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Flex Belt Ab Toning Belt

(41 customer reviews)

The Flex Belt® is the first Ab Belt Toning system cleared by the FDA for Toning, Firming and Strengthening the stomach muscles. With The Flex Belt, you can train your abs even if you’re too busy or too tired for a traditional workout.

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Get Strong, Toned Abs With The Flex Belt Ab Toning System

The Flex Belt is the revolutionary ab belt that has been featured As Seen on TV across Canada and the United States. This ab toning belt effectively works to firm and strengthen your stomach muscles. Traditional ab workouts typically cause pain and discomfort. The Flex Belt is easy to use, effective and comfortable. Whether your too busy or too tired you can always put on the Flex Belt and get an amazing ab workout. This patented medical-grade device has been cleared by the FDA as a class II medical device and uses EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) Technology. It is used by physio therapy clinics across the world and now can be used right in your own home.

Just slip on the Flex Belt ab toning belt and feel how it stimulates the muscles in your stomach as it forces them to contract and relax without any pain. Just wear it for 30 minutes a day and get an effective abdominal workout that targets all the muscles in your abdomen.

  • FDA Cleared for toning, strengthening & firming abdominal muscles
  • Medical grade abdominal toning technology for men and women
  • Demonstrated study results you can feel

The Flex Belt produces results. In fact in a clinical study conducted by Dr. John Porcari who is a professor at the University of Wisconsin. He found that 100% of the participants felt their abs were more toned and firm after using it. Almost all participants found that the firmness in their abdominals increased. In another 8 week study results showed that 49% received an increase in abdominal strength and the average participant showed a 72% increase in abdominal endurance.

The Flex Belt is designed with three pre-positioned, medical grade gep pads which cover the central and external abdominal muscles in the stomach. Electrical signals are sent to the nerves located in each muscle where they are most concentrated. This causes them to flex and relax naturally and in sync so that every muscle is worked equally in the abdomen.

The Flex Belt is safe. It has been cleared by the FDA and also passed the safety and inspection by CE. It follows all requirements for the Medical Grade Device Directive (93/42/EEC). When using the Flex Belt there should be a pleasant and apparent feeling as your abdomen pulses making the muscles contract in a tensed position for a few seconds then relax. When finished your abs should feel tighter as if you just did an ab workout. A controller allows the user to set the intensity level between 1-150 so as your abdominal muscles get stronger you can increase the level.

It is recommended to use the Flex Belt 2-3 times daily. Users of the Flex Belt should expect to see results within 4-8 weeks.

flex belt reviewsHow Flex Belt Works:

• The unique construction of the Flex Belt® features three pre-positioned,
medical-grade Gel Pads, covering the central abdominals & external obliques.

• During your toning session, signals from the Flex Belt® reach out to nerves
where they are most concentrated.

• These nerves branch out to all of the stomach muscles causing
them to contract and relax naturally, working all of the muscles at
the same time, not just those directly under the gel pads.

Flex Belt Is Great For:

  • Casual Exercisers
  • Fitness Enthusiasts already in good shape
  • Executives who don’t have time to get to the gym
  • New Mothers
  • People with a Sore Back
  • Anyone that wants more attractive abs, regardless of current fitness levels


41 reviews for Flex Belt Ab Toning Belt

  1. Kendra T.

    The Flex Belt is a fantastic product if you’re like me and have back problems and still want to get a decent ab workout. Since using it my stomach feels more firm. I was planning on returning it if I didn’t see results but after using it the first time I could tell my abs were getting worked as if I did situps without having the lower back pain I usually get when I’d do situps or crunches. It’s not going to trim your belly without the aid of dieting. If you’re someone who has a bad lower back, hates doing situps or crunches or just wants to try a newer way to get your abs in shape then you should buy the Flex Belt. Since using it I’ve lost inches around my stomach and my abs are starting to show.

  2. Shawn L.

    I found the Flex Belt to be a remarkable product that really helped strengthen, firm and tone my waistline. It doesn’t cause any pain or stress like other ab machines or workouts. I can just simply put it on, adjust the settings and just sit down and get an amazing ab workout that feels like i’m getting a massage. I would be a little skeptical about this product but upon my research I found that it was using the same technology that is used in physiotheraphy clinics worldwide and manufactured by a company that has been making medical devices for decades and is approved by the FDA and has a lot of scientific testing to back it up. I’m not surprised why there were so many positive flex belt reviews online now that I’ve been using it for months. If someone has anything negative to say about this ab belt than they’re obviously not using it correctly. It’s not going to get you a six pack unless you’re using it alongside a strict diet.

  3. Luke

    Like many people out there searching for answers on how to get in better shape I came across a blog on Flex Belt and decided look further into it. I read a fair bit on how the technology worked as well as read some flex belt reviews and I finally decided to place my order. Along with my Flex Belt I decided go on a vegetarian diet since I read on one review that it’s pointless using this ab belt if you don’t clean up your diet if you really want to see results. I purchase my flex belt right on as seen on tv canada which worked out perfect for me since I am from Canada and all the other websites that advertised it were more expensive. With my order I received 1 flex belt, remote, gel pads, belt extension, carrying case, ac adaptor, manual and an extra gel pad I had requested since I didn’t want to pay the additional shipping and handling when I needed another one in the future. When I tried using it for the first time I was a bit scared like I was expecting a jolt of electricity or pain in my abdominen but it actually felt good. After my first session it felt like I did a hundred situps and my abs and obliques felt worked. I was a bit unpatient when I first got it but used it as suggested and wafter months of using it I can wait to hit the beaches this summer. My abs look great and body fat is now around 11 percent. The flex belt isn’t going to be the only solution to getting a flat stomach or abs but if you combine it with dieting, cardio and weight training just like you would any ab workout you’ll surely get results except with this ab belt you’ll be able to push your abs more than traditional ab exercises. I would recommend trying it out if you’re on the fence since it come with a trial period. I hope you find my flex belt review useful.

