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Magic Mesh is the hands-free magnetic screen door that has been widely featured on infomercials. It can be installed in just minutes on any standard door frame or RV. Magic Mesh lets the fresh air in and keeps those annoying insects out.

When ordering today, you have the option to order Magic Mesh® Hands-Free Screen Door for just $14.99 or Magic Mesh® Garage for $29.99 or Magic Mesh® Double Door for $24.99. A one-time flat rate shipping of $5.99 will apply to all orders.

Sales tax is collected in select states as required by law.


A $10 surcharge is added for orders sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska although at this time, we do not service Quebec from this website.


As Seen on TV Magic Mesh is a hands-free magnetic screen door that has been widely featured on infomercials. It can be installed in just minutes on any standard door frame or RV. Magic Mesh lets the fresh air in and keeps those annoying insects out.

It comes with 2 panels which individually measure 19.5 inches x 89 inches. The 18 strategically placed magnets that snap shut when passing through. Made from a durable polyester material which keep any flies, mosquitoes, moths or other insects from entering while still letting in fresh air.

Installing Magic Mesh is easy and can be installed without the use of nails, screws or tools that may damage your door frame. No need to hire expensive handy men to install screen doors since you can do it yourself quickly with this magnetic screen door. When the season is over you can take it down and store it for the next season. Using velcro strips and wood tacks Magic Mesh is held in place securely until it needs to be removed.

Magic Mesh is perfect for pet owners allowing pets to enter and leave freely. Serving trays of food at a backyard barbeque is easier without having to open and close a door and cut down on costs on air conditioning at night and just open the doors to let the cool night air inside.

Buy Magic Mesh Canada Today for Only $29.95 + S&H

Keep the fresh air in and the bugs out of your home with the Magic Mesh Door Cover. It lets you quickly and easily add a convenient screen door to any standard door or sliding door.

What makes the Magic Mesh magic is that it instantly opens and magically snaps closed behind you. So you never have to worry about leaving the door open and letting the bugs in again.

The secret isn’t really magic but rather a set of 18 strategically placed magnets. They gently and quietly shut the Magic Mesh close after you passed through.
Plus the Magic Mesh is pet friendly too. Your dog or cat can easily go in and out of the home as they like. The Magic Mesh will automatically close itself after your pet goes out or comes in.

Installing the Magic Mesh is simple and just takes a few seconds. There are no nails, no screws and no tails required. And once you installed the Magic Mesh, it can still up all season long.

Magic Mesh: The Easiest Way to Keep Fresh Air In & Bugs Out

  • Do find yourself unable to open doors because of bugs?
  • Do you keep forgetting to close the door?
  • Do you find yourself juggling ten different things when opening doors?

Well! Now there is an instant solution to all these problems. Magic Mesh lets you keep fresh air inside the house without inviting a swarm of bugs.

It’s spring time and there is lovely breeze outside. You want to keep your doors open. Let the breeze come in and cool your house. Or think of warm winter sun. You want to keep your doors open and let the house warm up. Much better than keeping the AC and sitting in a stuffy closed-up house. But there is just one little problem! With the open air come the bugs that are swarming in your garden!

With Magic Mesh you can solve all your problems with one click. Magic mesh instantly opens and snaps shut behind you.It has a proven track record for the most effective and innovative solution of putting a mesh on your doors. It uses 18 strategically placed magnets that snap shut the mesh after you. What makes it even better is the little effort it takes put up the magic mesh. It ticks all the boxes for the perfect mesh for your doors. It is incredibly flexible and easy, it screens your doors effectively and it closes instantly. Magic Mesh gives you the most comprehensive screening for your doors and has proven to be the most cost-effective mesh in the market today!

Why buy Magic Mesh?

It’s spring outside, but your house is hot and stuffy. The solution seems easy. All you need to do is open up the patio doors and your house is instantly cool and breezy. There is just one teeny weeny problem. Or rather several teeny weeny problems. the moment you open the door all the bugs in your garden decide to rush inside with the breeze. Now your little problem of a stuffy house becomes much worse, thanks to all the unwanted guests.

With Magic Mesh you get a door mesh screen that opens easily as you move through and closes the instant you cross. You are carrying the patio chairs, juice glasses or just a book and now you have to juggle with all that to open and then close the doors? Or does your son keep forgetting to close the door after him? With Magic Mesh you do not have to worry about any of that.

