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The amazing new Grill Daddy barbecue cleaning tools clean dirty grills in minutes with the power of steam!



grill-daddy-as-seen-on-tvThe Best Way to Clean a Grill!

The amazing new Grill Daddy barbecue cleaning tools clean dirty grills in minutes with the power of steam!

Grill Daddy’s Patented Design:

  • Cleans between grill grates & surfaces
  • Steams away baked-on food & grease
  • Leaves grill spotless and sanitary
  • Safe for steel, iron & porcelain grills hot or cold
  • Easy to use preheat, rinse, sterilize

Preheat grill, fill your Grill Daddy with water, and start to brush away caked on food residue and grease The Grill Daddy releases water as you brush, the water hits the grill, turns to steam and rinses away burnt food and dirt.

Grill Daddy gives you a grill that is sparkling clean, sanitized and cooks food that tastes great!

The Grill Daddy comes with the indoor/outdoor meat thermometer. It is guaranteed to work when cooking with your BBQ, oven, stove top or microwave – just insert into beef, wait 3-5 seconds and remove. The thermometer will reveal a visible colour change when your beef is rare, medium or well done!

• Works great on cold grills as well
• NSF approved materials

  • Just Preheat, Brush & Steam Clean
  •  Safe For Steel, Iron & Porcelain Grills Hot Or Cold
  • Leaves Grill Spotless and Sanitary
  • Patented Cleaning Head To Clean Tight Corners
  • Release Water To Wash Away Baked-On Food & Grease

Your Kit Includes:

  • Grill Daddy Pro Unit
  •  Crud Buster Head Attachment
  • Color Change Thermometer

3 reviews for Grill Daddy

  1. Aaron

    Easy Dish is a fantastic as seen on tv product I purchased one day while watching the infomercial on TV. Washing dishes has always been a chore i’ve never looked forward to. Although I have a dishwasher it consumes a lot of water and electricity and most of the time just doesn’t make sense to use. Cleaning dishes with Easy Dish is such a breeze as you just dip the plates inside the easy dish and it instantly removes any food off the dishes and you can use it on all kinds of utensils and glasses as well. I used to hate washing the inside of tall glasses as my fingers couldn’t reach the bottom, but with Easy Dish you can just put the glass on top of the Easy Dish bristles and turn the glass and voila the inside of a glass is clean in seconds. Easy Dish really is a time saver and is very easy to clean. Before I purchased easy dish I read some easy dish reviews to hear what others had to say about this tv product and it was all good testimonials and comments. Times have really changed for the better when it comes to washing dishes thanks to Easy Dish.

  2. Marc

    I’m in love with the grill daddy pro. Not only does it scrape any charred residue on your grill but it also does an awesome job cleaning using the power of steam unlike any other grill brush I’ve used in the past. My close friends came to my house last weekend for a barbecue and after seeing me use the grill daddy they were convinced to by one as well. Instead of cleaning your grill while it’s cold and using a whole lot of elbow grease you clean it before you throw any meats on your grill while the barbecue is warming up. You couldn’t ask for more from the grill daddy pro. The grill daddy virtually polishes your grill using its special steam cleaning technology while it rids of any grease and gristle on your grill as the steam just melts it away while the steel brush gives it a deep scrub. If you want to keep your grill sanitary and clean for cooking you’ll seriously want to order the grill daddy pro. The grill daddy pro also has a great ergonomic handle which makes cleaning the grill not so much of a chore any more.

  3. Dan

    If you’re looking for a great tool to kill you’re bbq then you’ll have to buy grill daddy pro. I’ve been using my for a few weeks now and i’m very impressed with how well it works. With just a few simple strokes you can leave your bbq spotless and sanitary again keeping it clean for the next time you’re ready to throw some delicious steaks, burgers on the grill. I’ve purchased other grill cleaning brushes in the past and none can compared to the grill daddy pro and as advertised on the official grill daddy infomercial it’s really the last grill cleaning brush you’ll ever need. I’ve read other grill daddy reviews and after getting confidence from other satisfied customers i decided to order it online. Unlike other grill cleaning brushes this brush uses steam. I’ve used other brushes in the past also using a spray bottle and brush as well as a batter powered grill cleaning brush but none can compared to this grill tool. Now that summers here this is one grill brush you’ll want in your arsenal. Once you’re done using the grill daddy pro just put it in the dishwasher which is great because it’s so easy to clean with and easy to clean. If you’re looking for the grill daddy in canada seentv canada seems to offer the same great deal as offered in the grill daddy pro infomercial.

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