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Light Relief relieves pain and stiffness through he miracle of light therapy. Using infrared light emitting diodes or LED’s it sends a powerful stream of warm therapeutic light which penetrates deep into muscle tissue and increases circulation and relieves any muscle or joint pains so that you can enjoy the freedom, flexibility and comfort you once enjoyed.


Light Relief relieves pain and stiffness through the miracle of light therapy. Using infrared light emitting diodes or LED’s it sends a powerful stream of warm therapeutic light which penetrates deep into muscle tissue and increases circulation and relieves any muscle or joint pains so that you can enjoy the freedom, flexibility and comfort you once enjoyed. Light Relief is a portable infrared light therapy that is designed to fit right in the palm of your hand and can be used almost anywhere. It can operate both on batteries or by using the optional 12-volt adapter.

  • Eliminate muscle and joint pain and improve flexibility
  • Safe, non-toxic and FDA cleared
  • Increase blood flow to tissues to promote healing
  • Fast-Acting and Pain Free

It has been discovered by researchers that years of wear and tear from body misalignment can lead to damage in the bones and tissue in your joints. Light Relief addresses this issue from the inside by reducing inflammation and pain and even support the growth of healthy cartilage by lubricating the joints and enhancing mobility and flexibility.

  • Lubricates joints, enhancing flexibility and mobility
  • Soothes joints and muscles with natural pain relievers
  • Supports growth of healthy coverage

Back And Hip Pain & Back Pain Massage

As we age it becomes more common to suffer from back and hip pain. Sports injuries, accidents, not enough exercise, a bad diet, poor posture or just aging bones and cartilage may cause a toll on the body as years go by. Some people may seek medical attention and most just deal with the pain and hope it eventually fades or goes away. There are many different remedies, ointments and patches and creams that are available at the drug store however most of the time they do not suffice and provide little or no relief to the underlying problem.

Back pain massage is one form of treatment some turn to which tends to be more effective than applying a topical ointment or cream since it stimulates blood circulation to the affected region providing more comfort. A skilled pair of hands can only penetrate so far and can also be quite expensive.

Light Relief is a tool that is cleared by the FDA and has been recognized by the medical community as a valuable tool for back pain management as well as relief from joint and muscle pain which may be experience in other parts of the body. It is a safe and effective method when instructions are followed. It works to elevate and maintain tissue temperature as it works to emit energy in the infrared spectrum providing topical heating. Wherever you’re having muscle pain, joint pain or stiffness simply place Light Relief over the area as it provides you with a pleasurable mild warmth that is soothing. It does not emit any harmful radiation or x-rays. Light Relief cordless, operates on AA batteries and is completely silent when being used.

Chronic Neck Pain & Chronic Back Pain

The neck is an easy part of the body to stain or injure which is why chronic neck pain is such a common problem. A neck injury can last a lifetime and difficult to live with. Chronic neck pain can be difficult to treat whether it’s caused by whiplash, sports injury or on the job. Most people turn to chiropractors to seek relief from a pain that can be sometimes debilitating. However there is not always a chiropractor around when you need one and it can also be an expensive route for taking care of chronic neck pain.

Light Relief is an exciting new therapy that is not a cream, ointment or patch that has been cleared by the FDA to offer temporary relief to chronic back and neck pain as well as muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness. Light Relief has been able to provide a method that chronic neck pain and back pain responds to favorably.

Muscle Pain & Back Pain Muscle Spasms

For those who experience muscle pains it can be quite dreadful and difficult to deal with. Fortunately the FDA as recently cleared a new therapy which works well to treat muscles pains called Infrared Light Therapy. This therapy isn’t new at all. In fact Infrared Light Therapy has been used in Europe for years as a safe and effective way of treating the pain by getting to it right at the root of the issue. This method of treatment is as completely natural as sunlight itself so that you do not have to rely on alternatives which may be detrimental to your health such as pharmaceuticals.

Back Pain and muscle spams are very common and can be quite painful however they are rarely something that is concerning but they can be a sign that there is a deeper underlying issue that can be more serious. Back pain or muscle spams can happen anywhere on the spine. When you have a back pain muscle spam this due to stress caused by an involuntary contraction. This is usually caused by injuries, sprains or tears. This pain usually starts in the nerves and can lead directly to the muscle. This feeling can be very painful and can be helped with the gentle heat provided by the light therapy which Light Relief can provide to ease these muscle spasms.

Pain treatment options are available from both modern medical science and holistic treatments to choose from. However these options can sometimes have side effects from pain treatments such as pharmaceuticals and carry a risk of dependance. It is important to first explore options that are non-invasive and natural first. Light therapy works to warm the tissues thus easing the pain caused by muscle and joint pain stiffness without any short-term or long-term side effects which is why Light Relief has become such a popular product across the United States and Canada.

lightrelief2Shoulder Pain Relief & Upper Back Pain

If you’re someone who’s searching for shoulder pain and upper back pain relief which is most likely caused by a pulled muscle, torn muscle or even a dislocated join. This problem is difficult to diagnose. Whatever the cause of this problem Light Relief has proven to be a great method to provide relief to the shoulder area by using infrared light therapy.

