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If you’re tired of dirty and ugly looking grout in your home you can now save yourself time and money with the Grout Bully. This As Seen on TV product penetrates deep while eliminating the mildew, mole and bacteria in your stained grout to provide you with a showroom finish that is crystal clear. Stop using a scraper and paint pens which normally come in only white and don’t fill the large grout lines. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and big repair bills with the Grout Bully which works to restore, renew and redesign your grout lines on contact on your floors, counter-tops and walls giving you a sparkling clean grout line every single time. Instead of wasting time and energy scrubbing you can easily apply and wipe it off!

Grout Bully Restores, Renews, Redesigns Grout ON CONTACT!

Features of the Grout Bully include:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Works on floors, walls and counters
  • Eliminates Mildew and Cleans Mold
  • Eliminates bacteria on contact
  • A sparkling clean grout line every time

To apply Grout Bully you just need to line it up against the grout line and press down gently on the tube as it is being applied. Wipe away any excess and view the results. This product can cover a 500 square foot area and can easily save you time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors does the Grout Bully come in ?

You can purchase Grout Bully in White, Black, Terra Cotta, Grey and Tan colors. There will be more colors to choose from in the future.

Can Grout Bully work on any kind of surface ?

No, do not apply Grout Bully to marble or unpolished granite, underwarter areas or unfinished stone.

Can Grout Bully fill in chips or missing chunks ?

No. Grout Bully does not substitute any missing piece of grout. You need to fill in any missing piece of grout before you apply Grout Bully.

What type of area can Grout Bully be applied to ?

Grout Bully can be used almost anywhere with a Grout Liner. Whether you’re using it on kitchen counters, showers, bathroom floors, outdoor tiles or anywhere there is a grout line. You can easily renew the look of your tiles when you apply Grout Bully.

How is Grout Bully applied ?

Just shake the Grout Bully well and then gently squeeze the tube on the grout line. Leave it to dry for 2 minutes and then use a chamois side of the Grout Bully Eraser to remove any Grout Bully excess.

Does the Grout Bully come in different sizes ?

Grout Bully is a one size fits all solution.

Where can I order Grout Bully ?

Grout Buly can be purchased online for United States residents.

Order Details:

For Only $10 plus $7.95 P&H you’ll get 1 Tube of Grout Bully and you’ll also receive two Bully Eraser Sponges. For an additional $7.95 you’ll receive a second tube of Grout Bullly and 2 more Bully Eraser Sponges.

Order may include applicable taxes. Allow 4-6 weeks delivery time.
Only Continental US, AK and HI orders.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Minus S&H)


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