  4. Mike

    For the few months I’ve been using the Flex Belt the results have been amazing. I know that some argue that abs are made in the kitchen which means that all you have to do is reduce your body fat to show abs but some people like myself simply have low body fat and you can barely see my abs up until I started using the Flex Belt regularly. My abs are now more visible. It really is a combination of both dieting and having strong abs if you want to have a nice six pack and this ab belt is a better way to train your abs than any other method I’ve tried in the past. Highly recommend ordering the Flex Belt from As Seen on TV Canada as they offered the same price that was shown on the infomercial and the delivery was very speedy. I’m looking forward to getting better results as I continue to use it. I’m so happy with the flex belt.

  5. Debbie

    I’ve used the flex belt only a handful of times for 25 minute sessions and so far i’m very optimistic about using it. It was very comfortable and provides an almost pleasing sensation while i’m getting my ab workout unlike doing abs the traditional way. I don’t think this ab belt is going to be the sole reason that anyone gets a six pack but I do think it will be part of the equation. I feel my abs contracting and releasing pressure while I go through an ab workout and when I’m finished I feel like I’ve gone through a crazy ab routine. I love the fact that I can sit on the couch and watch my favorite shows while simultaneously getting an ab workout. I’m very happy with my purchase of the flex belt.

  6. Justin

    I’ve been using the Flex Belt Ab Toning Belt for the last few months and all I can say is that I love it! I’ve noticed a huge difference in my stomach and I can get a great ab workout without having to do a single annoying situp. I play hockey and I find that since I’ve started using it my core has gotten stronger thus making me more agile on ice being able to turn quicker and move better. This is completely worth the money and you’ll definitely get a great workout from using it. If you’re looking for abs then you’ll probably want to make sure you’re on a diet. But one things for sure since I started using it is that I have a noticeably stronger core.

  7. Charlie

    Before I decided to purchase the Slendertone Flex Belt i did some reading online to see what other people had to say but as a skeptic I had to try and see it for myself. When the flex belt came it was equipped with batteries, 3 gel pads, a carrying bag and a high tech looking slendertone ab belt with other items. It reminded me of a high tech girdle with a display screen but clearly it was a clever design making it easy to use. I been training for a very long time and then suddenly stopped for about 5 years and packed on some weight and developed a belly. When I started training again it seemed my entire body was able to look muscular and defined except my stomach area which still had love handles and no a slight belly. The flex belt was the key to taking my abs to the next level. It feels tingly when you first start using it but it actually hurts if you put it on a high setting and you’ll feel like you did a 100 crunches. I started using it mid level while i’d be going about the house, walking or just watching television. My pants now fit a lot better and my shoulder look a lot more broader since my waist looks smaller. I can see why this is similar to the expensive machines used by physio therapists. The technology definately works as advertised just be sure to follow the directions and you’ll surely see the results like i have. My abs are more developed on the left side so what I like about the flex belt is that I can adjust the setting to focus more on my right side to even out the abdominal development. I don’t think the flex belt is for people who are really overweight or obese. Don’t be misled to think the flex belt will suddenly give you a six pack because diet is probably the most important. You’ll probably find that after using it for a long time that it’s like getting a massage on your abdominal area. The slendertone flex belt is effective and not an infomercial gimmick. I can vouch for the flex belt as being the real deal.

  8. Katrina

    The flex belt is definitely a hot new product to hit the market and after using it for 3 weeks now i can now relate to all the positive flex belt reviews. The flex belt has to be the first weight loss belt that works because I’ve tried others and non have given me the results that i’m currently getting with this amazing new fitness product. I really wanted to lose some weight and wasn’t going to weight for new years to make my weight loss resolution. This ab belt will trim inches off your waist line which is usually most peoples desire who are trying to get into shape. Most trainers or even doctors will say that 30 minutes a day of abs is more than enough and now you can get your ab workout out of the day while you watch tv or on the computer with the flex belt. This is a great waty to save your joints and is a great fitness product for more than just those who are overweight. I think anyone will benefit from this ab belt and find that it’s a worthwhile purchase that will get them great benefits as i have. Flex belt is an easy to use product since all you have to do is put it on and you’re on your way to a slimmer and toner waistline. Don’t take harsh supplements to trim your waistline and don’t hurt yourself doing annoying situps or save yourself a trip to the gym and buy flex belt and like most other flex belt customers you’ll probably be coming back to write your own positive flex belt review recommending this product.

  9. Tim J.

    I`ve been working out pretty regularly and i`m in pretty good shape. I go to the gym about 3 times per week and jog every other day however I wasn`t able to tone my abs or lose my love handles which have been plaguing me for some time. I`ve purchased other ab machines in the past and didn`t get results mostly because i hate doing ab routines and they were frustrating to use. When i saw the flex belt infomercial i thought it was pretty inexpensive if it actually worked and since the infomercial, testimonials and flex belt reviews were so adamant that it would work i decided to give it a try. Heck, if it didn`t work like it was supposed to or i didn`t feel anything after using it i was going to send it back since it had a money back guarantee. The flex belt isn`t going to turn you into a fitness model but it will make an impact on your mid section and trim and tone you. I`m very content with the way my body looks after using the flex belt for 5 weeks. I know you`ve probably come across a hundred different ab machines and they all claim to work and they all have convincing testimonials but take my flex belt review`s opinion and give it a try and you’ll love using it and the results you get form using the flex belt. If you use the flex belt YOU WILL see increased definition in your abdominals and you won`t have to kill yourself doing crunches, planks or whatever crazy ab exercises you do that can sometimes hurt you more than help you.