Upper back pain is normally related to shoulder pain. Those who suffer from one tend to suffer from the other as well. The cause of both shoulder and upper back pain is usually the same. Light Relief’s infrared light therapy work to warm up these area and providing a soothing treatment that relieves any shoulder or upper back pain. Light Relief can be used right at your fingertips whenever you need it. No more trips to the doctors or physio treatments necessary since you can use it right in your own home.

Upper back pain is normally caused by overexertion, stress, heavy lifting, poor posture, old injuries or sleeping in the wrong position. This pain is very difficult to diagnose and can be even more of a problem to treat. Physio therapy is normally used to treat these problems however infrared light therapy has proven to be helpful in treating upper back pain. Light Relief provides the infrared light therapy which works effectively to treat the problem.

6 reviews for Light Relief Handheld Unit

  1. Joe R.

    I got into an accident years ago and sicne then I’ve had chronic back pain. I’ve tried almost everything such as acupunchure, steroid shots from my doctor and have taken pain killers. It got to the point where I was willing to try almost anything until I came across the Light Relief infomercial on television so I decided to take advantage of the offer online after reading more about it and checking out the Light Relief customer reviews to see what others who’ve tried it had to say. It seemed that the majority of people who have tried it found pain relief from using it. After weeks of using light relief my pain slowly started to lessen and eventually there was no pain at all. If you have any chronic pains the I recommend trying Light Relief, it worked well for me.

  2. Helen

    claims seemed a little too good to be true but since a friend of mine had it and swore that it worked I decided to order it. The product proved to be very effective in helping with the pain I’ve been getting in my elbow which had become unbearable. I went to see a physiotherapist but had only temporary relief after my appointment and the next day I was in pain again. After using it just for a couple days I immediately started to feel better. It comes with two pads. The smaller pad should be used on smaller areas and the larger pad for larger areas such as your back, legs and shoulders. My husband had back pain and I would apply Light Relief for him and he also saw relief in just days. It feel very warm and soothing as I apply it and surprisingly works better than I had anticipated. The only complaint about Light Relief that I have is it isn’t big enough to wrap around a knee or neck area.

  3. Gregory

    After being a car accident I’ve had to deal with a lot of pain in my muscles and joints for a long time. I was about to buy it from Amazon but was warned from a friend that it was better to buy it from the official Light Relief website or As Seen on TV Canada where you can get the TV offer. I used the Light Relief several times a day on any areas where I was feeling pain. The deep penetrating heat gets deep into the muscle and gives me immediate help especially in my neck and shoulders where I feel it the most. I had been taking Advil for a wile up until I started using Light Relief. I’m down to using it just once per day now and I rarely feel any pain anymore. The Light Relief infrared pain therapy brings me instant relief and I’m also able to sleep better. I would recommend it to anyone suffering from muscle and joint pains.

  4. Michael

    Trying to get through my day was getting harder as i was suffering from tendonitis and felt an excruciating sharp pain in my elbow. I saw the infomercial for Light Relief on television and though I’d give it a try. The infomercial said it worked on arthritis, sore muscles, joint aches and points etc. so I thought i’d give it a go. The beauty of Light Relief is you don’t have to take any pills or ingestibles to ease the pain since Light Relief uses infrared light therapy which is safe and easy to use.

  5. Andrea

    I thought this product was ridiculous the first time i saw the infomercial as I couldn’t believe this device would ever work. When I purchased Light relief I have to say it’s probably the best $$$ i’ve ever spent as its help my back pain and lets me sleep a lot better at night.

  6. Deborah

    I’m 55 years old and found that light relief helped me deal with my neck and back pain. I’ve tried different topical applications along with medications to help me deal with my pain. However when I saw the infomercial for light relief on television i was willing to give it a try. I liked the whole concept as the light relief infrared therapy equipment used light in order to relieve muscle pain in any part of your body simply by hovering it over the target area. Light relief emits a warm therapeutic light which feels good and relieves andy pains and aches and also increases blood circulation. I found it very light and easy to use and only use it for 15-20 minutes and can feel the results as my pains are diminished. You can finally feel as you once did by banishing your muscle pain with light relief. Say Goodbye to your muscle pain and order your light relief to see what a difference it can make. I did a little research from reading other light relief reviews before i bought it and found that the majority of people find it effortless, easy to use and very effective. Light relief is even approved by the FDA which was very comforting to know when i bought it so i know it wasn’t a scam.

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