Best of all, it is even easier to put up. It has Velcro fasteners that you attach to your door frames. This means there is no additional work for the carpenter or hammering at the frame. And when the winter sets in, simply pull down your mesh, fold it and put it away.

How does Magic Mesh work?

The magic in Magic Mesh is not actually magic. It is just the miracle of magnet. To be exact, it is 18 magnets that are strategically placed where the two sides of the mesh meet. This allows the mesh to open easily as you pas the door. Best of all, it also means that the mesh closes the instant you have crossed. Since they need no extra effort from you, they are perfect for screening doors.

Where can you put up a magic mesh?

The Magic Mesh fits standard-sized doors. You can put them up on your back door and get trouble free screening when you want to go in and out of your backyard. It also fits sliding doors. In fact, install one in you RV as well. you can go camping and not keep worrying about shutting doors.

Magic Mesh: A hot-selling product in the U.S. and Canada

Within a few months of its launch the Magic Mesh was selling like hot cakes across US and Canada. With its revolutionary concept, Magic Mesh has caught their imagination. However, its rising sales are testament to the fact that its performance is as good as promised. This hands-free mesh answers many door screening problems. in case of any doubts, you can check the online reviews by different users.

Incredibly low price!

The best part is that these magic screens will not burn a hole in your pocket. They are very reasonably priced at $19.95. The company is currently running a great offer. With each order of Magic Mesh one can get another one for free! That’s less than $10 for each set! When you consider the saving, do not forget to add in additional savings. Thanks to a cooler house, you do not need the AC. You will save electricity bills and do your bit tp save the environment!

Let us take a look at a few Magic Mesh customer reviews to see the efficacy of the product:

“My husband keeps forgetting to shut the door after him. The result is the battle with the bugs! Really, I had almost given up when a friend told me about Magic Mesh. She seemed very happy with it and so I decided to give it a try. Now I cannot imagine our backdoor without it. Best of all, my husband and I now fight a lot less!” –Natalie Simpson, Florida.

“We chose our house for its lovely backyard. Over the years we have planted many plants and trees. It’s a really lovely place. We thought it would keep the house cool. But we forgot to count in the bees and bugs that come with the open doors. We had to keep the doors always closed. And then we found Magic Mesh. Now we always have our doors open and let the breeze come in without worrying about the rest.” – Cliff Roberts, Houston.

“I had glass sliding doors at the back of my house. My pet pooch would come running and scratching the door every time he wanted to come inside. Running in and out is his favorite sport. Unfortunately it meant double the work for me. with Magic Mesh he gets to indulge in his favorite sport without any trouble. He goes through and the mesh closes instantly!” – Rita Hayden, Toronto.

So, what are you waiting for? Install Magic Mesh in your homes or workspace today and enjoy fresh air and no bugs!

Magic Mesh™ is a unique door cover that instantly opens and then securely closes behind you using the power of magnets. No need to put down your items in order to open a door. Just walk right through and let the magic of Magic Mesh do the work. Lets you enjoy the fresh air without letting those bugs in and is great for pets as they can come and go as they please.

Magic mesh opens a closes quietly and you won’t have the worry of kids or other family members walking through the screen and breaking it causing expensive repairs.

Magic Mesh is easy to install with no screws, nails, or holes required and fits any standard door frame. Use it at home, at the cottage or for your for your RV or camper.

Magic mesh is compact and can be folded when not in use so won’t get in your way and take up valuable space

Features include:

  • Easy Installation – No screws and no mess!!
  • Let’s fresh air in while keeping bugs out
  • Uses 18 magnets to close securely and automatically
  • Perfect for pets
  • Easy storage
  • Use at home, cottage, RV
  • Fits on any standard door frame

When ordering today, you have the option to order Magic Mesh® Hands-Free Screen Door for just $14.99 or Magic Mesh® Garage for $29.99 or Magic Mesh® Double Door for $24.99. A one-time flat rate shipping of $5.99 will apply to all orders.

Sales tax is collected in select states as required by law.


A $10 surcharge is added for orders sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska although at this time, we do not service Quebec from this website.