  10. Mitch

    I would be surprised if anyone hasn`t heard of the flex belt since there has been so much buzz around this new ab belt. I didn`t know what to think of this product since I compared it to the vibration belts which i remember seeing on tv along time ago which i ended up trying and they felt very irritating to wear and seemed more of a gimmick. 3 years later I don`t even see them selling vibration belts anymore. Even though i was still a little skeptical I decided to try the flex belt because I knew if i didn`t like it was going straight back. I read from other flex belt reviews that they were getting emails about flex belt which seems more of marketing tactic from a scam company. Nonetheless i made the purchase and not long after it was delivered to my house. I was quite surprised at how effective this product is. The official flex belt website provides a lot of data and stats on past which after reading gave me a lot of confidence in this ab belt. I was very impressed by this product and i`m sure you will too. It finally feels good to tone and strengthen my abs without having to do rigorous ab workout routines. Dieting is a must .. don`t expect to trim your waist down when you`re eating Dunkin Donuts. So Flex belt plus a healthy diet will give you the results you`ve always wanted.

  11. Frank

    I found the flex belt to be as innovative as it was convenient. The flex belt is 40 years of research that consumers can now benefit from. The way the flex belt works is it stimulates your abdominal muscles giving you an effective workout without any pain or tedious and uncomfortable ab exercises. I did a lot of research before buying the flex belt and read a lot of other peoples flex belt reviews as well. The company which created the flex belt has over 40 years of experience in EMS technology and have also had their devices in over 5,000 clinics across the world. The flex belt is ergonomically designed to work every muscle in your entire abdominal area. So whether you want to work your upper abs, lower abs or obliques you’ll be guaranteed to get a great workout from using the flex belt. To see great results be sure to stick to using it for at least 15-20 minutes everyday and 5 days a week. Before you’re 60 day guarantee period is over you’ll see great results. The way this ab belt works isn’t very complicated since all it does is emit electric signals to your abdomen. It has 3 medical-grade gel pads which cover over you’re abdominal and oblique muscles. As if you’re doing situps or crunches the flex belt will give you the same results without the annoyance and discomfort. It’s almost like doing 100 situps and getting the same results without the strain. You’ll definitely love the flex belt. I read from another flex belt review that Lisa Rinna who was a contestant on dancing with the stars swears by using the flex belt. You’ll feel it in your abs after using this ab belt as if you just did an ab workout.

  12. Gary

    I`ve read from another Flex Belt review that this slimming belt has become the leading electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) belt on the market for the reasons such as being a quality product that is easy to use. You can easily control the stimulation pulses. With other belts you only have one setting for the electric pulses which is either on or off but with the flex belt you can control the stimulation pulses to a setting that is comfortable for you. I was surprised at how well made this ab belt is held together compared to some other cheaper ab belts i`ve come across in stores. I`ve been using it for a couple months now and i`m loving the results and wearing it is very comfortable. Wearing the flex belt is as effective as doing crunches. Buy Flex Belt and you`ll see how effective it is. My midsection is looking a lot better than when I first purchased it and i no longer have a protruding belly and now look forward to going on vacation and taking off my shirt because I look great now.

  13. Rob F

    I wanted to give my own flex belt review because i was extremely satisfied with this ab belt system for toning my stomach muscles. In just a matter of weeks i was able to see a difference in my midsection as the flex belt has given me more toned abs. It really works effectively for me as it gets my abdominal muscles to contract and I don’t even have to do any work at all. It gave me great confidence in knowing it was cleared by the FDA and uses medical-grade technology to contract and relax your muscles for you while you can just sit at home or while at the computer or just watching television. The flex belt allows you to target which abdominal muscles to work to get a solid focus on the different groups of muscles in your mid section mostly the central abs and your obliques. It just takes 30 minutes per session with the flex belt and you’ll feel the difference as it targets all your abs and not just whats underneath the gel pads. I found out from one flex belt review that this is the same patented technology which physical therapists use in health care for decades and now you can use it from this popular as seen on tv ab belt in your own home. Patients who weren’t able to exercise these muscles would use this same technology and its great to be able to purchase the flex belt at such an affordable cost and get the same benefits that would cost a lot more if you were to be treated by a health care professional.

  14. Carl

    I was a bit skeptical about buying this product but after reading a few customer reviews I thought I’d give it a shot. I was a bit worried about how it would feel since it uses electric impulse technology that I would get shocked but it actually feels like a massage like one review stated. In using it for just over a month now the results have been impressive. I changed my diet and eat mostly meat, greens, fruits, seeds and nuts and cut out gluten which made a huge impact. The Flex Belt was a great addition to my regime and my abs feel so much stronger and pop out more. I feel like i’m able to move better when I’m one the ice too since my core is stronger. If you’re contemplating getting an ab machine or looking for a way to make your core stronger I don’t think there is any better way to do it than with the Flex Belt.

  15. George

    I think most people can’t do a situp properly like myself and finding it so uncomfortable I could never bring myself to a routine of doing situps like i should thus my abs have been neglected and i have developed a belly even though the rest of my body isn’t in the worst shape. If you really want to get your abs moving without having to do the uncomfortable ab workouts like situps or crunches then you’ll have to try the new fda approved flex belt. Both me and my wife use the flex belt daily which makes the ab belt great for both men and women. I did research on the flex belt prior to purchasing it and have found that not only is there hard proof from science and stats that the flex belt is potentially the best ab belt on the marketing but also from the positive customer flex belt reviews it seems that most if not all people were happy with the flex belt. I use my flex belt while watching tv, doing, work, or driving or whatever way gets me 20 minutes of using the flex belt to get my ab workout. If you’re looking to lose weight for the new year then you’ll want to get the flex belt. This will be a great product to help you lose inches off your waist without having to do another situp or crunch. I’ve been using flex belt for little over a month now and have already seen results and so has my wife. The secret it to be sure to use it daily and compliment your daily use of the flex belt with a balanced diet and you’ll find your midsection will look better in only a few weeks.

