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Are you looking for a way to improve the way you look and feel, but don’t have time to go to a gym? JNL Fusion is a breakthrough workout program, created by international fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee, that helps you lose weight, burn fat, and build lean sexy muscle in the comfort of your own home. Start changing your life, today.

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JNL Fusion DVD is a revolutionary workout program that can benefit anyone who wants to burn fat or lose weight. Whatever your goals are JNL Fusion will certainly require work but delivers results. This As Seen on TV workout program will kickstart your metabolism and ignite the fat burning power in only 30 minutes per day.

JNL Fusion Features:

  • Lose weight, burn fat, and build lean, sexy muscle
  • See results in just 60 days
  • Blasts fat up to 48 hours after your workout
  • Core program consists of 30 Min. Workout Sessions on 12 DVDs

About Jennifer Nicole Lee

 Introduced by Jennifer Nicole Lee who is an international health and fitness celebrity who has become an icon for women after she inspired millions with her 80 pound weight loss success story transforming to a fitness model body. Jennifer Nicole Lee was not always a fitness icon, after having two children she put on a lot of weight and one day seeing herself in a frumpy red bikini she decided to transform her life and body and start a new fitness journey, picked up the weights and that was the start of JNL Fusion.

JNL Fusion Workout DVD’s include 12-power packed workouts that are based off the science of Super-Spiking which combines 30 seconds of strength training followed by 30 seconds of cardio bursts which works to elevate your heart rate, gets those muscles burning and melts away unwanted weight. If you’re willing to put in the effort then you’ll definitely see results with JNL Fusion. The company guarantees results in just 60 days. 9 motivating workouts included will target your arms, shoulders, abs, core, backside, legs and the parts of the body. JNL Fusion incorporates cardio and stretch based workouts for total body conditioning. Stay focused on track to your transformation to getting the best results with the meal guide and fitness calendar. Burn fat for up to 24 hours after your workout as this workout DVD helps get you into the best shape of your life without having to fork out money on an expensive gym membership and having to take time out of your schedule getting to the gym or paying for expensive personal trainers. This workout program has changed the way many experts and fitness professionals look at fitness programs and will keep you motivated and interested.

This JNL Fusion Offer Includes:

  • 13 DVD’s
  • Fusion Fitness Guide
  • Success Tracker
  • Workout Calendar
  • 14 Day Extreme Makeover Guide

Fusion Basics

This introductory DVD welcomes you to the start of your new super fit fugure and will show you everything you need to be on your way.
Shoulder Shredder
In this DVD you’ll be shredding those shoulders and tightening up your triceps with this upper body workout that will give you a rewarding feeling when complete. Your shoulders will feel stronger and your triceps will feel more toned and tighter.
Ballistic Backside
All the muscles in your backside will be engaged all your deepest core back muscles as they are strengthened and toned.
Fusion Lower Body
Jennifer Nicole Lee will challenge you with a combination of exercises in this workout that will target your lower body.
Lean Legs
If you want strong and sexy legs then you’ll love this workout as it hits all the major leg muscles helping you achieve those fitness model legs. This workout is great for all fitness levels.
Crazy Circuit Cardio
Jennifer Nicole Lee’s super challenging workout then is guaranteed to help you burn fat. With her multi-muscle exercises you’ll be guaranteed to burn fat and turn your body into a machine.
Bicep Builder
Chest and Biceps are the major focus of this workout. While your lower body rests you’ll be getting a super charged workout.
TKO Fat Blast
Awaken your inner fighter as Jennifer Nicole Lee’s TKO Knockout Cardio blasts the fat away as you go through this standing and sculpting workout that will help build your endurance at the same time.
Upper Body Transformer
JNL Fusion’s upper body blast focuses on improving power appearance and strength in this arms, back and chest workout.
Speed and Agility
With sports inspired moves from other sports such as football, basketball, soccer and track and field you’ll be focusing on your inner athlete.
10 minute total body
If you’re short on time and need a quick full body tune up then this 10-minute body transformer will help you tighten and tone from head to toe in just under 10 minutes.
Fusion Stretch
If you’re feeling tight and wound up then you’ll be able to unwind with Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Fusion Stretch as it helps you stretch out all your major muscles and guiding you through breathing.


