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The GoGo Pillow works on any surface and as a backpack so you can take your tablet with you, enabling you to use your tablet comfortably wherever you are.

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The GoGo Pillow is an As Seen on TV pillow that can fit any tablet, iPad or electronic device as a protective case and can also unzip and flip into an amazingly soft and comfy travel pillow. The GoGo Pillow is perfect for long car rides, on the treadmill, reading or watching a movie in bed, plane trips or relaxing just about anywhere. No need to worry about dropping and damaging your expensive tablet when it’s protected by the GoGo Pillow. It can be used as a backpack so you can take your device with you wherever you go and it can be strapped to the back of a headrest which is perfect for movie viewing.

Never again deal with the frustration of holding your arms stretched out or knocking over your expensive tablet with the GoGo Pillow protecting it. Just sit back relax and enjoy. It is designed with a sleek multi-slot design. The GoGo Pillow is a luxurious multi-function pillow that can accommodate different devices such as tablets, iPhones and smartphones. Enjoys your tablet or other device and have a hands-free experience with this As Seen on TV pillow. It also has a two ports that allow headphones and a power supply.

Anyone who loves their gadgets or expensive tablet will want to buy a GoGo Pillow. Buy it today for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling. When you order at As Seen on TV Canada you’ll be able to take advantage of the Double Offer. That’s right, if you Buy 1 GoGo Pillow you’ll get an additional GoGo Pillow absolutely FREE (just pay separate shipping and handling).


The GoGo Pillow works on any surface and works as a backpack so you can take your tablet with you, enabling you to use your tablet comfortably wherever you are.

If you’ve got a tablet, you need a GoGo pillow. Get the most out of your tablet – wherever you go.

Go Go Pillow Features:

  • Complete comfort on the move.
  • Unzip and flip to turn into a travelpillow or backpack.
  • Holds your tablet securely in place.
  • Works on any surface & fits most tablets.
  • Allows easy access to power cord and earbud sockets.

Get 1 GoGo Pillow in the color of your choice for ONLY $19.95 + $9.95 (P&H). And if the savings aren’t big enough already, we’ll even throw in a GoGo Pillow of the selected color for FREE! (just pay additional $9.95 P&H). We are currently not shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, & US Virgin Islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What color is the GoGo Pillow available in?
A: The amazing GoGo Pillow is available in 5 different colors: blue, grey, pink, burgundy,and animal print. There is a color and/or pattern for everyone!

Q: What store can I purchase the GoGo Pillow in?
A: Unfortunately, this offer is not available in stores, but can be purchased through this site and also on the main GoGo Pillow product page.

Q: What are the functions of this pillow?
A: It is able to securely hold your tablet in place on your lap, the counter, or just about anywhere else you can imagine. It is also able to be folded into a backpack and even a comfy travel pillow no matter where you go!

Q: Will a 4 inch table fit into the GoGo Pillow?
A: Yes, the 4″ Tablet can fit in a Go Go Pillow. In fact, this is a multi-function pillow that can fit almost any tablet model.

Q: Will the GoGo Pillow protect my iPad or tablet?
A: The Pillow will protect your electronics from general wear and everyday use, but it should not be a substitute for a case. The cases made for the product should be used to secure the iPad or tablet for safety of the product.

Q: What else can it be used for?
A: Many people love this product for holding their electronics for reading, studying, or even just playing games. However, it can be used to hold real books and magazines too.

Q: How can I get in touch with Customer Service?
A: They are committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about ordering or about any of the great products, please feel free to contact via the information provided below:

GoGo Pillow
61 Accord Park Drive
Norwell, MA 02061

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 5:00am to 5:00pm PDT.


3 reviews for GoGo Travel Pillow

  1. Jared

    If you have an iPad then you’ll definitely want to buy the GoGo Pillow. This product turned out more useful than I had anticipated. I use it daily and it secures my IPad comfortably so while I’m on the train to work or on business trips I can also use it as a comfortable neck pillow as well. I’ve since purchased a few more GoGo Pillows to give out as gifts and I’ve gotten a positive feedback from those who have received one from me. Unlike other cases this one is more flexible and lightweight. I would buy another one if anything happens to the one I currently have.

  2. Crystal

    I live in Canada and saw the commercial for the GoGo Pillow and decided to order it online. I’m really glad I ordered it. I love my iPad and this pillow really makes the experience much better. I can rest my iPad on my lap and the GoGo Pillow props it up nicely. I just got back from a business trip to the United States and I strapped the iPad to the back of the seat in front of me and watched a movie since I didn’t enjoy the in flight movie which was also inconveniently far away from my seat. This is is really a handy product to have that i’m sure anyone with an iPad or tablet can appreciate.

  3. Marcus

    I really love the Go Go Pillow. I use all the time. It is so versatile. Well worth the money. It gives my hand a rest while playing on my iPad. It’s handy to take to bed or anywhere else!! Very nice and soft. Molds many ways. Love it. The fact that it doubles as a neck pillow is as brilliant as it is useful. Taking mine on a plane with me next week!

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