  16. Dave

    I don’t mind writing a product review if it’s a product that I highly recommend. The Flex Belt is an ab belt that i’ve been bragging to my friends about ever since I got it. It’s essential an hands free device that tones your abs and helps get your six pack revealed under all your years of added body fat. I’ve tried other ab belts in the past but never really did my homework to see what others though about theirs. I did this for the flex belt and found from reading flex belt reviews that others have written that they swear by this ab belt and have gotten great results in short periods of time from using it. I’ve noticed that my mid section is flatter and more toned since I started using this ab belt. I’ve based by decision before on price when I purchased my previous ab belts, but believe me the flex belt is worth the money. I used to belong to a gym and now I’m slowly building a home gym in my basement and the flex belt was my most recent purchase. It really works for my stomach area and i’ve lost about 2 inches in 2 months since I started using it. It has a lot of pros such as portability, its fda cleared, 60 day money back guarantee, the power lasts up to 30 sessions on a single charge, it will reduce back pain from doing situps or crunches the traditional way and not to mention its a great add-on workout to your regimen. Use your flex belt for just 30 minutes per day and you’re guaranteed to get great results.

  17. Angelo

    I was pretty excited when I got the flex belt delivered to my home and since using it for the past week i’m pretty optimistic that I will be seeing results since I do feel it working. I’ve already increased my settings to feel a better contraction and once i’m done using it it feels as though I just had an ab workout. The Flex Belt seems no different than the new machines you stand on that vibrate and force your muscles to contract. It’s strange because you’re working out but you’re really not. You’re burning calories and toning muscles while you could be just checking emails in front of the computer or watching your favorite show. I don’t have much weight to lose but I’m confident the flex belt will help me tone my abs since I really can’t stand doing regular situps or any core workout. You really need to watch what you eat because if you’re eating unhealthy foods don’t expect the flex belt or any workout machines to work.

  18. Charles

    I thought the flex belt was fantastic. I’ve had back problems for a long time which means that situps were out of the question. I was a bit skeptical about buying the flex belt since it’s an infomercial product but this ab belt was a game changer for me. I now feel healthier and always look forward to my ab routines with the flex belt. Reading my ab belt review won’t do it any justice as you really need to try it for yourself. It comes with a money back guarantee but I doubt anyone would send it back since it eliminates some of the most hated exercises and substitutes it with an abdominal belt that uses technology to give you the results without having to put any strain on your back and have to do any annoying exercises. If you’re not seeing results it’s probably because you’re not eating right. You need to accompany the flex belt with a good diet. I try to stay around 2000 calories a day cut out pop, sugary snacks, junk foods and lowered my carb intake and the results have been phenomenal. I’ve since lost inches off my waist. The slendertone flex belt is probably one of the most proven products on the market since it uses proven science that is also used in physio therapy clinics which you can now use in your own home. Instead of trying to do 1000 crunches and situps you can now put on the slendertone ab belt and you’ll get the best results with not even half the effort. See results as you strengthen your muscles and cut the body fat around your waist with the flex belt’s EMS technology.

  19. Nessa

    I was really happy with the results form using flex belt ab toning belt. I was planning on losing my gut before summer so I changed my diet and started jogging. I wouldn’t classify this belt as a weight loss device as much as a great method to tone and tighten your abs. As doing situp and crunches won’t exactly help you lose weight either but the flex belt is an equal substitution if you hate doing them as much as I do. It targets all the muscles in your stomach much more than if you were to do a situp. There is no need to worry about proper form or hurt your back as you can just wear the flex belt and let it do its magic. If you’re someone that just has a small gut then you’ll really find this ab belt great because it will give you a six pack in no time as it’s done for me. Mark my words you do need to clean your diet too otherwise you won’t see results. There is no debating whether this device works as it’s scientifically proven and is also used in physiotherapy clinics. If you have back issues the flex belt is the perfect solution to working your abs using EMS technology you don’t have to worry about hurting your back to get the benefits of an ab workout. This is not to be used by itself as a way to get in shape but to be used in conjunction with a workout routine much like you would do situps as part of your ab workout. You’ll probably find the sensation a little weird when you first use it but eventually if you’re like me you’ll enjoy wearing it as it feels like a massage on your stomach. I wear the flex belt at my desk while i’m doing my graphic design work and simultaneously get an ab workout. I usually use it about an hour a day on the highest setting. My abs look great now and i don’t mind taking off my shirt anymore to reveal my flat and defined stomach.

  20. Marlena

    I have back problems and can’t really get a proper ab workout so when I came across the flex belt infomercial in canada i thought it was an interesting product. I can feel my abs tighten as I use the ab belt while relieving pressure from my lower back. I’m already starting to feel my abs getting stronger and my abs seem to be popping out more. I can see why so many celebrities are endorsing the flex belt. After giving birth to my second child i found it extremely hard to get my body back to the way it was but by combining a healthy diet, working out at a gym and using the flex belt I look better at 33 than I did at 23. You can’t simply depend on the flex belt alone but as a substitute to doing crunches on the floor this ab belt is fantastic. Slendertone is a very reputable company which is what made me trust this product as well and the fact that it’s used in physiotherapy clinics made me not have to think twice before spending my money.

