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When ordering today, you will receive the MSA 30X™ Ear Piece, Recharging Station, 5 Silicone Tips and Cleaning Brush for just $29.95 + $7.95 P&H, plus we will include a 2nd MSA 30X™ set for FREE, just cover the additional $7.95 P&H.

**An additional $9.95 p&h is added for items sent to Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska.
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Hearing loss and being hearing impaired is a common issue issue and most haring devices can be unsightly and embarrassing to wear. Finally a product has come along that provides proper hearing aid that is small and un-noticeable . The MSA 30X Sound Amplifier is an As Seen on TV hearing device which can amplify sound up to 30 times more effectively. This hearing aid has been widely advertised on television across the United States and Canada and is now being offered for a special web offer at As Seen on TV Canada.

This hearing device is designed to be small, comfortable, flexible and subtle and can fit the contour of either ear. The clear tubing that fits in your ear is barely visible. MSA 30X is small enough to keep it discreet and barely noticeable. The volume can be adjusted easily by the button located on the back of the device to control the levels either up or down. Some MSA 30X customers say that they forget they’re wearing it.

The way MSA 30X works is by taking the sound that travels towards the ears and amplifying the sound so it can reach the ear drum and auditory nerve to provide optimal sound. Based on customer reviews found on the internet this product has has helped many in search of a way to hear better and is also inexpensive. This product is great for enjoying sound while watching television, attending sporting events, during conversation for clarity and sound or for the elderly who have hearing loss.

Order Today And You’ll Get All This:

  • 2 MSA 30X™ Ear Pieces
  • 2 Recharging Stations
  • 10 Silicone Tips
  • 2 Cleaning Brushes

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight & comfortable – only 0.3 ounces!
  • Small size is barely visible
  • Rechargeable – no more batteries!
  • Fits right or left ear
  • Adjustable volume control
  • FDA Listed

The MSA 30X Sound Amplifier is not a substitute for a hearing aid or intended for use by hearing impaired people. The FDA advises anyone who suspects hearing loss to seek evaluation by a health care professional.

MSA 30X Sound Amplifier Reviews

The only thing not perfect about MSA 30x is the delivery period. They promised me that I would get my own one after 2 weeks but it came after 5 weeks. I wasdisappointed that I was supposed to cancel my order. But thankfully, I didn’t because MSA 30x regardless of the waiting time, I still appreciate its use. It’s a cool one because it’s so light, so soft, and it fits in my ear just right. I hope they could improve the delivery time. Waiting is so frustrating.

Georgina Vergara – ( San Diego, CA )

I never really realized that I’d feel weird using a sound amplifier as they call it. I mean I’ve always thought that my auditory sense is the strongest one since I’m into music. But now that it has degraded, I’ve had to settle to hearing aids and help. I’ve tried a lot of gadgets but it just made me feel so awkward and it hurt my ear. But now with MSA 30x, I can perfectly hear everything. Not to mention that it has a really great volume adjuster that if it’s too loud for me I can just make it softer. In the rise of technology, I’m lucky I get to use this.

Winnie Ferrer – ( Twin Falls, ID )

I am really happy that the MSA30x was invented. Not only does it look like it’s not there, it feels like you’re not wearing anything. It has a neutral color and it’s so light that I almost took a bath with it. Thankfully I scratched my ear and remembered it. I love MSA30x because it’s as if I have no problem with my hearing. My grandkids don’t hate it when they’re talking to me because I can hear them perfectly well! I love MSA30x. I’m thankful I bought this product.

Dia Lopez – ( Williston, ND )

What caught my attention in MSA 30x infomercial is the weight. I’m tired of having to put on a heavy hearing aid so when I found out that MSA 30x is just 0.3 ounces I was overjoyed and I just had to get it! So when I got it I didn’t know that it had another one come free. So I was really surprised. Since then I’ve referred MSA 30x to all my other friends needing hearing aids. It’s just really amazing!

Randy Peters – ( Milwaukee, WI )

I started needing hearing aid when I got into a car accident about 7 years ago. From then I was only loyal to one brand, but since my wife got me MSA 30x, it’s as if I didn’t lose my hearing at all. I can hear everything clearly and I don’t have to feel awkward with the aid. I really love it because it even comes in two. It’s a price of one for 2 products.  Plus it helps you save because you don’t have to buy batteries all the time, you can just charge it.

