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HydroMousse Liquid Lawn Seeder

Order your Hydro Mousse™ Kit for just $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H and we will send you double the grass seed absolutely free! That’s enough for 200 spots or 100 square feet.

Or you have the option to order our Hydro Mousse™ Pro Kit with double the grass seed absolutely free and an additional 4 Hydro Mousse™ refill bags for the low price of $79.80 plus $29.95 S&H as an added BONUS you will receive a 5th refill bag absolutely FREE! That’s a $27.90 value for FREE!

The World’s First Home Hydro-seeding Solution!

HydroMousse Liquid Lawn

Hydro MousseTM Liquid LawnTM is the newest, revolutionary way of growing beautiful grass in your own yard without all of the backbreaking planting, endless seeding, and costly watering. Seeding doesn’t work because the wind, rain, birds, and general traffic can take the seeds away from where you want them to be, making the whole process useless. Sod is overly expensive for installation, requires precise care, and still has many of the same problems you tried to get rid of: eventual traffic wear, death lack of sunlight, and bald dog spots.

  • Quick and easy — the grass grows where you spray it!
  • Attaches to any garden hose
  • Eliminates guesswork by clearly showing you where you’re planting
  • Eco-friendly Spray n’ Stay Technology™ attaches the seed to the soil and reduces the seeds water surface tension allowing it to absorb more water
  • Grows in hot or cold weather
  • High quality seed mixture blends perfectly with your existing lawn

Hydro MousseTM Liquid LawnTM does not involve any professional lawn care, extra work, or paying hundreds of dollars just to have the same problem a few months later due to extreme cold, excessive weeds, or drought. Hydro MousseTM is so easy to use that it requires only a few steps and your garden hose. If you can water your lawn, then you can also use Hydro MousseTM Liquid LawnTM.

All you have to do is attach your garden house to the product, aim it where you want it to go, and spray for complete coverage. The eco-friendly solution attaches the seeds to the ground so where you spray the seed is where the seeds stay. It even helps loosen the soil underneath the seed so that the product will grow much more quickly, and will eventually grow into that thick lawn everyone wants. The green color will show you the exact areas where you are planting, so it eliminates the guesswork and allows for complete coverage with every use. The high quality seed mixture of the best looking grasses, including: Perennial Rye, Kentucky Blue, Tall Fescue, and Fine Fescue that is also guaranteed to blend perfectly with your existing lawn. The grass can grow on vertical areas, and can survive extreme heat or cold conditions.

Hydro MousseTM is absolutely perfect for dry patches, dog spots, high traffic areas, and frustrating shady sections as well as the sunny parts of your yard for the fullest, thickest covering – even better than sod! And it blends perfectly with your existing lawn. One bottle of Hydro Mousse TM covers up to 50 square feet or 100 spots. A beautiful and professional looking lawn has never been easier to come by. The best part? The Hydro MousseTM kit is an all in one package, no more looking around your garage, shed, or barn for the seeds (or four seed packets!), the rake, the watering can, and those markers to show where you have done – you can attach the Hydro MousseTM to the hose and keep it there! There is a setting for “seed” and another setting for “water” so it can just stay put.

If you order your Hydro MousseTM Kit today for the low cost of $19.95 plus $7.96 shipping and handling, you will receive another Hydro MousseTM Kit absolutely free! That’s twice the grass seed and enough for 200 spot treatments or 100 square feet of coverage!  It has never been faster or easier to get those professional results at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time! Don’t pay a fortune for sod or seed the old-fashioned way! Order Hydro MousseTM Liquid LawnTM today!

The grass grows where you spray it. Just mix the included grass seeds with the Mousse formula in the spray canister, attach your hose, and spray on your liquid lawn. The seeds will stick where you spray them, and grow into a beautiful lawn.

  • Great for Dog Spots & High Traffic Areas
  • Pre-measured application comes with applicator spray bottle
  • 1/2 pound of 4 Grass Blends – Tall Fescue, Perennial Rye, Kentucky Blue & Creeping Red Fescue
  • Covers up to 100 square feet of lawn

Offer Details: Order your HydroMousse Kit for just $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping & handling and we will send you “double” the grass seed absolutely free! That’s enough for 200 spots or 100 square feet.

Hydro Mousse, What is it?

One of the most recent “viral” infomercials in recent months would be the one for a product that’s known as the “Hydro Mousse”. In fact, you’ve probably seen it yourself a couple of times, though you may have not paid any attention to it. And I’m telling you that doing so was probably one of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make. This is because the Hydro Mousse is a product that you and other homeowners will definitely be able to put into good use.

Advertised as one of the world’s first home hydro seeding system, this product will help make it easier for homeowners to grow their own beautiful green grass.

Eagle Eye Marketing Group, a fairly reputable company, says that their product has the “Spray ‘n Stay Technology”. The whole technology incorporates the seeds, the spray formula, the nozzle and the coating chamber into one whole product. As such, this makes using the Hydro Mousse very easy as all users have to do is to attach the nozzle and chamber filled with seed to a typical garden house.

Much like when watering the lawn, a quick turn of the dial and the Hydro Mousse will spray the seeds around which will come off as bright green. This makes it easier for you to know where you’ve sprayed. But then, much of what I’ve said is all what the companies have said themselves. And just like any company that’s trying to make their products sell, they may be masking some of the product’s quirks.

To help readers out, you’ll find below some of Hydro Mousse’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • The product delivers on its promise on helping homeowners growing the same quality of grass that professional growers do. This is nice, especially since the Hydro Mousse’s formula works great even when used on barren land.
  • Compatibility isn’t also an issue as it works with any garden house without posing much of a problem.
  • More importantly, Eagle Eye Marketing Group is a reputable company that’s received excellent ratings from BBB and has received few complaints over the years.


  • While growing grass is possible, even on barren lands, it is by no means easy to do so. In fact, growing grass can be quite difficult in certain climates and certain lawn conditions.
  • Eagle Eye Marketing Group failed to provide support for specific seeds and ingredients, which is quite disappointing especially for homeowners that plan on growing a different variety of grass.
  • There are certain reports of consumers having difficulty using the product. There are also a few complaints about the formula staining their hands and that the stain was particularly difficult to remove. This can be quite the problem for homeowners that plan on doing something else after “decorating” their lawns.


The product delivers, but it’s not exactly a product whose pros outweighs it cons. Not only that, the shipment factor and the lack of retailers make available not as easy as “using” the product can be. Though, for all the hassle, the product is somehow worth it for those who’re really fixed on decorating their lawns with professional-quality grass minus the hefty price tag.


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