10 reviews for JNL Fusion Workout DVD Program

  1. Lyn

    When I was in high school I was a cheerleader and hat a great figure but fast forward to months ago I was very overweight after having 3 children. I always wanted to lose the weight but every time I’d lose it I’d pack it back on very quickly and tried almost everything but my body would just yo-yo back to where it was. I learned about Jennifer Nicole Lee from watching some random youtube videos about her and was motivated by her story since she was once overweight herself after having children. I ordered it right awy and have never stuck to a program like I have with JNL Fusion. I couldn’t believe the results I was getting week after week as I would drop about 4-5 pounds per week by going through her 30 minute intense and motivating workouts ever morning combined with a strict diet. I’ve since lost 45 pounds and my body is leaner, toner and more muscular. I wish I took before and after pics but everyone around me is constantly asking me how I did it. This just doesn’t put you on a path to change your body but to change your life. JNL Fusion is simply amazing!

  2. Carol

    In searching for ways to eat healthy and lose weight online I came across JNL Fusion and read a fair bit on Jennifer Nicole Lee. Before I purchased it did my research and found that it was raved about on online customer reviews from people who claimed to get in better shape and lose weight from this as seen on TV workout DVD. JNL Fusion turned out to be fantastic and the weight just seemed to melt off as I would push myself through her amazing workouts which are very fast paced and effective. She’s very motivating. It doesn’t have the warm up or cool down period which is typically found in most beachbody workout dvd’s but nontheless packs a serious punch. It’s fun to follow along and each workout has a variety of moves and when I’m done i’m completely exhausted and dripping with sweat. Instead of using the jump rope that comes with JNL Fusion I purchased a crossfit rope which works so much better and I’ve also developed a lose for skipping too which apparently burns more cardio than running. If you’re looking to lose weight and get into better shape you’ll want to consider the JNL Fusion workout DVD.

  3. Stacy S

    After reading some JNL Fusion reviews online from people who have gotten amazing results I decided to order it. It arrived at my home only a few days after placing my order online which I was very content with. I’ve tried other beachbody products in the past such as the P90X and Hip Hop Abs and I would recommend both of them but JNL Fusion is by far my favorite. The only issue I had with these workout dvd’s is that I wish they were longer. I’m a generally healthy person and usually eat very clean about 5-6 days per week and about a year ago decided I would commit to workout dvd’s in the mornings to start my day before I head to work. Every workout DVD provides a similar format as it works a different muscle group or type of cardio. Jennifer Nicole Lee is great to follow along with and her workouts get my heart pumping and sweating every morning. When I’m finished a JNL Fusion workout my muscles are burning and I feel great. These workouts are a great way to kick-start the day and it makes me more alert when I’m at work. If you’re someone who lives a busy lifestyle and can’t make it to the gym you’ll appreciate JNL Fusion.

  4. Michelle

    I love my morning JNL Fusion workouts since they’re only 30 minutes and by the time I’m finished I feel like I’ve done something amazing for my body and it definitely shows with the sweat I work up. I’ve done the P90X which got me into shape and didn’t think the JNL fusion was going to me much of a challenge but it really kicked my butt. I’ve lost 12 pounds in the last month from using it but more importantly my body looks better since i’m more toned. I get sore after my workouts but I have fun while following along with Jennifer Nicole Lee. As long as you dedicate yourself to this program you’ll see results. This workout DVD keep you motivated and engaged so you don’t get bored. Whatever your fitness goals are you’ll appreciate the JNL fusion.