Virgie Bass – ( Fernley, NV )

This product is extremely amazing! I got MSA 30x a few days back just to try it but eventually I ended up not returning it after 30 days. I love how it feels so natural in the ears and that it came with tools for cleaning too. What I really love about it is that it doesn’t hurt my ears. Even if I had to pay for the shipping fee, I still prefer this over any other product because it doesn’t hurt my ears. It’s a good job for the makers of MSA 30x!

Steven Wilde – ( Pittsburgh, PA )

I recently changed my hearing aid because it irritated my ears. I decided to try MSA30x and to my surprise it worked much better than those you can buy in stores. It really is 30 times better than the other competitors. Even if the shipping fee made it more expensive than the others, it’s still pretty much justifies the price. Moreover, I think it’s hypoallergenic because it doesn’t irritate my ears and I feel like I’m not using any hearing aid at all!

Beverly Tirona – ( Fairhope, AL )

MSA 30x is the best thing that’s ever happened to my dad. He always complains of weak hearing. So when I saw the MSA 30x online, I knew I had to get one. At first my mom wasn’t really up for it because she doesn’t trust online shopping but eventually she allowed me to get one. But I was really happy with the result because ever since my dad used it, he could hear perfectly. Plus not to mention that it costs way lower than the other hearing aid products and it had a lot of freebies too!

Russell Sellers – (Trenton, NJ)

In the Seniors Home I work in, a lot of our residents use an MSA 30X Discreet Sound Amplifier. Most of them, while not technically deaf yet, have some difficulty hearing. With MSA 30X Discreet Sound Amplifier, it’s not that difficult to talk to them. They can hear each other clearly, raising of voices is minimized and they are generally of better disposition because they can converse better. Another good thing about MSA 30X Discreet Sound Amplifier is it doesn’t require batteries. It’s rechargeable so there’s no battery expense. It fits either ear and it’s so discrete, it’s barely noticeable.

Kelly Pepka – (Houston, TX)

I enjoy my job as a Tour Guide. There are assignments that are more challenging than usual like big educational trips for children. Children can be very noisy hearing what’s important over the ruckus can be difficult. There are times too when a kid who’s far from me has to tell me something and it can be hard to understand him. I am so glad I have an MSA 30X Discreet Sound Amplifier which I can use during times I need it. Conversation is very important in my job and hearing what’s being said is an essential part of conversation.

4 reviews for MSA 30X Sound Amplifier

  1. Terry

    I found the MSA 30X to be an amazing hearing aid. I can’t believe it was possible to get great hearing again at such an affordable price. I like how you don’t have to keep buying new batteries every time since these batteries are rechargeable. I took advantage of the online buy 1 get 1 free offer so if i’m charging one I can just wear the other. It makes day to day activities so much more enjoyable. I can’t believe I went so long without MSA 30X all this time. Whether i’m watching tv, talking to someone, one the phone, I can hear so much more clearly. Unlike other hearing aids on the market that are bulky and feel awkward when wearing them. The MSA 30X sound amplifiers are small, light and comfortable. Unlike some other MSA 30X reviews I’ve read online I was very happy with the delivery time. When I buy something online I know that it can sometimes take weeks for delivery and I got mine in just 1 week. This is simply an amazing invention.

  2. Joshua

    I’ve looked at different hearing devices such as the intelliear, lound n clear, silver sonic xl by bell and howell and a few other popular ones that were featured on infomercials. The MSA 30X had a lot of positive reviews and was smaller and seemed more well designed than the other hearing devices which is why I decided to buy it. When I have them on it doesn’t reall feel like i’m wearing anything. I have the second set to my wife who has also suffered hearing loss like myself over the years. I’m so surprised at the clarity I get with them and would suggest the MSA 30X sound ampifier to anyone looking for a reliable and effective hearing device.

  3. Tracy

    I purchased the MSA 30X sound amplifier for my 83 year old uncle who is almost deaf. He can usually adjust the volume on his television which is very loud but has a problem speak with people over the phone. Since he started wearing it he seems to function much better day to day since he’s no longer yelling at people when he’s trying to communicate and the volume on the TV isn’t nearly as loud as it usually was. For the price this is a very effective device.

  4. James

    Ever since I got my MSA 30X I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was very happy with the delivery time since it only took a week. Its so soft and light and fits perfect on my ear. I’m in my 60’s and my hearing has degraded to the point where I have to constantly ask people to repeat themselves and sometimes didn’t hear them the second time. I really love the way MSA 30X has raised the volume on my hearing and improved my life. I’ve referred this product to some of my friends who have lost some of their hearing quality. This was a really a great deal since you get two of them for the under $60 which costs a lot less than hearing devices I’ve purchased in the past. This is truly a great product.

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