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iRenew may promote strength, balance and endurance for life. It’s a bracelet that’s infused with our exlusive patented Selective Frequency Resonance technology. Just wear iRenew and experience the difference.

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Feeling sluggish? Do you feel like you just can’t keep up some days? Does your flexibility or strength seem to be waning? Are you having problems sleeping? The iRenew energy bracelet may be able to help. The iRenew bracelet harnesses the restorative powers of biofield technology to help restore your balance, regain your overall strength, and add vitality to your life. Its revolutionary selective frequency resonance with patented spiral field technology is the only verifiable technology of its kind with enough scientific testing to be able to claim: May Promote Strength, Balance and Endurance.

The iRenew Sport is designed for athletes or anyone with an active lifestyle and created using our proprietary Selective Frequency Resonance™ (SFR) application process.  The iRenew Sport is available in five colors and is adjustable from 7″ to 9″.

iRenew Sport may promote balance strength, and endurance

As soon as you get it, put it on, play your game, and your game will never be the same!  If not, just return it for a full refund (minus p&h)

The iRenew Sport Bracelet is specially designed for athletes or anybody that lives an active lifestyle. When worn it may help improve balance, strength and endurance.

Products from iRenew are created using the company’s proprietary Selective Frequency Resonance (SFR) application process. These bracelets are becoming one of latest trends for professional athletes of all sports, musicians, celebrities, and people of all different ages.

As soon as you put on the iRenew Sport Band your game may never be the same again. It is great for any sport and for any type of athlete. Countless professional athletes having been using iRenew to enhance their performance.

In a recent university study that was conducted, the participants on average committed 80.6% fewer balance errors, and performed 16.1% more bench presses while wearing iRenew versus a placebo.

The iRenew Sport is adjustable from 7″ to 9″ and can also be trimmed to fit smaller wrists. There are three different colors to chose from: Black/White, White/Black, and White/Green.


Did you know that our biofields are constantly threatened by the noise made by cars, street lights, and amplifiers? The biofield is also disturbed and unbalanced by electromagnetic radiation produced by common devices such as cell phones and satellite antennae. These disturbances in the biofield can drain our bodies of much needed energy, disrupting the natural flow necessary for a healthy life.

Biofield technology was developed to harness the natural electromagnetic frequencies that are present in our environment. The technology helps us align ourselves with our natural and coherent state. Ionic bracelets have been around for decades, typically offsetting negative energy with copper. However, they don’t have the ability to provide the positive energy into the biological system to help neutralize the negative ions. Along with attracting the electromagnetic charges, and dispelling negative energy, the new patented technology used by iRenew also sends positive balance to the system.

iRenew’s revolutionary technology is based on the universal geometric intelligence of nature and encourages positive attitudes towards personal alignment and wellness goals. Numerous independent University and Clinical studies have shown that this technology may help support strength, balance and endurance.


Individual results will vary, but satisfied customers have reported:

  • Increased energy
  • Greater flexibility
  • Enhanced balance
  • Lower levels of chronic pain
  • Overall feeling of greater health
  • Better, more refreshing sleep


The iRenew Fashion Bracelet is made of surgical grade silicone infused with iRenew’s exclusive patented technology with stainless steel accents. It is fully adjustable to fit just about anyone, and comes in a variety of colors. The stylish design can be worn anywhere and fits any lifestyle.


Special Offer:
When ordering today, you will receive the iRenew® Fashion Bracelet for just $19.99 +$6.95 P&H and we’ll include a second iRenew® Fashion Bracelet for FREE, just pay the separate $6.95 P&H.

If you are not completely satisfied with your iRenew product, return it within 30 days of your original purchase date for a 100% refund. If a refund is requested, iRenew will refund the full product cost of your order minus the original shipping costs.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. Not a medical device.

2 reviews for Irenew Bracelet

  1. George

    Irenew Bracelet works and I am happy about that. My balance is improved. I must say that the bracelet is very cheap construction. It did though give the rash on my wrist. The company was great when I told them about the rash, they send me another one. These things definitely work. It is amazing. My son believes in these and is always wearing one. So…I ordered one for my mom who has always has problems with her balance. We tested it with the instructions and it worked.

  2. Tia

    Irenew Bracelet has worked wonders for me. Before I bought it i felt really weak and lethargic normally and I do work long hours and have a quite stressful life. I came across irenew bracelet and i decided to give it a shot since I get sucked into purchasing things off television so easily and the infomercial was very convincing. I have to say that i do feel stronger and have more of a sense of well being. I also found that my workouts were better. Since it helps promote balance i found that i kept more focus and balance while running on the treadmill. Irenew bracelet truely works and I would recommend it to anyone.

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