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Mighty Bite Fishing Lure


Mighty Bite fishing lures help you to catch your fishing limit every time; designed specially to appeal five senses for ultimate results.

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mighty biteMighty Bite Fishing Lures help you to catch your fishing limit every time; designed specially to appeal five senses for ultimate results.

The Mighty Bite Fishing Lure is the new As Seen on TV fishing lure system which was designed by Jeff Mancini who is the world renowned fisherman. The Mighty Bite Fishing Lure is the future of fishing since it looks, smells, sounds, feels and tastes as wounded bait would swim which perfectly attracts predatory fish who are craving their next meal. It’s movement mimics the spastic action of wounded bait and swims at the bottom at an angle while catching the light with it’s 3D hologram design. Mighty Bite is the worlds only proven and patented 5 sense fishing lure that will help catch fish every time. It can attract both salt and fresh water fish. The Mighty Bite Fishing Lure’s Scent Stick and Rattle Chamber are what release the scent which attracts the fish and as soon as they taste the flavor of this lure they will want to hold on.

Features & Benefits of using the Mighty Bite Fishing Lure include:

  • Uses DNA Trigger Technology which  overloads fishes senses
  • Uses incredible “Spasmic” Action
  • 3D Hologram Design
  • Creates a power trail of irresistible scent
  • Unique Bite-Mark Design
  • Works on ALL predatory type fish
  • Attracts fish to keep striking at lure
  • Appeals to all 5 senses – taste, feel, smell, sound and sight

Your Package Includes

  • 10 Mighty Bite Fishing Lures
  • 14 Adjustable Mighty Bite Fins
  • 12 Rattles that “Sounds the Dinner Bell”
  • 12 unique Mighty Bite Scent Sticks
  • PLUS: Weed Guards, Popper & Tail Weights, No-Miss Deadly Treble Hooks

Act Now And Recieve These 3 FREE GIFTS

  • DVD
  • UFO Glow Kit

Mighty Bite is The World’s Only Proven and Patented 5 Sense Fishing Lure

Your complete Mighty Bite fishing system contains everything you saw in the commercial, including the expert fishing kit with over 100 pieces for only $19.95 and just $9.95 processing and handling. As part of this special TV offer, you’ll also receive Jeff Mancini’s exclusive “Fishing Secrets EZ Guide”, the UFO Glow Kit, & Fishing DVD ABSOLUTELY FREE! Also available is the Mighty Bite Trophy Collection. This collection is yours FREE, just pay $9.95 P&H. It includes specially designed Mighty Bite Lures in the largest sizes to help catch trophy size fish in fresh and salt water. Try Mighty Bite for 90 days… an entire fishing season! If you don’t catch more fish than ever before, just send back the unused pieces and we’ll give you a full product refund!

NY residents add sales tax to your total order. Orders from outside the Continental U.S. add $10.00. Continental U.S., AK, GU, HI, PR, VI & Canada orders only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

All products have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee (Minus P&H).


Q: What kind of fish can the Mighty Bite Fishing Lure attract?

If it swims and eats other fish Mighty Bite can catch it, in both fresh and salt water. It works on all predatory fish as long your rod and reel can pull them in.

Q : Is Mighty Bite easy to fish with?

Yes, just tie Mighty Bite onto your line the same as other fishing lures using your preferred knot, cast it out and reel it in. It works better when you add the scent sticks and fins.

Q : Are Mighty Bite Lures more effective when you add the scent sticks, rattle, fins are added?

Yes when you add the sense features it makes Mighty Bite look, feel, sound, smell and taste like a wounded bait fish. An easy meal for any fish.

Q : Is there a special way to fish with Might Bite?

Mighty Bite works best when you reel it in and let it go to the bottom and jerk your rod tip back and forth whilst reeling it in. This create a up and down motion that is similar to a wounded fish.

Q : How long do the scent sticks last?

This depends on the temperature of the water and how many fish you catch. It varies from 1-3 hours.

1 review for Mighty Bite Fishing Lure

  1. Chris

    I’m an avid fisherman and always love trying new lures. I found out about the Mighty Bite fishin lure off of a fishing forum I belong to and since it got praise from some other fisherman I had to give it a try since I thought it was a gimmick after I saw the infomercial. The shipping was very fast and I tried it on the weekend. All I have to say is this lure is purely magical. I was catching bass, pike and walleye easily. As soon as I would reel in the line slowly fish would just attack the Mighty Bite lures. If you’re a professional fisherman or just looking to get an edge when you go fishing you’re going to love using the Mighty Bite fishing lures. I just ordered another set for my dad’s birthday since he’s also a big fisherman like myself

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