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Glow Pets uses over 30 different child-safe LED lights that never get hot. Glow Pets automatically turn off in 20 minutes and operate with 3 “AA” batteries.
Buy Glow Pets today for only $29.95 and Get 50% off Additionals! Orders include a 60 day money-back guarantee. Batteries not included.

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About Glow Pets

Glow Pets are a new magical plush toy brought to you by Pillow Pets which was another As Seen on TV kids toy for years. Glow Pets are an exciting next generation plush toys which is soft and extra fluffy. Kids who are afraid of the dark love to cuddle with this As Seen on TV kids toy that is designed with special LED lights that produce a warm friendly glow that never gets hot and turns off after 20 minutes.

Glow Pets are the next evolution of Pillow Pets that glow in the dark. Perfect for storytelling, sleepovers, playtime or anytime. This is a plush toy that kids will love and makes the perfect gift for holidays and birthdays. Kids and teens will be able to have a more restful sleep at night as these fun and cuddly characters provide a magical environment with their warm soft glow. No only can this As Seen on TV kids toy be used as a fun toy to play with but also can be used as a soft and comfy pillow for sleep time.

It’s designed with special LED lights that can last up to 100 hours and guaranteed to never burn out. It measures 15 inches in size and can fold up into a cuddly pet or open up and lay flat. To activate your Glow Pets LED lights simply press the button and enjoy the safe warm light. Glow Pets are powered by a 3 “AA” batteries which are are sold separately.

Special Offer

When you purchase a Glow Pet you’ll be able to take advantage of a 50% off any additional Glow Pet here on As Seen on TV Canada for the low cost of $29.95 plus shipping and handling.. Glow Pets includes a 60 day money back guarantee.

1 review for Glow Pets by Pillow Pets

  1. Chantal

    We purchased three of these for our children for Christmas. They had spotted them in the Sears christmas catalogue. We found them at costco and picked them right away. My kids love them and have them in their room every night. Unfortunately there seems to be a flaw in my 3 year olds bear glow pillow as the stitching has let go between the head and the body. I’m not sure who to contact about this issue. I was going to attempt to repair it but am not sure it will last. I would fully recommend these pillow pets and would rate a 5 out of 5

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