  21. Magda

    I have back problems and can’t really get a proper ab workout so when I came across the flex belt infomercial in canada i thought it was an interesting product. I can feel my abs tighten as I use the ab belt while relieving pressure from my lower back. I’m already starting to feel my abs getting stronger and my abs seem to be popping out more. I can see why so many celebrities are endorsing the flex belt. After giving birth to my second child i found it extremely hard to get my body back to the way it was but by combining a healthy diet, working out at a gym and using the flex belt I look better at 33 than I did at 23. You can’t simply depend on the flex belt alone but as a substitute to doing crunches on the floor this ab belt is fantastic. Slendertone is a very reputable company which is what made me trust this product as well and the fact that it’s used in physiotherapy clinics made me not have to think twice before spending my money.

  22. Terrance

    I used to be in great shape when i was younger but then when i got my first full time office job after college i spent long hours in the office and eventually started working out less and less and eventually i got completely out of shape. At the age of 35 i decided to get back into shape again as my health started to depreciate and I started to lose lose sight of what is the most important thing in life other than family which was my health. I started cycling 3 times per week, lifting weights and following the p90x2 as well as incorporated the flex belt when i was in front of the computer doing my work at the office. I was very surprised at the ab workout i was able to get out of the slendertone flex belt. I wasn’t too impressed by the instructions that came with the slendertone ab belt but once i figured it out i was able to adjust the settings. I had to submit my own personal flex belt review to let people know that this product works and i honestly think the negative flex belt reviews i’ve read are probably from people who had it at such a low setting that it wasn’t making much of an impact or they didn’t use it often enough. I put mine on every day when i’m at the office and i’ve definately seen my mid section not only become more toned but i’ve also lost inches as the constant tension i get from the flex belt is burning the flab around my abdominals. If you have lower back pain or can’t do a proper sit up or just plain hate situps then you’ll love the slendertone flex belt. Since it uses electrical muscle stimulation technology you just need to wear it and the belt does all the work for you. DO NOT set it at a high setting when you initially use the belt or you’ll be in for a bit of a shock and you could put your abs in some pain so start of at a low setting and find the level you’re comfortable with. This is the best fitness product i’ve ever tried and it’s now part of my healthy lifestyle change. Thanks to the flex belt i have a stronger core and it’s improved my posture and best of all my ab workout is something i can actually look forward to.

  23. Mike

    I never really believe in the use of ab belts but since i injured my back and couldn’t properly do situps anymore i considered using electrical muscle stimulation or electromyostimulation technology belts which i had recommended by a friend of mine who’s a physiotherapist-. The most widely recognized ab belt on the market is without a doubt the flex belt. Other similar ab belts have come and gone but the flex belt has been around for a long time which means it must be an effective product and it shows from the flex belt reviews that are available online. The flex belt from slendertone targets your abs from all angles too. If you’re not doing pushups correctly you can be doing more harm than good. After using it for just a few weeks i already felt my mid section getting tighter. You actually get a sweat going while you’re using it and you will feel a burn like you just did sit ups but as they say “no pain, no gain”. It actually feels good to me while i’m wearing the flex belt as i feel my muscles being stimulated while I’m sitting in my chair or on the sofa. People who usually don’t have the drive to get themselves to do situps will probably be more likely to put on this belt. I’m hoping to get the results many people have seen with he use of the slederone flex belt and tighten abs and have my pants fit a little better. There are a lot of ab machines and products that are mostly gimmicks but the flex belt is the real deal and what a great deal it was.

  24. Cam

    It’s always nice when a product comes along like the flex belt which has so much evidence behind it such as the fact that it’s FDA cleared, well demonstrated, a popular item with so many satisified customers and not to mention uses technology commonly used in physio therapy clinics. From my experience it’s lived up to all its claims as it eliminates the discomfort or pain of having to do crunches or situps and targets specific or all parts of the abdominal area. If you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, fitness instructor, post-preganancy and want to shed the baby fat or someone just looking to simply tone yoru stomach then this ab belt is perfect for you. With so many ab belts on the market i don’t think any of them can be compared to the flex belt from the amount of reading i did on this product. It really takes no time out of your day to get the benefits of the flex belt since you can where it while you work, watch tv or cook dinner. It even had some pretty big celebrities and athletes who back it up such as denise richards, jerry rice, adrianne currry, lisa rinna and janet evans. It does have a 60 day money back guarantee which is comforting so you know that if you don’t like it you can send it back and not to mention the 2 year warranty that so you can get it replaced if anything happens to it. I’m pretty sure anyone who dedicates the time to the flex belt will see positive results like i have. I can totally see why athletes have started to incorporate the felx belt into their regimen such as Janet Evans, the best female swimmer in history who won 4 gold medals and set 7 world records. My abs feel really sore after i’ve used the flex belt and while i’m using it i can feel how it relaxes and tenses the muscle as if i’m actually doing a crunch. I’ve taken it to work and i don’t have to worry about sweating through my work clothes as I can still get a great ab workout from this device and still be dry.

  25. Leora

    I’ve seen great results after incorporating the flex belt into my fitness routine. It’s so much better than any ab product or machine i’ve ever used in the past. Overall the slenderone flex belt works great mostly because i don’t have to do sits up which i never look forward to. I think this product is for people who already have a workout regime but not for someone who is morbidly obese trying to lose inches. If you have a waist that is more than 47 inches then you probably won’t find much use for this product. I did feel a little sore after the first few times i started using this ab belt but now it actually feels like an ab massage than anything else and I stopped getting any soreness as time passed. I does get my ab muscles fired and the stimulation is better than any ab exercise i’ve done before. This is probably the best money you’ll ever spend on a ab workout product. Part of my workout routine is now spent on a couch wearing the flex belt while watching my favorite shows and I don’t have to ever do another situp or crunch. If you’re looking to tone your abs then you’ll love the flex belt. This product will not magically give you a set up abs as you need to diet most importantly and decrease your body fat which will expose your abs but using the flex belt in conjunction with diet and your workout routine you’ll be on your way to decreasing your waist and strengthening and toning your abs. I suggest putting hand sanitizer on the pads after a workout session to keep them sticky. Even if you’re someone who’s looking to change up their routine or improve their core exercises then you’ll want to buy this ab belt. It’s well designed and worth the price.