23 reviews for Magic Mesh Screen Door

  1. Lyndsey

    This actually turned out to be a truely remarkable product. It fit my door frame perfectly without leaviny any space for mosquitoes or other insects to make their way into our home. I did tinker with the bottom and folded it up but in total I had it up in just 10 minutes with my added effort. I think any poor magic mesh reviews are from people who had installation issues. I didn’t have any and once it was up it worked great. My dogs can move in and out freely and it’s great for serving dishes of food to the backyard during bbq’s. For the price I don’t see why anyone should complain, it’s probably the cheapest possible solution to a screen door which can cost thousands. A word of advice, make sure you don’t go for knockoffs like I did because they are cheaply made and won’t last very long. Magic Mesh is very durable and I would suggest it to anyone. Sure it will rip if you abuse it like anything else. It’s not made out of the same material they use on a space ship so just be careful with it and it will last a very long time.

  2. Jared

    I wanted to send in my Magic Mesh review because I wanted to clear the air for those doing their research to find out about this product. I saw the Magic Mesh commercial one night and thought it was a clever idea so I went ahead and ordered it on the internet after reading other magic mesh reviews. The Magic Mesh reviews I came across were usually mixed and it was hard to know how well this product worked so I decided to order it myself and if i wasn’t happy with it I was going to send it back. I’ve been using it for months now on the back door of my house. Since I got two with my purchase and the extra one is just in storage as as a backup in case the one I have currently installed gets damaged in any way. I was looking for a solution to keep bugs from coming into my home since we a have mosquito problem being so close to the water. The product is a very simple solution that works and installing it was not complicated at all. If it’s very windy then you might have to re-enforce it to keep it to stay in place. I can now go in and out of my home with my hands full without having to open a door. The product works just as advertised and very happy with it.

  3. Rena

    I’m aware that insects can spread diseases especially mosquitoes so it’s important to protect you and your family from these disease spreading insects. You’ve probably heard about Malaria and West Nile cases that have infected many across the US and Canada. Some of these cases have unfortunately died from life threatening viruses from mosquitoes. So in keeping mosquitoes and other insects out of my home I decided to get the Magic Mesh so that any time the door is open there is a screen that lets in fresh air too while protecting us against any unwanted insects coming inside. Magic Mesh provided an affordable way to get a screen door up in just a few minutes. I suggest if you’re going to buy Magic Mesh in Canada like I have check out As Seen on TV Canada for the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer which is the best deal I’ve been able to find on the net. Magic Mesh is great way to protect your family from insects which can otherwise infect with harmful and potentially deadly diseases.

  4. Jenna

    I wanted to send in my own Magic Mesh review because I was very surprised at how many negative Magic Mesh reviews were posted on the internet before I actually decided to go off on my own and buy it. We bought a 2 bedroom bungalow by the water and summers can be quite humid and since we’re near the water the insects and bugs a lot of them make their way into our home whenever the door is opened. I bought the Magic Mesh at Canadian Tire but that was a mistake because I could have gotten it for cheaper on this As Seen on TV website since you get 2 for the price of 1 and the second one could’ve easily been a backup or used on another entrance. It was very inexpensive and solved the problem with barely any insects making their way into our home anymore. The odd ones might someone sneak through by crawling underneath but it was rare and we no longer had to hunt town flies with a fly swatter anymore. I also like that the door doesn’t have to open and close all the time since we can just walk through the panels and they close behind us. It really is a great product and works just it’s shown in the infomercial. It’s not exactly french doors or the most aesthetic addition to your house but it does the trick to keep the flies out and let cool air in and everything else. Instead of listening to other Magic Mesh reviews I suggest just trying it out for yourself and forming your own opinion but that’s just my advice.

  5. Louise

    letting in a cool breeze too without having to spend money on getting an expensive screen door installed. For only $30 I was able to install a solution in minutes with this magnetic screen door. It works similar to a mosquito net but it’s designed much better. We occasionally got a few insects that would sneak in by crawling underneath the panels but overall its keeping our home virtually bug-less. I was very happy with how quickly it took for the Magic Mesh to be delivered to my home and even happier with the product itself. I give this product 5 stars out of 5!

