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A new cleaning product has been featured on the As Seen on TV scene in both in Canada and the United States that has become an instant hit. Cleaning floors can be such a chore but the revolutionary Hurricane 360 Spin Mop cleans floor better than traditional mops so that you no longer have to bend your back while mopping your floors. There is no need for harsh detergents either since this As Seen on TV mop easily cleans behind toilets, cabinets, under table and chairs and other hard to reach places with little effort.

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The Hurricane Spin Mop has been featured As Seen on TV in both Canada and the United States. Cleaning floors can be such a chore however with the Hurricane 360 Mop it cleans, dries and polishes in one easy step.  There is no more need for harsh detergents either since it easily cleans behind toilets, cabinets, under table and chairs and other hard to reach places with little effort.

The Hurricane Spin Mop head is designed with a 360 swivel head that has 8,000 strands with gravity defying suction lock feature. It has an absorbing power which is strong enough to attract any dirt, grime or spills leaving your floors spotless and dry in no time. It literally sucks in the mess using its dirt trapping channel. The Hurricane Spin Mop’s Pro handle is made from a super-light alloy material which can lay flat allowing you to comfortably clean underneath areas such as beds, refrigerators and couches without ever having to move furniture or appliances. The mop head is machine washable so when you’re finished using it just toss it into the laundry machine. It also includes a quick release feature that turns the Hurricane Spin Mop into a duster.

The Hurricane Spin Mop’s wring-out bucket is also no ordinary mop bucket. It’s designed to do all the work for you. Just stick the mop head into the Hurricane 360 Bucket and  step on the foot pedal. As it spins using centrifugal force over 1000 RPM’s it extracts debris and liquid into the bucket drying the mop for you. No need to use your hands anymore for wringing or disposable pads.

Hurricane 360 Spin Mop Features:

  • Clean baseboards without scratching
  • Pivots around corners, under furniture and appliances easily
  • Never bend down again
  • No drips or spills
  • No streaks or smears
  • Cuts cleaning time in half
  • Machine washable up to 300 times guaranteed
  • Easily picks up dust, hair, dirt and more without sweeping
  • Buffs wood, shines tiles and best for travertine and marble
  • No need to sweep the floor before using it
  • Never touch mop water again!
  • Excess water from the mop head is remove easily
  • Mop heads are machine washable
  • The spinning basket cleans the mop with every use


13 reviews for Hurricane Spin Mop

  1. Janelle Y

    Keeping the floor spotless in my house is almost impossible with three children and two dogs. I bought the Hurricane Mop after a friend of mine told me about it and I honestly can’t believe how much easier cleaning has become and it literally works as claimed in the infomercial by cutting cleaning time in half since I no longer have to sweep the floors before mopping. I’m usually not keen on buying As Seen on TV products but this was one that was like no other mop i’ve ever seen in stores. I don’t know what’s better the Hurricane Mop itself for being able to clean floors more efficiently and not having to bend down or the Hurricane Spin bucket which doesn’t require me to use my hands to wring the mop. I really like how when I’m done using it I can just toss the mop head in the dishwasher so that it’s clean for the next time I use it. This is a product that is a no brainer and is a must buy!

  2. Arianna

    The Hurricane Mop is worth every penny. I’m not sure about how strong it is and I’m worried that it won’t last that long but as for it’s functionality this is hands down a brilliant invention. I have two dogs who keep me pretty buy since they make such a mess on my tile and hardwood floors especially since it was spring and my floors would be covered with paw marks. The hurricane mop makes the cleanup so much easier. It takes only a few minutes to cleanup and the spinner bucket gets rid of the water and dirt easier than my old mop bucket where I would have to press down with all my strength on a lever. The Hurricane Mop is a product that won’t disappoint anyone. I bought mine here at As Seen on TV Canada and would recommend it to anyone.

  3. Maura

    A friend of mine actually pulled out the hurricane mop while I was at her house after there was a spill on the floor and I was immediately drawn to it and she bragged about how it’s made cleaning the floor so much easier. I decided to order one online since I hate trying to keep my floor clean especially since we had a lot of rainy days in the last month and I can’t express enough how the Hurricane Mop has made things so much easier to keep the mess under control. It conveniently also turns into a duster which is great for staircases, shelves, and furniture. This is a very inexpensive piece of cleaning equipment that anyone would find extremely useful.

