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  • Serious Skin Care FIRMA FACE XR SKIN TIGHTENER (3 oz)

FirmA-Face XR


Serious Skin Care FIRMA-FACE XRTM Allover Skin Tightener Give aging skin an instant, temporary lift. Smooth over your face and allow it to set. Rinse off, and within minutes lines and wrinkles are instantly smoothed. The invisible formula absorbs quickly, working to re-connect and tighten the look of your skin’s surface.


Finally a full facial firmer that can be splashed off and continue to work all day!

Serious Skin Care Submitted FIRMA-FACE XR™ to a highly respected, independent lab, for a clinical test to validate that this product really does deliver on its promise. We also asked the women who used FIRMA-FACE XR™ in this study to answer honestly how they felt and what they saw after using FIRMA-FACE XR™. Here are some of the results… 90% of Women Agreed that after one application of FirmA Face XR:

• Their Skin Looked Firmer, Tighter, Smoother; Texture Looked Smoother & Younger
• Their Lines & Wrinkles Appeared Dramatically Reduced, Smoother & Softer
• Their Skin Looked Tighter Under The Eyes; Eyes Looked More Open & Awake
• They Felt That Using FIRMA-FACE XR™ Every Morning Would Greatly Enhance Their Appearance
• 100% Of The Women Asked AGREED That After Only ONE Application Their Skin Immediately Felt Firmer


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