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OrGreenic is the new discovery for cooking that’s a must have for your kitchen. It’s super non-stick surface is a patented natural ceramic material that requires little or no oil, butter or grease to cook your food perfectly.


orgreenic-kitchenware-panGo GREEN with Orgreenic Ceramic Cookware!

OrGreenic is the new discovery for cooking that’s a must have for your kitchen. It’s super non-stick surface is a patented natural ceramic material that requires little or no oil, butter or grease to cook your food perfectly. The non-stick surface you’re probably using now may be banned in the future because it can emit a toxic gas if left on high heat. So you may be cooking on a chemical surface that can produce toxic gases that are very dangerous to your health. It gets worse; that old non-stick cooking surface will probably chip, flake and wear off into your food as you’re cooking. Then when you eat that food, you ingest those toxins! The new OrGreenic natural ceramic cooking surface doesn’t chip, or flake, making it a safe and a preferable way to a healthy cooking lifestyle. We’re sure you’re going to love Orgreenic high quality cookware, constructed using quality components such as the stay cool handles on all our pots and pans. You can even take this cookware from the stove to the oven without a worry. To show our confidence in OrGreenic, we’ll honor your purchase with a lifetime guarantee. Don’t miss this introductory offer because with all new customer orders, we’re including a versatile food chopper and our OrGreenic Recipe Guide filled with dozens of fast and easy healthy cooking dishes.

As you saw on TV, Orgreenic Kitchenware lets you cook healthy food safely and quickly! Because of its super hard, durable all natural ceramic coating, Orgreenic Kitchenware sears in the juices and flavor of your food without releasing toxic gases. And, you don’t need to add high calorie oils and butter!
Best of all, absolutely nothing sticks to it! Just run the saute pan under water and it wipes clean!

Offer Details: Today only, you get the amazing 10″ Orgreenic Kitchenware saute pan and cookbook for just $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. Plus, we’ll double your order to include a second 10″ Saute pan just pay separate $6.99. But that’s not all! You’ll also receive the exciting Surprise Gift valued at $20 and you’re protected by our Lifetime Warranty!

We can’t get through the day without spending at least a little bit of time in the kitchen, and even so we are always looking for ways to cut that time out. If you are always in the heart of your home preparing one thing or another for your family, you are probably always looking for healthier ways to cook for the people you love, while still saving time in the kitchen. It’s not easy to find a solution that can do both of those things. At least it hasn’t been easy until Orgreenic Cookware came into the picture.

orgreenic-cookware-featuresFor those that have been seeking healthier ways of living and cooking all while saving time in the kitchen, Orgreenic Cookware is the answer. If you love to cook with non stick pans, you will love the way Ogreenic Cookware will literally slide your food off the pan right onto your plates. This is the kind of cookware that will be loved by those that are trying to cut out butters and oils, because you won’t need to use any of that when you use Orgreenic.

And that’s not the only way that Orgreenic will bring healthy eating into your home! When it comes to non stick cookware of the past, we had to use Teflon coated pans or pots and even then we weren’t working with the best tools. If you have ever cooked anything with the end result containing tiny little Teflon bits in your food you already know that cooking with Teflon isn’t the easiest solution either. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a problem with this too! After Teflon came out onto the market, the EPA began conducting some research and found that some of the non stick pans that were so popular today were actually making people sick. As it turns out, some of your non stick pans may contain small quantities of a chemical known as PFOA. This chemical is a synthetic chemical, meaning it is not found in nature and can be toxic. It is so toxic in fact that the EPA has declared it a possible carcinogen for humans. In laymen’s terms, your old pans may be leaking cancer causing chemicals!

Orgreenic Cookware is the solution to those problems. This is cookware that has a coating that will not flake off, and will still give you all of the features and benefits that you enjoy with your other non stick cookware, all the while being free of that nasty carcinogen known as PFOA.

How is this cookware green you ask? This is cookware that is toxin free, and it’s surface is a ceramic surface that ensures your non stick lifestyle will continue. Ceramic is known to work well under heat, and can retain heat for a longer period of time in order to cook your food better with fewer oils and fats. The end result? Healthier food healthier living in much less time. You will save energy costs as well when you realize just how fast this cookware can work, and its handy handles will always stay cool to the touch making this cookware very easy to use.

In addition to all of the energy and health saving features of the Orgreenic Cookware, you will also find that this cookware will save you even more time when it comes to cleaning. So long as your cookware is seasoned properly before its first use, you will save time in the kitchen when cleaning this utensil as well.

To season your Orgreenic Cookware, you need to “smoke” it with a little bit of oil to start before your first use. If you have ever had to season a cast iron pan before its first use, the process is very similar. Take a paper towel and moisten it with some extra virgin olive oil or vegetable oil and wipe the paper towel along the inside of your cookware. Be sure to coat the entire green area of your Orgreenic Cookware. Set your cookware on the stove burner over medium high heat until the cookware starts to cook the oils. When this happen, the cookware will begin to “smoke” as it would if you were simply cooking oil in the pan, and it should take about 40 minutes. Once the pan has smoked and cooled, it is ready for its first use! This should be done very six months or so to preserve the use of your pan. As well, your Orgreenic Cookware must always be hand washed and never put in the dish washer.

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  1. Maria

    You’ve probably seen the organic cookware infomercial on tv and though what an amazing product and now you want do some research much like i’ve done and read some orgreenic reviews from people who have actually used this product and have a review to write about. I’ve had a positive experience with my orgreenic pan because i don’t have to depend on putting oil in the pan because this non-stick ceramic cookware allows you to easily cook food. I’v always enjoyed cooking in my kitchen and always want the best tools to do the job. I hated when my cookware would begin to crack, chip or flake because food start to get stuck easily and i’d have to spend more time scrubbing my cookware in the sink. I enjoy cooking on the orgreenic cookware’s patented non-stick surface which i might add is also non-toxic. Because i’m not relying on oil or grease my food has much less calories so i can eat much healthier meals. It also has an orgrgonomic handle which doesn’t heat up while you cook so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself. I’ve been using the orgreenic cookware for several months now and absolutely love it. At the time i took advantage of the orgreenic promotion it was only 20 dollars for the orgreenic large frying pan which came with a food chopper. I recommend orgreenic for any cook and should be in any kitchen as part of your cooking arsenal. This product deserves 6 stars!

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