  4. Rick

    As a janitor at a local high school I can always appreciate cleaning tools that save me time especially since I’ve developed arthritis. I’ve tried many different brands of mops over the years and the hurricane mop caught my attention since it seemed to eliminate all the common frustrations I’ve had over the years such as straining the mop with my own hand and forcing the lever down. The spinning bucket was like a dream come true since you just stick the mop inside and step on the lever and it effortlessly rinses the mop without putting anymore pressure on my arms and leaves the mop wet enough to do its job. I’ve been using the hurricane mop for 3 months now and absolutely love it. I’ve used it on tile, laminate and wood flooring and it works just as well on any type of surface which is grate without having to worry about over soaking and using too much water which can damage wood flooring. This product is a must have and trust me you won’t be sorry.

  5. Janelle

    The hurricane 30 mop does exactly as shown in the commercial. I have wood floors in my home and it does a great job of keeping my floors clean since I find myself constantly mopping after my family. This mop allows me to effortlessly manage my floors without any pain which is why I love it since I no longer have to bend over or wring out the mop and deal with a filthy mop head. You can spin the mop head almost dry using the spin bucket. I wish it had a sturdier handle but overall it’s well designed better than a typical mop. I’ve placed an order for two more which I plan to give away as gifts. Hurricane Mop is a must have!

  6. Natalie D.

    I got the hurricane spin mop as a gift from my parents after I moved out into my own home. My mother was nice enough to purchase all sorts of cleaning products that I eventually ended up needing at some point. I didn’t think much of the hurricane spin mop until I ended up using it for the first time and it completely exceeded my expectations. I found the mop head to be very durable and great for picking up spills and messes. I remember mopping the floors at a supermarket when I was in high school and how annoyed I was with wringing the mop head and having to almost lean on the lever. But with the hurricane spin bucket I can just push down on the lever with my foot and it spins wringing it effortlessly. My floors dry faster since less water is used. Great product and amazing idea!

  7. Giordana

    If you’re looking to keep your floors looking their best then there is no better tool to use than the Hurricane Spin Mop. The only issue I had with it is the handle which could be a little more sturdier but everything else is great. I have a bad back and the hurricane mop allows me to easily get the job done without having to strain or bend my back. The spinner works just as shown in the infomercial. After using it you’ll never go back to traditional mops. This is truly a great invention and product.

  8. Inga

    The Hurricane Spin mop is excellent. After seeing the TV ad I didn’t think it was going to work as good as it did. Other mops I’ve used in the past would get heavy after being soaked in a bucket of water and using a swiffer only works for cleaning small area. This mop is very durable and the spinner is such an ingenious idea which is much better than the traditional lever on the mop bucket to squeeze out the water. You can easily dry your mop very easily and then soak it up when you need to. For the price you can’t get a better mop than the hurricane spin mop. I love it so much and it’s worth every cent.

  9. Rachel

    My sister purchased the Hurricane Spin Mop for me as a gift. It was very light weight and easy to clean with. I use it almost all the time to clean with. My kitchen floors easily become spotless as I pass it over the tiles or on the hardwood floors in other rooms. I love the spin bucket so instead of my old mop bucket where I would have to press down hard on the lever to dry the mop head I can just push down on the mop into the bucket and the spinning dries it so effortlessly. It picks up almost anything and it makes mopping almost a fun chore.

  10. Gorett

    Trying to keep a house clean in our busy household is always a challenge which is why I always keep my ears open for products to make my life easier. Especially with three little ones it’s a never ending chore. The Hurricane Spin Mop is so much easier to use than the ol’ mop and bucket since it’s so much simpler to handle. I no longer have to touch disgusting mop buckets and press any levers when I want to wring my mop since I just step on foot pedal and it does the work for me. The Hurricane Mop is a simple solution I can’t see anyone regretting buying since it’s inexpensive and will save you so much time and frustration.

  11. Connie

    My boss was insistent that I borrow her mop because I was complaining about all the mops I had bought and didn’t work. One use of her mop and I bought one for myself. I have all hardwoods and I couldn’t believe how much dirt and grime the mop picked up. It is easy to use and I highly recommend it to anyone.

  12. Cyndi

    I accidently ordered 4 mops. Instead of sending them back I kept all 4 and gave them to friends and family. Everyone loves them. So easy to use. No wringing the mop and touching nasty water. Cleans the floor wonderfully. It’s a breeze to clean up behind 3 kids and 5 dogs.

  13. Serena

    I went to my friends house who took out her hurricane mop when she accidentally made a spill in the kitchen and as she cleaned up the mess I got to see how well this mop really worked and was immediately sold by the accidental demonstration and how much she said she loved it so I bought one for myself. From my experience I found it’s so easy to use and I don’t have to get my hands dirty anymore since I don’t have to touch dirty water. It saves so much more time than using my old mop. It’s really a remarkable product!

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