  26. Amber

    This ab belt was the help i needed in losing that last bit of weight after my pregnancy. I bought it online for $200 and it well worth the money considering other ab machines costed way more. Other ab machines also require you to perform work while the flex belt was a solution for you belly fat that you could just wear while it did it’s magic. I saw the flex belt canada infomercial on television and thought it was a joke at first until i started reading all the flex belt reviews. The fact that it’s a medical grade device was the one thing that convinced me this was a product of quality. If you’re looking to get that toned midsectio and have that last bit of fat that you want to get rid of on your midsection two things will surely help you, the flex belt and dieting. To pay just $200 for the results i’ve gotten was a steal. The 60 day moneyback guarantee as i’ve read in other reviews is definately a boost of confidence since i can just send it back if it didn’t work and this ab belt also has a 2 year extended warranty available. The advantages I found with the flex belt were that it really targets the ab muscles effectively everytime, it’s the first ab belt to be cleared by the fda, it’ supported by doctors, therapists, athletes and major news sources. This ab belt is a deal that nobody should turn down because it delivers results without having to put your body through torture.

  27. Nora

    For anyone skeptical about the flex belt i’m here to give my own review to let you know that it’s worth buying. I was curious to know how this ab belt was going to feel since from what I’ve gathered before buying it that it used electric muscle stimulation. It actually felt good when i first tried it and it forced the muscles in my abs to contract and then relax as i used it. After wearing it for my first session i could feel my abs were sore as if I just finished doing a bunch of crunches and sit ups. If you’re looking to lose weight then this is not for you after all doing sit ups and crunches won’t help you lose weight either. This is a great device to strengthen your core without doing ab exercises which is probably most peoples most annoying exercise to perform. If you’re looking to lose weight then you need to make a lifestyle change and clean up your diet but if you want abs that pop out and a way to strengthen your core without hurting your neck and back then i recommend you buy the flex belt. This is a toning technology and not a method of losing weight. If you’re an athlete then your core strength is very important and you’ll find that by using this ab belt you’ll perform much better, at least i found that when i play hockey i’m able to control myself better on the ice. I’ve read quite a bit of flex belt reviews but i think the people who wrote any negative flex belt reviews need to understand the whole purpose of this product. In my opinion it’s worth it.

  28. Randy

    I’ve had the flex belt for 6 months now and my core strength seems to have improved. When I play soccer I feel like I have more control. When I do bench press and lunges with more balance since these exercises demand your core to come into play. The Flex Belt isn’t really a device that will get you ripped abs because that simply won’t happen. If you want ripped abs then you need to watch your diet, plain and simple. If you want to stronger core that will impact the way you play sports and help you through your workouts much better then this is why having an ab belt like this comes in handy.

  29. Jake

    A friend of mine purchased the Flex Belt and wore buy it and since I wanted to start working on my waistline for my trip in a couple months to Bahamas so i could look good in my bikini. It actually turned out to be a very impressive device that worked better at targeting my abs than anything I’ve ever tried in the past. I go to the gym almost everyday and use the flex belt about 5 times per week usually while I’m watching TV or in from to my computer. It’s very comfortable to wear and it doesn’t restrict my movement when I’m wearing it. I like how it doesn’t use batteries so I can just plug it in and control it from the remote. So far I love it but I don’t like the idea of replacing the gel pads when they eventually wear it out which end up costing an additional $10-15 dollars. Abs is typically the one muscle group that most people don’t look forward to and with the flex belt you’ll get a great workout and won’t mind wearing it.

  30. Paola

    I loved the concept when I first saw the Flex Belt since working my abs is probably my most hated exercise when I’m working out. Since I have a desk job I liked how I can just wear this ab belt and get the workout I needed without having to do any frustrating sit-ups, crunches, Russian twists or any other painful ab exercise that I dread doing. I ordered the Flex Belt in Canada from SeenTV Canada who seemed to offer the best price for this ab belt in Canada over other sites I’ve looked at. Since using it I feel like my abs are popping out more and more core is a lot stronger. I was a little hesitant when I first thought about buying it but what was comforting was that the company that developed it is one of the leading medical device companies in the world and the same technology that Flex Belt uses is used across physiotherapy clinics across the globe. I’ve looked at other ab belts that were available in Canada such as the Sport Elect Belt and the Slendertone but it seems that Flex Belt is the most favored ab belt based on the review’s I’ve read online. I like how I can get a great ab workout effortlessly sitting at my desk while I do my work.

  31. Rick

    I bought the flex belt in November. I knew I was going to be going away on vacation in February and wanted to shed some inches around my stomach and I hate doing sit-ups and have tried other ab machines that frustrated me just as much. Since I’ve been using it I’ve seen a massive improvement as my core is rock hard instead of soft now. I started taking Zumba classes and I also run but the flex belt is perfect for getting in an effective ab workout without having to stress your back. I look and feel so much healthier these days and have a better body then when I was 10 years younger. Flex Belt is a quality device that I can honestly say works and is a must buy for anyone that want’s a proper core workout. Slendertone is a reputable product that has specialized in EMS devices and are used in physio clinics across the globe so knowing that when I initially bought it made me feel some confidence in the product. I’m very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone.