  6. Amanda

    The Magic Mesh is really a great idea and I really like it but it’s not the best quality and I think anyone buying it should keep in mind that you’re paying $30 for it. The material isn’t durable enough that it will last a very long time but in all fairness to this product you do get two of them so if the first one does’t last you have a replacement and even if it lasts one season it’s still worth the money. I used some glue to reinforce the Magic Mesh on the door frame and it stayed in place like a charm. It’s also not the most aestetically pleasing magnetic door panels to put up but does the job and so far it’s lasted 1 month with no issues so I can’t complain and knock on wood lasts the whole season. It’s clearly the best option if you want to get door panels up or instead of expensive screen doors. Pet owners will appreciate this product. Since I have two large dogs they can easily pass in and out of the house as they please when they have to go out which is another reason that makes it worth getting.

  7. Carol

    I bought the magic mesh two weeks ago and satisfied with it so far. I do get a few bugs and mosquitoes that sneak there way in either between the magnets or underneath the small space under the panels but it has significantly reduced the amount of bugs getting into the home. It might not be made out of the most durable material in my opinion but since I ordered it online I got the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE deal so if something happens with the current magic mesh I have up i’ll just replace it with the other one I got. One of the magnets fell when I walked through it but everything’s held together nicely since. With the traffic that goes through the door between my our family and pets it seems pretty durable. Magic Mesh is very convenient and worth the price.

  8. Aaron

    The left side of my body was rendered paralyzed and the Magic Mesh was a perfect product to allow me to move in and our of my home freely without having to struggle with opening the door. A screen door at the local home improvement store can cost in the hundreds. I was happy to come across the Magic Mesh since it only costs less than $50. The only downfall is if the person who is passing through the entrance where the magic mesh is installed is very tall they might catch their heads. For average height people like myself this product meets my needs perfectly.

  9. John

    I’ve read many magic mesh reviews on the net and have seen the magic mesh infomercial which seems to play quite frequently on television and decided i was going to give it a try since the concept seemed brilliant. If you’re looking into purchasing the magic mesh screen door for your home, cottage or RV then i hope you give my review a read through and i can hopefully give you some insight on this popular tv product. What the magic mesh is, is simply an attachable screen door that fits any standard door frame that comes with two panels which measure 19.5 inches x 85 inches. When I purchased he magic mesh there was a buy 1 get 1 free deal which i had to take advantage of since i could easily find two locations to install it. Magic Mesh was very easy to install since you’re not using any hammers, nails or screws to get it up. Once i got my magic mesh up i was able to easily pass through my home in and out, let fresh air pass into my home, allow, allow my dog to easily go in and out of the house as he pleased, eailly serve food and bring platters of food in and out of the house and also keep the insects out. The Magic Mesh screen doors work really well and the magnetic fastening system is very genius. Probably most magic mesh reviews on the net are standard but what i found is that most customers had mostly good things to say about the magic mesh. At the end of the summer you can easily unhang the magic mesh and put it away. Magic mesh is really one product that I recommend and thing everyone will find good use for.

  10. Carly

    I bought this product because I didn’t want to cut a hole in the wall or door so my dog can go in and out of my house. I installed this magnetic screen on my back door and whenever i’m hope I always keep the back door open. This worked out great for me because I don’t have to keep the door wide open allowing for bugs to get in the house. My dog is totally comfortable with the magic mesh and just pushes through with her head. This was a brilliant idea and has been so helpful especially when we have family barbeques in the backyard and I need to go in and out of the house with dishes or platters of food. When it’s winter time it’s easy to store and also easy to put back up. The material is heavy and seems like it will last for years.

  11. Any

    Works good on our French door leading out to our deck! Now we’re able to leave the door open when the weather is nice without having to worry about letting bugs in the house. Mine Magic Mesh Screen Door has been up for a year through rain, sleet, and snow (literally), and it has not come down. Some of the magnets have been displaced and have had to be reattached, but for the price, it has been great for this past year. That’s like paying $1 a month for it. I just ordered another one just because I lost a couple of the magnets.

  12. Yolana

    Thought I’d give my two cents and write a Magic Mesh review since I’m a happy camper with this rather ingenious product. I bought the Magic Mesh for my cottage since I had a problem with flies and insects getting into the house on hot summer days when we left the door open to let some cool air inside since we didn’t have air conditioning which worked great. I also liked the fact that during outdoor barbeques at my cottage we could easily carry food from inside to outside very easily . I think if you own a cottage then magic mesh has to be a MUST have. I’m so glad I bought it and would highly recommend anyone to buy it. It wasn’t very expensive and didn’t take long for Magic Mesh to be delivered to my home. Installing it was very easy.

