Go Warmer Rechargeable Personal Heater

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Go Warmer Rechargeable Personal Heater


Today, you’ll get Go Warmer™ for just $19.99 plus FREE shipping! Plus, you’ll receive a BONUS Go Warmer, just pay a separate $9.99 fee!

Just one charge in the Go Warmer™ keeps you toasty for up to 8 hours, giving you and the family comfort all day long! Disposable hand warmers don’t last and the cost of constantly replacing them is outrageous. Go Warmer™ has powerful lithium ion technology that puts instant heat right at your fingertips. It’s like putting a portable heater right inside your jacket! Go Warmer™ heats up in seconds and stays hot so you can stay comfy when you just go outside to walk the dog or fishing all day long!

It has dual-sided heating to warm both hands at the same time and you control the comfort — Low, Medium or High, up to 120°! Go Warmer™ is safe and environmentally friendly. And we’ll automatically upgrade yours to the deluxe version with a built-in power bank to charge any USB device!

  • Powerful lithium ion technology provides heat in just seconds
  • 1 charge lasts up to 8 hours
  • Three comfort control settings — Low, Medium or High, up to 120°
  • Dual-sided heating warms both hands at the same time, even through your gloves
  • Cordless, compact design is portable and great for on the go
  • Includes velvet carrying case
  • Built-in power bank charges any USB device


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