  32. Jenny

    I’ve been struggling with my abs and midsection for a long time. Whenever I go to the gym probably abs is the part of my workout that i look forward to the least which is why it’s my trouble area when I look at my body. I always wanted a slimmer look and abs but didn’t think I could ever achieve it since I hate doing any of the traditional ab workouts such as crunches or situps. I came across an ad for the flex belt online and started reading more about it. May signs pointed that the flex belt was worth getting. For one i’ve ready plenty of positive flex belt reviews and that usually counts a lot for me because i always want to hear what the customer perspective is. The flex belt was from a reputable company who has been successful with putting these devices in hundres of physio therapy clinics across the country. The flex belts gel pads send signals which reach out to the nerves in the abdominal muscles stimulating them to contract and relax naturally. I think this technology has been around for years and I also remember seeing bruce lee using a similar technology for his chest. The Electronic muscle stimulation that the flex belt uses is totally safe and not painful. This product is FDA approved which also gave me a fuzzy feeling in trusting this ab belt. Flex belt can be used anywhere, by anyone, it’s easy to use and not to mention the bonus that the flex belt package comes with is the flex mini and flex arms which uses the same technology to tone your butt, biceps and triceps. If you’re someone like me and have busy schedule then the flex belt will be especially for you. With just 30 minutes of wearing the flex belt you’ll get a great ab workout that will get you on your way to getting that midsection you always wanted. I do recommend adding a healthy diet along with using the flex belt. I mean you won’t really see the benefit of this ab belt if you’re scarfing down crispy cream donuts. I went on a low carb diet, CLA and used the flex belt daily and within 2 weeks people have made comments about how i was looking great. I’m now motivated to get the six pack i’ve always wanted in time for my vacation in the carribean and i owe it all thanks to the flex belt.

  33. Sammi

    People should understand this is not a weight loss device but a toning device. The flex belt which is fda approved will tone, tighten, firm and strengthen your ab muscles effectively. The flex belt has a range between 1-150 where you can adjust the intensity. After reading the stats on the flex belt along with some flex belt reviews i`ve read online i decided to try it out. I`m aware there`s definitely no shortcuts when it comes to weight loss but the flex belt is a way that you can drop that tummy fat with the ab stimulating belt that uses electric muscle stimulation or EMS. I probably wouldn`t have bought it if it wasn`t fda approved and didn`t have the impressive stats it did and the raving flex belt reviews. I`m glad i bought it. It only costed me $100 and it didn`t take long for the flex belt to be delivered to my doorstep. I was excited when I first got it and couldn`t wait to try it out. I watched a movie the night I got it and put on the flex belt for about 30 minutes and after i was done it really felt like i had an ab routine. I`ve tried different fitness products to work my midsection which is the hardest part for me to work on and not to mention i hate working out my abs. The Flex Belt is a great way to finally get that ab workout without having to do another sit up or crunch again. Based on other flex belt reviews it seems that the flex belt was twice the price when it first came out but if you order it online its currently selling for $100. I liked the fact that you could return the flex belt if you`re not happy with it you can return it. Lastly all i have to say is combine a healthy diet with using the flex belt and you`ll see your belly or tummy disappear.

  34. Rachel

    I totally agree with another flex belt review which basically spoke about how when doing ab workouts by doing situps or crunches they would get lower back pain which is why i gave the flex belt a try. Call me lazy but i like the idea of being able to just watch tv or work on my computer at the office while working on my belly. The basic idea behind the flex belt is pretty simple as it uses electric impulses that make you`re mid section contract. I thought that this ab belt was too good to be true but the flex belt is not a scam and it really works. When you do an abdominal situp or whatever ab workout you do, if you`re not doing it right you might actually hurt yourself. Science has proven that you don`t need to involve your whole body for you`re abdominals to get a great workout according to one of the flex belt review websites i`ve read. This is one fitness product that has scientific evidence to back it up and is also FDA approved. I read that there was a study that was published in the Journal of Sports Medicine that proved that on a cliinical trial of participants who used the flex belt received 72% increase in abdominal endurance and 49% in abdominal strength. 100% of all participants said their abs felt more toned. Flex Belt is a proven product according to studies and i`ll vouch for it myself as i`ve already seen results. I give this product 5 stars all the way!

  35. Georgina

    I’ve used the flex belt for a week and have already increased the pressure on it. I use it for 20 minute sessions everyday and every time I use it I feel like I just had a great ab workout. I was a little scared about using it at first because I thought it would be painful but it actually feels pretty good. I’m not very overweight but probably about 25% body fat and looking to get my six pack to show by summer. Of course most of this is going to have to do with a change in diet and doubt that this product alone will give you a six pack but neither will sit ups if your diet isn’t in check. Seeing your abs have nothing to do with the strength of your core and more to do with your body fat percentage. I read somewhere that if you can get your body fat down to the 12-15% body fat range you’ll begin to see your abs. If you’re looking for the magic solution than this or any other ab machine is not going to do it but it’s definitely a substitute for doing other ab exercises which can be annoying and painful. It’s very easy to use and well designed. If you hate doing sit-ups or crunches then I would suggest buying the flex belt over any other ab machine or device out there.

  36. Marc

    I had my doubts about buying the flex belt but it really works great at tightening my abs. Since I started using it I feel like there is less strain on my back since my core is stronger and has more definition. After I had my second child I had some minor back issues and put on a lot of weight. The flex belt really helped me strengthen mine core and lower back and compliments the rest of my workout routine since I don’t have to do situps which always end up leading to back and neck pain so I just don’t do them. In about 3 weeks I started to notice a difference. Flex belt is no gimmick and it’s no surprise that so many celebrities are behind this ab belt. If you’re someone who can’t do ab exercises because of pain or just flat out hate working their abs then the flex belt is for you. Thought it was a bit pricey at first but in the end it proved to be well worth the money.