  13. Alina

    This is a very clever idea and was more useful than i originally expected. The magic mesh magnetic screen door which resembles curtains which is also a very simple invention which is two panels that are attached to your door frame which snap shut by magnets on the sides of both panels. It took a bit of fiddling to get it installed and reinforced it as many other magic mesh customer reviews recommended. I’ve seen about 99 per cent less insects coming into our home since I put it up. It doesn’t really look that bad either. I honestly thought for the price I purchased the magic mesh for it might end up as an eye soar but on the contrary it looks like it’s part of our home. I would honestly recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their door open and keep any bugs out. Be careful with any knockoffs that are available online. I work at a supermarket and recommended the magic mesh curtain to my boss since in the summer we leave the back door open to let fresh air inside and bugs tend to come in and god forbid they make their way into the actual store it’s bad for business. It’s been just as successful as at my home. We now get fewer bugs coming into the back of the store. The employees at the back still get fresh air while they work meanwhile no insects can make their way in.

  14. Lori

    I really love the magic mesh because I don’t have to get up to let my dogs out of the house anymore when they need to do their business. I can keep the back door open all day long while I’m at home. I don’t have to worry about bugs sneaking into my home and having to chase them around rooms with a swatter. Magic Mesh really works great and installing it couldn’t have been any easier. This is a terrific product with a great price. I do suggest like others that using tacks is a wise idea so it is reinforced to the door frame. I’m ordering another set for my brother who lives out in the country. Considering the mosquito problem he gets out there he’ll probably find the magic mesh to work well for him.

  15. Gia

    The Magic Mesh Screen Door is truely an ingenious product which to no surprise is why customers. I’ve read other magic mesh screen door reviews and have to agree with any customers who were happy with their purchase. I think it’s important for customers to know the dimensions as I had to email them to find out what they are. The Magic Mesh comes with two panels that measure 84 X 19.5 inches which is perfect for any standard door frame. If you have kids or pets then you’ll find this product to be very useful as they can enter and leave as they please and you’re dog can also freely leave without having to paw at the door. Magic Mesh is made from quality material and is able to keep the sound from outside to a minimum as well which i was surprised to find. Save money and energy as it allows the cool air to enter your home. As other magic mesh reviews have stated, i installed a second set at my cottage so that I can freely serve guests outside on our patio easily and of course as advertised the magic mesh keeps any bugs or mosquitos from entering your home. I recommend doing what I did, buy two of them and i’m sure you’ll make good use of them. Hopefully my magic mesh review will help shed some light on how great this product is.

  16. Adrianna

    Thanks to the Magic Mesh our cottage wasn’t infested with insects while i was there for the weekend. We have a sliding door in the back of our cottage and a single door in front of our house. I installed the Magic Mesh screen door on both doors as it fits perfectly since it measures any standard door frame. The dimensions which I had called to find out are 83″ x 19.5″ which is pretty handy information. We were able to move in and out of the house freely not to mention magic mesh kept the mosquitos outside of the house. Since it doesn’t require any manual opening you can just walk through it and the magnets on the magic mesh just snap together. The magic mesh screen door is made out of ultra-light materials so you won’t have to hear any more doors slamming constantly if you’re throwing a party since it closes quietly. I found it very easy to install and didn’t need to use any hammers or nails. The Magic mesh installs using glue and affix fabric fastener and you’re done in minutes.

  17. Hellen

    When I originally ordered the magic mesh I thought it was going to be flimsy and not be able to hold on the door frame. I also thought it was going to be complicated to install and not work as it was supposed to. But i was completely wrong about the magic mesh. I was able to install it in just minutes and so far i haven’t had any problems with it but keep in mind it’s only been 2 months i’ve had it up but if it lasts me another 2 months til the end of the summer i’ll be extremely happy. The magic mesh has done a great job of keeping the bugs out of my house although you do get spiders and some crawling insects that will come under the gap at the bottom of the magnetic screen door but it keeps the majority out. I was going to install french doors but I didn’t like the idea of having to always be at the beckoning of my dogs whenever they want to go outside so the magic mesh turned out to be a more cheaper and efficient solution. This as seen on tv screen door actually looks pretty good. I originally bought one of the cheaper knockoff magnetic screens but it was cheap quality and couldn’t stay up. The magic mesh is the original and has proven why you should stick with name brand as it is clearly superior quality. I live in Canada and got mine through as seen on tv canada which had the offer i saw on tv which was the best offer i could find on the web. Happy i bought it and would recommend it to anyone.

