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InstaBulb Light Bulbs are a battery-operated light bulb that is cool to the touch, so it’s safe to place anywhere in your home. INSTABulb™ is perfect in dark closets, cabinets, attics and basements. All you have to do is stick the base on the wall, slide in the bulb and pull the cord to get light anywhere you need it.

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instabulbInstaBulb Is The Stick Up Light Bulb That Gives You Light Where You Want It Where You Want It!

The InstaBulb Light Bulb is an As Seen on TV wireless light bulb that has been advertised on commercials across Canada and the US. It is a product that provides light when the electricity goes out in your home or provides light in dark places or wherever light is needed. Instead of having to depend on flashlights or candles InstaBulb can light up an entire room.

  • No Outlet or Wiring Needed
  • Cool To The Touch
  • Use Instantly as Portable Lantern
  • Advanced Krypton Technology
  • Uses Common AA Batteries
  • Shatter-proof
  • Great for: Closets, Sheds, RVs, Pantrys, Attics, Stairwells, Power, Outages, Basements, Camping

Perfect for RV’s, emergency kits, boats, tool sheds, workshops, cabinets, dark closets, underneath stair cases, attics or just about anywhere there may be darkness or no light source, you’ll love the convenience of InstaBulb.

InstaBulb Light Bulbs can be easily installed anywhere since it has an adhesive base that easily sticks to the wall and the light bulb unit slides in. No need to hire a handy man or electrician to get a light source since InstaBulb can be installed in just seconds! The bulb is shatter proof and cool to the touch making it perfectly safe from children getting burned. It is durable, portable and affordable.

The wireless light bulb you can install without an electrician

This battery-operated light bulb is cool to the touch, so it’s safe to place anywhere in your home. INSTABulb™ is perfect in dark closets, cabinets, attics and basements. All you have to do is stick the base on the wall, slide in the bulb and pull the cord to get light anywhere you need it.

INSTABulb™ Features:

      • Battery operated
      • Slides out to become a handy lantern
      • Stays cool to the touch
      • Shatter proof
      • Stick on base, slide in bulb, and you’ve got light


7 reviews for InstaBulb Stick Up Light Bulb

  1. Courtney

    InstaBulb Light Bulb is a great way to get light in dark places such as closets, sheds and underneath the stairs. I one in my shed which comes in handy whenever I need to look for something so instead of using a flashlight. It was a lot brighter than I thought. This is a great deal since it costs less than $20 and easily adds the convenience of light in dark places and perfect for outages. We placed one in certain room in our house so that during outages we can easily navigate around our house. We had a power outage 2 weeks ago and instead of sitting in the dark in our living room we just turned on the InstaBulb and were both able to read our novels with plenty of light. It’s not as bright as a normal light bulb but provides enough of soft light. Installing it was easy since it has an adhesive back and there’s no drilling holes in the wall or electrical work involved. I was also happy with how quickly it was delivered to my home.

  2. Jill

    I was happy that it arrived at my home on time. It was a lot cheaper online than it was at the store so I suggest buying it online. Very easy to install and gives light in any place. I bought a battery charger too so that I don’t have to keep buying new batteries for it. It takes 4AA batteries and has an adhesive that can stick to almost any surface including textured surfaces but I would use self tapping screws to still reinforce it against the wall. I installed one under the sink and my husband put one in his shed in the back. InstaBulb is totally worth the money.

  3. Randy

    Insta Bulb is really a great ideal. It’s such a simple idea that allows anyone to stick a light wherever you want without having to do any electrical work. I installed one underneath our stair case which is used as a storage and another one in our tool shed. This product met my needs perfectly and you can even use it liek a lantern since it’s battery operated. I took one of them with me on a camping trip and hung it on top of the inside of our tent. For $10 you can get 2 lights which is a great price for the benefit anyone can clearly get from having it. It’s not the brightest light but enough for any dark areas like pantries or dark closets to help you find what you’re looking for.

  4. Jared

    I saw the infomercial on television and thought it was a pretty neat idea. Anthony Sulivan presents this product in the infomercial as a quick solution to add light in your home or garage without having to rely on an electrical line. The instabulb is a great slide in bulb that is battery operated and while it’s clear light any other light bulb that it does not work forever it worked great for only $10.99 for 4 bulbs. This product has been around for along time from what i’ve read on the net from other reviews and blogs and looks pretty successful since so many people seem to be fans of this as seen on tv light bulb.

  5. Mustafa

    I am going to give this InstaBulb Stick up light bulb an excellent rating because it does what I had intended it to do…..which is to provide a LITTLE light, not a huge amount, down the stairway to the basement. I try to save energy as much as possible so these lights serve its purpose. However, I ordered two more and one of them never went off despite the amount of light and it is supposed to go out after 30 seconds. So, have sent it back which was a good experience as they sent me a pre-paid shipping label…thank you. I will, of course, purchase another one to take its place.

  6. Dar

    I ordered a set of the battery-operate-d instabulbs a month ago and put them in certain areas of our home. Since I moved into a new subdivision the power grid still isn’t setup properly for the subdivision or so I’ve heard from my neighbour. I’ve experienced one power outage where the instabulbs came in handy. It was 8pm and everything went dard including streetlights which means that there is no light source. Buy turning on the instabulbs our home seemed to be the only one on the block that wasn’t effected. These should be in every home because they will definitely come in handy. They are great to get extra light anywhere you need it and cool to the touch exactly as advertised.Inst-aBulb is wireless, non-breakable and you don’t need to rely on wires or an electrician. All 4 instabulbs came in handy and i only costed the low price of $10 dollars plush shipping. It already served as a great investment and I recommend anyone to buy the instabulb.

  7. Jacob

    We had a power outage for 7 hours after our transformer blew on our street and instead of having to search for the flashlights we already had the InstaBulbs in place and turned them all one and had a full house full of light. We didn’t have to worry about searching for the flashlights as we would just turn on one instabulb and then the next and didn’t have to worry about stubbing our toes on furniture or worse. I saw the instabulb commercial on television and then ended up buying it online since i was able to get such a great deal. It arrived in no time at all and I placed one at the entrance of our house, in the hallway, bedroom and bathroom so when an emergency actually came our family was prepared. For those who are just reading instabulb reviews then take my advice that it’s a great purchase and extremely easy to install and very safe so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands since its cool to the touch. The insta bulb stick up bulb is a life saver when the lights are out and not to mention great for camping too.

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