  5. Maxine

    At the end of a JNL Fusion workout i’m absolutely drenched and I feel amazing. Jennifer Nicole Lee is such a role model since she was overweight herself at one point and now she’s a fitness mogul and an inspiration. I like her workouts over other workout dvd’s because she keeps things fresh and fun. I’ve such a blast doing my morning workouts with JNL Fusion and lost 10 pounds by my second week. I definitely earn my showers after every workout. I love JNL Fusion!

  6. Brenda

    I’ve used other beachbody workout dvd’s in the past which I’ve gotten great results from and when I saw Jennifer Nicole Lee’s JNL Fusion I thought it looked worth trying since I wanted a new workout dvd series to try out. It’s different from beachbody workout dvd’s because it doesn’t have a warm up or cool down, instead Jennifer takes you straight into the workout. I wouldn’t say it’s as challenging as other workout dvd’s I’ve tried in the past but it’s still pretty intense. If you’re somebody who’s looking to lose weight and is just getting started I would highly recommend getting JNL Fusion. I still get sore and soaked after every workout so I know it’s a really effective workout.

  7. Amy K

    JNL Fusion was very challenging but not discouraging. I really like the 30 second intervals of cardio and weight training. I like the fact that it’s fast and fun and the nutrition guide that comes along with the program is great. I’ve been following the JNL Fusion workout program for over one month now and I’m already getting results. My waist has gotten slimmer already and I can tell when I put on my pants which feels so great. I highly recommend this workout program!

  8. Magda

    This is a fitness program that I love because I can easily integrate it into my schedule. I can feel every part of my body being worked as I go through the 5-35 minute workouts every morning. I was already in pretty good shape when I bought JNL Fusion and I still got a great pump after I’d be finished my workout. Jennifer Nicole Lee is very motivational. There is no warm up like other fitness programs since it’s very important to avoid injury during your workout. I’ve done P90X and find JNL Fusion to be just as intense. Whatever your fitness goals are JNL Fusion can help you get a better body. I was already in pretty good shape when I started it but I find my body is a lot toner and muscular since I’ve been doing it for a month now.

  9. Rita

    I’ve tried so many different workout dvd’s over the years and have always preferred at good home workout to going to the gym which was a huge commitment and not to mention a large chunk of my schedule I’d have to sacrifice. Over the years i’ve tried such workout DVD’s as Yoga Booty Ballet, Hip Hop Abs, RushFit, P90X, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift and a handful of others which all had different themes and styles of working out which has always kept my workouts interesting and not repetative. JNL Fusion really caught my attention because I’ve always loved Jennifer Nicole Lee and she’s truely an inspiration in the fitness community as proof that you can take your body wherever you want to as she was once overweight and now has a fitness model body. I’ve read countless JNL Fusion reviews online from people who raved about how much weight they loss and now I’m not surprised after completing the program myself. To do the workout you should be equipped with weights, resistance bands and a jump rope. The workouts are very intense however very short. I liked doing them everyday but I’ve read one customer review that they would do the workouts three days per week and double up the workouts with 2 x 20 minute workouts. I get sore after just one 20 minute workout which is a sign that I’ve had a good workout. I actually did manage to lose an inch off my waist and about 10 pounds but I wasn’t extremely overweight to begin with. This is really a great fitness system that worth getting.

  10. Patricia

    If you’re looking for a great way to burn off fat and boost your metabolism than look no further than the JNL Fusion workout DVD. As an avid Beachbody Workout DVD user I knew I was JNL Fusion was going to pack a powerful workout especially since I’m such a big fan of Jennifer Nicole Lee. You’ll get your heart rate pumping with the combination of 30 second intervals of cardio and strength training and best of all you can get your workouts done in just 40 minutes. The fact that Jennifer Nicole Lee isn’t exactly young it gives hope that you can achieve a great body at any age. In the last 6 weeks of using JNL Fusion i’ve lost inches around my thighs and glutes. The cookbook that comes with the workout system is great too and it’s just as important as the workouts if you want to see results. I can now see abdominal lines on my stomach where there use to be a layer of flab and my stomach was soft. I highly recommend JNL Fusion and these high powered workouts would work for anyone.

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