  37. Chad

    After a few short weeks of using the flex belt i’m already seeing results. People need to know that in order to have a visible six pack this is not going to do it alone. Everyone has a 6 pack but to make it visible you have to decease your body fat which comes mostly from dieting. So if you have a big gut don’t expect the flex belt to suddenly give you a six pack because it just doesn’t work that way. However to strengthen your core muscles and work your abs much like sit-ups the flex belt is a great alternative if you hate doing uncomfortable crunches or other ab exercises. It takes a lot of dedication to get a six pack. This is a great addition to anyones exercise routine. I was very overweight and decided to do something about it so I started running 5K every morning before work and incorporated a healthy diet which included lowering my carbohydrates and also started weight training. The flex belt was a bonus to my whole routine because it was like doing sit ups while I was watching tv without having to strain my neck and back. The flex belt will shorten your ab workout because instead of having to do 3 different ab exercises in the gym you can just put on this fantastic ab belt which targets all major abdominal muscles. This abdominal belt has been proven to work and I certainly will testify that it works as explained in the infomercial and will strengthen and tone your abs.

  38. Toni

    After reading all the hype from Flex Belt reviews after seeing the flex belt infomercial on tv i decided to give it a try since I wanted to trim my midsection which seems to be the hardest area for me to lose weight. Even though i’m not one to buy as seen on tv products, the flex belt was fda approved which gave me some confidence that it’s a safe product that won’t harm you. The claim on the infomercial was that the flex belt works 100% for it’s users which seems to be a pretty bold statement. However the truth is that if you want to see results you have to use the flex belt as recommended. I stuck to the recommend 30 minutes per day and after about 7 weeks I saw that my midsection was getting great results. The Flex Belt uses EMS technology at the heart of the flex belt which makes it very advanced and it keeps your muscles from atrophy while speeding up recovery. This is a quality product which is very strong that you don’t have to worry about breaking easily. Unlike other ab belts it doesn’t vibrate however uses electric pulses to your never endings which make you flex and release your muscles for you eliminating you from having to do the work. This does not hurt in any way but you’ll feel like you’ve gone through a whole ab workout. I’ve been using it while sitting at my desk working or even watching tv. So now couch potatoes can be productive while watching their favorite tv show. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to work on their abs and see results just be sure to stick to the 30 minutes a day and you won’t be disappointed.

  39. Jay

    I’ve come across so many products that claim to improve your abdominal s and strengthen your core. In fact I’ve been seeing ab focused workout products since the 80′s and every year there seems to be a new product which claims that it’s revolutionary and more superior than past products. While I’ve found that some of these products were gimmicks I was always slightly reserved when it came to trusting these new products. What drew me to the flex belt was that it was FDA approved which is something you wouldn’t find with almost all other ab belt products or workout products in general on the market. The fact that the flex belt was approved and inspected by the FDA for safety made me feel a little comfortable but the question still remained how effective was it ? The fact that Jerry Rice (of the NFL Hall of Fame) and editors from Cosmo and Mens Magazine endorsed this product and some wore it while they worked convinced me to buy it too and since I really wanted to get in better shape and really get a flatter stomach i decided to make the investment and see if I could benefit from the flex belt to workout a part of my body i hate working on. I don’t have the drive to do situps or follow ab routines which are uncomfortable but I love the concept of just putting on a belt and having electric impulses do all the work for me. This is one ab belt that i can stand behind after using it for weeks. It’s really a well designed and effective product that has gotten me great results from using it. I feel like i not only get a great ab workout when i’m done using it for 30 minutes a day but I can wear the flex belt while i’m at my desk in the morning just reading my news and having my coffee before i head to the office. Flex belt is very convenient and my abs feel very tingly and great after using it and I honestly feel like I just had an ab workout. I plan to keep using the flex belt to shed more weight, lose more inches and shred. If you’re on the fence about this product take my flex belt review as advice and go out and buy flex belt.

  40. Jake

    I’ve read so many flex belt reviews before buying this ab belt that’s received so much publicity lately. Some reviews that called it a scam are suspect, however most who have used the flex belt can agree that it is an amazing product to get toned abs. I am one one person that would like to tell you from my own personal flex belt review this product works! Don’t expect to get a 6-pack in a short period of time especially if your diet still consists of pasta and twinkies. However with a balanced diet and the recommended 30 minutes per day will get you a more toned stomach. The flex belt is a remarkable product and you can tell from its design and durability. This is a safe product which as said in previous flex belt reviews was cleared by the food and drug administration. The flex belt was a great deal and pretty inexpensive for the results that I’ve already gotten from using it. I’m sure most people would find the flex belt a great purchase. If you’re looking to get on a health kick for the new year then you might want to put your order in for the flex belt soon. I was content with the delivery time and obviously from my flex belt review you can tell that i’d recommend it.

  41. Anne

    Sit ups and crunches are by far the most hated part of any workout I’ve done and the Flex Belt was really the best workout I’ve ever done before with the least amount of effort. This ab belt turned out better than I had anticipated. I use it almost everyday and since day 1 of using it my abs feel stronger and firmer than ever before. For those of you who live a busy life or find excuses this is one workout that you really can’t find an excuses for not using since you can wear the flex belt while just sitting down on the couch or your computer chair. I’ve heard in the past that there is no easy way to get results without putting in hard work and the Flex Belt proves that theory wrong. I’m not surprised why there are so many flex belt reviews from people have been raving about this product. The only downfall to this ab belt is that you have to replace the gel pads over time but this is a minor drawback to the ease of use and benefits from using the flex belt.

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