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After a quick cleaning with the Lint Lizard, your dryer vent is clear, making it work less and run more efficiently.


lint lizardAbout the Lint Lizard Tool

Your dryer runs forever and your clothes still come out damp. Now you can speed up your dryer by up to fifteen minutes! Introducing the Lint Lizard – It’s like a magic wand that cleans deep into any dryer. The flexible Lint Lizard attaches right to any vacuum hose and clears out all the lint that gets past your lint screen. A clogged dryer works harder. All that lint can burn out your motor or worse, start a dangerous vent fire. It’s a full 44 inches long and cleans deep into your vent system, grabbing all the packed-in lint that’s choking your dryer!

After a quick cleaning with the Lint Lizard, your dryer vent is clear, making it work less and run more efficiently. Old fashioned lint brushes pull out some lint and the lint gets everywhere! Lint Lizard cleans deeper and sends the lint right into your vac bag. Vacuuming between machines and under appliances is a snap! Take it outdoors to vacuum your outside vent!

What you get when you order Lint Lizard:

  • 1 Lint Lizard Lint Tool

Optional Items:

  • 1 Lint Lizard Lint Tool
  • 1 Dust LizardJust Pay separate S&H for your OPTIONAL Lint Lizard Lint Tool and Dust Lizard

Features & Benefits:

  • Neat & Easy
  • Attaches to any vacuum hose
  • Flexible 44 inch hose
  • Cleans deep & around corners
  • Prevents vent fires
  • Save time and money!

1 review for Lint Lizard

  1. Cheryl

    I was quite impressed with the Lint Lizard and how well it works with my vacuum. It’s the perfect length to reach deep into the hard to reach places in your dryer and not to mention it’s perfect for cleaning underneath your appliances where a lot of dirt, dust and even food crumbs. The Lint Lizard allows me to finally reach the lint that was impossible to get to before and prevents your dryer from having any problems in the future from lint buildup. It was very easy to use the Lint Lizard and requires just following a few simple steps. All you have to do really is plug in your vacuum and grab hold of the handheld hose and insert the Lint Lizard attachment until it is secure. Since it has a tapered end it can fit almost any standard vacuum. Then just turn on your vacuum and you can use it as intended. This is a very durable product and well designed to resist breaking easily. This is really a multipurpose cleaning tool and not just restricted to cleaning your dryer lint. I’ve even used the lint lizard to clean my couches and other hard to reach areas like underneath my stove since the Lint Lizard which measures about 40 inches can reach pretty well. In my opinion the Lint Lizard is a really unique product and worth getting. It is well designed and does exactly as it’s advertised in the infomercial. It keeps your dryer free from lint buildup which can lead to killing your dryers motor or worse having a fire because of the lint accumulation which is know t happen. It isn’t an expensive product at all and you should probably spend the bit of cash and make the investment because it will cut your energy bills too since your dryer will work more efficiently. Lint Lizard is a 5 star product all the way!

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