Keep Pests Away!

Owl Alert is the fantastic way to target unwanted creatures today! Owl Alert has a realistic design that mimics the look of a real owl. This device works with sight, sound and light. With its ultrasonic blast and motion sensor red glowing eyes, Owl Alert guards the whole yard! No more pesticides or complicated traps. Owl Alert is the perfect way to watch over any backyard all year round!

Features & Benefits:

  • Realistic Design Mimics The Look Of A Real Owl
  • Uses Sight, Sound, & Light To Target Animals
  • Motion Sensor Activates Glowing Eyes & Ultrasonic Sound
  • 40-Foot Range & 120° Coverage
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Emits powerful sound waves that target racoons, deer, rabbits & more but can’t be heard by the human ear!
  • Motion activated and menacing red glowing eyes target nocturnal creatures!
  • 40 foot range and wide 120° vision effectively watches over flowers, gardens, trash cans & more!
  • Made to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather through every season, year after year!

It works with sight, sound and light to zero in on nuisance critters the modern, pesticide-free way! The realistic design mimics the look of a real owl plus it also incorporates an ultrasonic blast that affects critters at the speed of sound! You won’t hear a thing but the ultrasonic sound waves are unpleasant to racoons, deer, rabbits, squirrels and even stray pets. It also features menacing red glowing eyes to target pests after dark! Even at night, the motion activated glowing eyes stand guard — flashing brightly to disturb nocturnal creatures!

Once animals get within range, the motion sensor activates, during both the daytime and the night, triggering the ultrasonic sounds and bright glowing eyes designed for maximum effect! No more smelly and messy pesticides or poisons. No more complicated traps. The sturdy, all-weather construction of the Owl Alert™ is built to last. It’s the perfect way to watch over any backyard all year round!


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