  18. DJ

    I was getting quite annoyed with the mosquitoes that were getting into our cottage during the spring and summer months especially with the traffic of our family members going in and out the door allowing unwanted bugs to enter. I thought the magic mesh was a pretty interesting concept when I saw it on TV so I decided to buy it since it wasn’t expensive and looked like a decent solution to our problem. After using it all summer long all I can say is this was the best purchase I made in a long time. Even though the occasional bug or mosquito somehow snuck their way into the home by crawling underneath the screen door we didn’t have to worry about getting bites during the night or bothersome flies while we ate in the kitchen. The magic mesh had a buy 1 get 1 free offer which came in handy since we had two entrances to our cottage. It was easy to install and take down in the fall to store for next year. Don’t get sucked into buy knockoffs because they are cheaply made. The Magic Mesh is the best option if you’re looking for an easy to install screen door.

  19. Gosia

    I bought one of your Magic Mesh’s and was quickly disappointed. The least bit of breeze opens it and the top ripped as soon as we put it up. The velcro should go all the way around for best grab. Also said it fits patio doors but doesn’t fit mine. After saying all that I do like the concept but I do believe it needs some bugs worked out, no pun intended.

  20. Jill

    I found Magic Mesh to be great for my home. It really works well since you can use it for doors, campers or even sliding doors to conveniently keep the flies outside from coming in. It doesn’t interfere with your existing door as it’s just a simple and easy to install addon that goes up quickly. Magic Mesh is made from pretty durable material so it’s not cheaply made and seems like a product that can last a very long time and can stand constant wear and tear from constant use. I think this product is truly unique. I give Magic Mesh 5 stars for being such a useful product and very affordable for a great solution which I’m surprised hasn’t been thought of before.

  21. Danielle

    live in Kentucky and Mosquitos can be quite rampant here and outside my door they are just waiting for it to open so they can come in and put me in a wild goose chase to get rid of them. I know i had enought when one night i was sleeping and a mosquito buzzed right in my ear and creeped me right out. I expect to be bitten by mosquitos when I leave my home but when I’m inside my place I expect to be in total peace from all of them which is why i purchased the magic mesh screen door. I heard some horror stores of people buying them from amazon and getting defective ones so I used SeenTV Canada which uses the official magic mesh website when you click the buy now button and despite being charged extra shipping charges i was able to fix the issue right away by calling the magic mesh customer service. I was able to get it up and ready to go in no time. I had to use some extra small nails because there wasn’t enough tacks or I could have used more to secure it more firmly into place the way I wanted. I think the magic mesh is a terrific invention and now my jack russell can move in and out freely without having to bark at the door every time he needs to go do his business.

  22. Trish

    I’m the type of person that would rarely ever submit a product review but was happy with this product and thought i’d give my own two cents. For only $30 I don’t have to keep opening and closing the back door thanks to the magic mesh as they can now just push through the magnetic screen door and the magnets snap shut behind them. I almost spent a lot of money on a screen door but that would have solved half the problem as I would have kept the bugs out and let the fresh air in as the magic mesh commercial states but my dogs wouldn’t be able to go outside or come inside when they wanted to. I was able to get it up really easily. There are other adjustable screen door and magnetic screen doors but the magic mesh is the original and with all the positive magic mesh reviews i thought it was the safer choice. The material this screen door was made of was actually better than i expected for the price. I was expecting something cheap but so far the magic mesh is on it’s second season in my home. In the evenings our family can enjoy dinner with cool air coming into our kitchen. It would be great if they could create a magnetic screen door for garages or larger doors as the magic mesh is only good for standard door frames. Sometimes not all the magnets snap shut but it happens rarely and overall i’ve been extremely happy with this as seen on tv product. If I have to replace it I don’t think it’s a big deal because it’s relatively a cheap product and if it works for one season it’s worth the convenience it provides.

  23. Leslie

    With west nile and now the zika virus, mosquitoes are becoming carriers of some pretty deadly diseases. I thought the Magic Mesh was just one way to safe guard against mosquitoes and other insects from entering our home. I knew about the magic mesh from years ago but didn’t think much of it. But finally decided to buy it this year and installing it at my cottage where mosquitoes can run rampant in the spring.

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