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Gadget Grab – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE


Enjoy hands free viewing of your devices any time and anywhere with Gadget Grab. It holds strong, yet peels off with ease. Call right now to take advantage of this special TV double offer. You'll get Two Gadget Grabs and two Gadget Grab minis for $10 plus shipping and handling.
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Gadget Grab Hands Free Phone and Tablet Stand
In your busy world your hands have more important things to do than always hold your mobile devices. Gadget Grab ends the balancing act with your tablet or phone so you can watch videos, browse the Internet, talk on the phone, read, exercise, cook and more. It’s compact, holds devices horizontally or vertically and the wide base helps prevent tipping. It’s a gadget worth grabbing.

  • The Ultimate Go Anywhere – Hold Any Tablet Stand!
  • Using your Phone and Tablet just got a lot better!
  • Just Flip it, Stick it and Stand it!
  • Gadget Grab Tablet Stand stays sturdy on all types of surfaces!
  • Perfect for hands-free viewing or usage of the gadget

Offer Details:

Offer details: Gadget Grab™ is the ultimate mobile device stand. Right now, through this exclusive offer, you will receive a Gadget Grab™ set which includes (1) Tablet Stand and (1) Phone Stand for the low price of only $10.00 plus $4.95 P&H. But wait, when you order now, you will also receive a second Gadget Grab™ set for FREE – you just pay $4.95 separate P&H.

Offer includes (2) Gadget Grab™ Tablet Stands and (2) Gadget Grab™ Phone Stands (buy one set, get one set)

*State tax may apply – NY, CT, CA & NV

*90-Day Money Back Guarantee (Minus P&H)

*An additional $10 P&H is added for items sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska


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